Catholic Governor Phil Murphy Will Sign Bill Legalizing Abortions Up To Birth In New Jersey

Steven Ertelt

The New Jersey state legislature gave final approval to a bill yesterday that will legalize killing babies in abortions up to birth. Governor Phil Murphy is expected to sign the measure into law this week even though he claims he’s a practicing Catholic.

As LifeNews reported, the bill will legalize abortions up to birth and allowing non-doctors to kill babies in abortions. The legislation guarantees “the fundamental right of reproductive autonomy,” even though women already have reproductive autonomy and choice prior to the decision to end a baby’s life in an abortion as reproduction has already taken place.

The radical measure also could lead to forcing New Jersey residents to fund abortions with their tax dollars. If the state Department of Banking and Insurance deems abortion funding necessary, then state residents could be compelled to pay for killing unborn children in abortions with their tax funds.

The bill also allows “all qualified health care professionals,” to conduct abortions. Although abortion advocates have said for decades that abortions should be “between a woman and her doctor,” the legislation now allows non-doctors to do abortions — putting the life and heath of women at risk.

Yesterday, Murphy said he will sign the bill this week, calling the need for killing more babies in abortions “more urgent than ever.”

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