“Catastrophic”: 42.6 Million Abortions Worldwide In 2021


42.6 million abortions took place in 2021 around the world, according to the website Worldometer, using data from the World Health Organisation. Abortion is still the leading cause of death worldwide.

Abortion is yet again the root cause of death worldwide, accounting for 42.6 million deaths. It is estimated that 13 million died from diseases and 8.2 million from cancer. There were also nearly 1.1 million suicides.

According to available data, 125,000 unborn babies die every day as a direct result of abortion.

Factoring in the current rate of abortion, since Tuesday, more than 600,000 babies have been killed by abortion around the world.

In 2021, it was also revealed that 210,860 unborn children were killed by abortion in 2020 – the highest number of abortions since the 1967 Abortion Act, as reported by SPUC.

That figure is likely to be the same, or even worse, for 2022.

Abortion is the main cause of death in the UK.

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