This is how we respond to the threats of nuclear war

Beatrice Fihn

Hi Jerry --

Are you feeling anxious about the threat of nuclear war? I know I am.

It can be overwhelming to witness the realities of this horrific conflict, even through a screen, and to worry about it escalating to a catastrophic global conflict where weapons of mass destruction are used.

But the way I, and many of our ICAN campaigners, get through it, is to focus on what we can do together to resist this. I remind myself that we have a plan to eliminate nuclear weapons, and that we will achieve that change by doing the work.

Today, the government of Austria announced the new dates for the first meeting of states parties the UN treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: 21-23 of June!

And this couldn't come at a more important time. This will be the moment we come together as a global anti-nuclear movement to protest these threats and demand that all governments ban and eliminate this existential threat.

In Vienna, we will be making sure people around the world can make their voices heard at a full week of actions and high level events including:

18-19 June: An ICAN conference for civil society and activists.
20 June: International governmental Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons
First Meeting of States Parties to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons June 21-23.
This meeting will be the biggest real opportunity for the world to come together to demand that their governments show real leadership on nuclear disarmament. It is an opportunity for governments to focus on the problem of nuclear weapons, and the disaster of nuclear deterrence that's been illustrated over the last month.

As the civil society coordinator, ICAN will be making sure that people across the globe are waking up to the threat of nuclear weapons, some for the very first time. This is a chance to put that fear to rest, and to start working on the plan to implement the ban.

We need to get everyone's voices, including yours, heard in Vienna, so that the message to leaders across the world is clear: it's time to end nuclear weapons.

We will keep you updated on the work towards this moment, and we're glad that you are part of our movement!

Thank you,

Beatrice Fihn
Executive Director

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