Fighting Abortion in a Post-Dobbs America (Guest: Prudence Robertson)

With the fall of Roe V. Wade, the fight against abortion has taken new directions. What is the state of the pro-life movement today and what needs to be done to make abortion illegal and unthinkable in all 50 states? That's what we're going to talk about today on Crisis Point. Hello, I'm Eric Sammons your host and the editor chief of Crisis Magazine. Before we get started, I just want to encourage people to like and subscribe to the channel, let other people know about it. We always appreciate that. Also, you can follow Crisis Magazine on all different social media channels and our handle is just always @crisismag. So our guest today, we have special guest today, Prudence Robertson, who is the host of EWTM Pro-Life Weekly. She used to work for the National Pro-Life Group, Susan B. Anthony list, before that. EWTN Pro-Life Weekly airs every Thursday night at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. She has been featured in numerous national media outlets, including the Daily Caller, Washington Times, and the Federalist. Welcome to the program, Prudence.

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