Somalia on the brink of famine: aid efforts risk failing marginalised communities yet again

Somalia is facing a humanitarian crisis of enormous severity and magnitude. This follows four failed rainy seasons, protracted conflict, political instability and the impact of rising global food prices - the latter made significantly worse by the war in Ukraine and the disruption to global food and fuel markets.

There's a strong possibility of famine being declared later this year and this dire situation is predicted to continue well into next year.

Up to 7.1 million people are considered in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. That's nearly half of Somalia's population. The last two famines in Somalia saw roughly 250,000 people die in each. The people that die largely come from marginalised and minority groups in the country. Experts are worried that the death toll this time could meet or even exceed this level.

I've studied and highlighted many of the issues with the humanitarian response in Somalia. Judging by discussions I've had with experts and observers close to the ground I'm dismayed that, once again, not enough aid is reaching marginalised and minority people within the country, by either Government or aid agencies.

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