AMAZING: Over One Million People Participated Nationwide In Mexico’s Pro-life Marches

Bridget Sielicki

Less than a month after Mexico decriminalized abortion, more than 300,000 people gathered in Mexico City to show their support for life at all stages. According to the Catholic News Agency, the total headcount for the March for Women and for Life on October 3 throughout the nation was more than one million participants, including the smaller marches held in various locations.

A highlight was an ultrasound performed by a doctor on a 38-weeks pregnant mother, with the crowd having the opportunity to hear her baby’s heartbeat. Those gathered also heard a testimony from the event’s organizer, Marcial Padilla, and his wife, Mayela Sepúlveda. Together they spoke about their nine-year-old daughter, Ana Paula, who has a “very severe brain injury.”

“She can’t take care of herself, she needs everything from us. She is just as vulnerable as when she was a baby before birth or newborn,” they said. However, they also added that “we have learned that love for a sick child can be infinite.” The couple pointed out that despite the challenges of raising their daughter, her life has meaning.

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