Signs of hope in Australia's transgender battles

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The situation in Australia with regard to gender ideology is grim. Until recently there has been virtually no discussion or public dissent. The "trans kids" narrative has been uniformly celebrated by the media, schools, governments and organisations. I often sadly think of Australia (and our cousins in New Zealand), as being "the Canada of the southern hemisphere". Tragic and disturbing stories of the effects on young people as a result of this are beginning to emerge. For example, the story of Jude's daughter can be listened to here, or read here and here.

The only meaningful dissent in the mainstream press has been from the brave journalist Bernard Lane, who had his wings clipped by a complaint to Australia's captured press regulatory body the Australian Press Council, following a complaint from a gender clinician. (The Press Council capture is explained here, from 22 minutes). He has mostly retreated to Substack, (along with most of the other decent journalists), where he continues to produce stellar journalism on the topic of gender clinics. (Here, for example, he takes aim at the weaponisation of suicidality by gender clinicians, including the one who took him to the Press Council).

The gender clinician who went after Bernard Lane is the director of the ultra-affirming paediatric gender service at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. This clinic is wryly and accurately described as a "super-spreader of gender dysphoria" by Professor Emeritus of Psychology Di Kenney. The figures Dr Kenney presents showing the clustering of cases of gender dysphoria in more "trans friendly" states such as Victoria and Western Australia (and which is so typical of social contagion) are quite sobering.

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