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Ron Panzer

So David said to all his servants who were with him in Jerusalem,

"Arise and let’s flee, for otherwise none of us will escape from Absalom. Go quickly, or he will hurry and overtake us, and bring disaster on us and strike the city with the edge of the sword."

2 Samuel 15:14


Yes, when Absalom, son of David, rebelled against the king and sought to replace him, David withdrew from the city of Jerusalem not only to gather loyal warriors to fight on his side, but also to protect the city from certain destruction if had stayed within its walls.

King David cared more for the people of Jerusalem than Zelensky cares for the Ukrainian people and all of its infrastructure, buildings, etc. If that sounds completely wrong, then perhaps we need to think about it a little more. Sure, we've been led to believe he's a great hero in promoting Ukraine's interests, but is he? Whose interests has he been promoting since he was installed by the Western non-Ukrainian powers?

If Ukrainian President Zelensky continues to let Ukraine be blasted to bits in a war that the globalist West planned for, prepared for, trained modern Ukrainian Nazis to fight, and finally provoked, it will be because the globalists who installed him want it to be that way. Will he defy them and negotiate a peace? Will the globalists allow peace?

The globalist West has finally gotten the war they worked relentlessly over the past several years to create, and if we don't understand this, we understand nothing that is going on in Ukraine.

The West vs. Putin: Handling The Truth
By Ray DiLorenzo March 19, 2022
canadafreepress DOT COM /article/the-west-vs-putin-handling-the-truth

Ukrainian President Zelensky -- a puppet of the World Economic Forum, the US, NATO, the UN leaders and other globalists -- appears valiant in defying the Russians who are portrayed as the evil invaders. But the consequences of the decisions made by the puppet masters is to prolong the war, because they cannot tolerate Russia's refusal to submit to globalist rule, and they seek the consequences of such a war, even to the detriment of individual Western nations!

Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Outlook for Ceasefire in Ukraine
March 18, 2022 | Sundance
theconservativetreehouse DOT COM /blog/2022/03/18/col-douglas-macgregor-discusses-outlook-for-ceasefire-in-ukraine/

President John F Kennedy was praised for stopping the Soviet Union from placing weapons on the island of Cuba just miles from Florida. But Russia's Putin is condemned for doing the same thing here when the US placed over two dozen bio weapon labs in Ukraine, with military equipment and weapons, had overthrown the Ukrainian government in a 2014 color revolution, aided Ukraine in its 8 year war against the people in the Eastern Donbass region where over 14,000 people have died.

The Western globalists knew that pushing Russia in Ukraine would cause it to invade. They wanted this war and are using Ukraine as they always have for their own benefit. What does the war do for the West?

It decreases the flow of oil to the US making gas prices rise higher which the Leftists have always desired so the Green New Deal could be pursued, leading to imposed socialism. It forces Russia even more into the hands of China and other nations which will enable them to trade in Chinese Yuan or other currencies rather than the US dollar.

The Western propaganda in the media would have us believe that Russia will collapse due to our sanctions, but most of the world is not sanctioning Russia. The sanctions however hurt US investors more than Russian investors because most of the financial investments in the Russian stocks was Western money, if you want to know.

But Whose Money Evaporated when JP Morgan, BlackRock, Pimco, Calpers, Others Report Huge Losses on Russian Assets?
by Wolf Richter Mar 14, 2022
(Other People’s Money — namely from American and European retail investors and pension beneficiaries)
wolfstreet DOT COM /2022/03/14/but-whos-money-evaporated-when-jp-morgan-blackrock-pimco-calpers-others-report-huge-losses-on-russian-assets/

and see:

Russia: adapting to sanctions leaves economy in robust health
by Henry Foy Financial Times JANUARY 29 2020
ft DOT COM /content/a9b982e6-169a-11ea-b869-0971bffac109

and see:

BRICS Is Working, India Purchases 3 million Barrels Russian Crude This Week
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Destroying the US dollar as the global reserve currency is the goal of those who seek to destroy America, and that is what the globalist Leftists are intent on doing: taking us down and making us a 3rd world country or worse with widespread poverty and no global role.

A free, independent, and prosperous US is and has been the main obstacle to the globalist agenda. Once the US falls, all the other nations will fall in line along with it, coming under the control of the globalists. Of course, who survives to stand "on top of the mountain" with global controlling power is still to be determined.

