The Call That Will Never Come

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

May 5, 2022

Dear Friends of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign,

As we flip the calendar to the month of May, we are greeted with the familiar sights of Mother's Day celebrations--sentimental cards, bunches of flowers, and brunch announcements. This is all lovely, except for those of us who have lost children to abortion, Mother's Day can be challenging. We want to celebrate with our living children, yet we are aware that someone is missing. For some of us, our aborted children were the only children we ever conceived, so while we are mothers, we feel left out of the celebrations.

Here at the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, we understand, empathize, and want you to know you are not alone. We will be praying for you this Mother's Day, asking the Lord to wrap His loving arms around you and assure you that you will see your child[ren] in heaven.

This reflection and poem from Patti Smith, our SNM Regional Coordinator in Pensacola, FL captures what so many of feel, especially this season of the year.


As Mother's Day approaches, I find myself, once again, on an emotional roller-coaster. I look forward to hearing from my son, who lives in Michigan, and getting updates on his life and the lives of my precious grandchildren. Sadly, after we hang up, I'll stare at the phone, knowing there should have been two more calls.

My mind will fill with the same unanswered questions that have no answers. What would Sarah and Matthew have shared with me on their calls? How many more grandchildren would I have had to love, spoil and brag about?

My joy will forever be tarnished on Mother's Day because I decided to abort two precious angels over thirty years ago. My son and grandchildren warm my heart; however, a dull ache of sadness and regret remains for the two voids within it.

Mentally, I know God and my children have forgiven me; however, that knowledge has not reached my heart ... the emptiness is always there. The only saving grace is that God gave me the courage to share my pain publicly. I pray my words will prevent others from experiencing the sorrow of a Mother's Day call that will never come.


Please remember there are a variety of abortion recovery programs that you can attend to experience forgiveness and have a safe place to grieve. Click below to access a full list of abortion after-care programs.

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