The corrupt communist Chinese plan on being that force while the Davos/UN/WEF crowd plan on being that force. For that matter, the Islamists plan on being that force as well. What they all agree on is that America is their common enemy, and the puppet President -- who sold his soul to China, Ukraine, as well as other nations -- is doing what he's told to do as swiftly as he can.

If the Ukraine war spreads into a world war -- which is quite possible -- that fits with the depopulationist plans of the globalists. The Chinese wouldn't mind a reduction in population, especially if it's Europeans and Americans fighting Europeans and Russians who end up dying. With the West busy with a war in Europe, China can take Taiwan without much concern that the US is going to stop them. Would America go to major war on two fronts? The Ukraine-Russia widening conflict as well as the China-Taiwan conflict?

If America and European nations are drawn into a world war and bankrupt themselves even more than now, that would be quite acceptable for the ultra rich globalists who make even more money from their investments in the military industrial corporations that provide for all sides in war.

World war would usher in the conditions they seek to justify a "reset" of all banking, nations' borders and government, and create entirely new borders with the Earth divided into different neo-feudal regions as they design. After World War I and II, borders were redrawn in just such a way. Now, they would get to redraw the borders again.

When the US dollar collapses in value -- a rapidly approaching reality -- what will Americans do? bring a shopping cart of cash to the store to buy a loaf of bread as we've seen in other nations with devalued cash? No! Cash will be eliminated as a means of exchange. They've told us repeatedly that this is what they plan to do.

"That's not possible!" we think, but it's quite doable and doable in a very short period. Just think about what's being done in Australia and you will understand. Australia has been at the forefront in implementing the "Great Reset" agenda to destroy small businesses with almost total lockdowns that persisted for more than a year. Their mandates and quarantine laws have been among the most tyrannical.

When there are no local bank branches and no ATM machines to get cash or deposit cash, and more and more businesses only accept electronic credit or debit card payment, people will be forced to pay with those cards and solely use online banking.

Please answer this: If there are no bank branches in your town and no ATMs and cash is no longer accepted or dispensed by the banks, will you ever be able to withdraw your money from the bank? Think about it:

The END of ATMs in Australia? Thousands of cash machines are removed across the country as banks go digital
ATM's and bank branches across Australia are continuing to close at a rapid rate
By ANDREW PRENTICE 28 February 2022
dailymail.co DOT UK /news/article-10561999/The-END-ATMS-Australia-Thousands-cash-machines-removed-banks-digital.html

So suddenly, what you think was yours is no longer yours. Do many realize that when we deposit our money in the banks, the money is not ours anymore? We just get the promise from the bank that they'll give it back to us when we request. Check the laws if you don't believe that.

What if they decide not to give it back? What if all funds are transferred by some dictatorial edict into a "Federal digital banking system" to be created sometime soon? What if those funds you think you own, that you worked hard for, are only dispensed to you if your social credit score is acceptable to the federal authorities criteria?

War creates chaos. Higher gas prices, higher inflation, sickness, increased deaths all create chaos and desperation, which are desired by those who seek to impose the changes required for their Satanic Great Reset. They "never let a crisis go to waste." They constantly claim a crisis exists so they are supposedly "justified" in violating human and Constitutional rights "for the good of the people" or "for the sake of the children."

Federal digital banking with digital currency and a digital ID for everyone is part of their Satanic "Great Reset." People have been conditioned to be compliant as their rights are whittled away and sometimes hacked away. Mask mandates, lockdown mandates, quarantine mandates, "vaccine" mandates, and financial mandates to come.

Many of those who've obeyed so far will go along with whatever "they" impose. The children are being groomed to be obedient comrades. They're not even taught about God-give human rights or the US or other nations' Constitutions. They're taught that the "climate crisis" is a threat to the very existence of the Earth itself.

Planning To Use Oil Crisis, the Global Climate Change Agenda Is Triggered – Biden Declaring Climate Emergency, IEA Proposing Global Economic Changes, AOC and Bernie Sanders Join Drumbeat
March 18, 2022 | Sundance
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Ivermectin Decreases Mortality
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You will hear of wars and rumors of wars,
but see to it that you are not alarmed.

Such things must happen,
but the end is still to come.

- Matthew 24:6


As it has been before, the leaders of the nations determine what happens to the people unless the people themselves act to make a difference that matters. That is possible, but it will take great efforts and dedication and our humble and fervent prayers for His mercy.

Please pray for our nation and the people of the world!

Ron P

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