37 Nations Sign Document Confirming There's No International Right to Abortion


Countries must protect the rights of both women and unborn children--so pledge the 36 government signatories of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, launched in November 2020. The international Declaration marked its second anniversary at a high-level meeting of governments at the U.S. Capitol today, co-chaired by Senator Daines (R-Montana), Senator Lankford (R-Oklahoma), and Congressman Hice (R-Georgia), together with the ambassadors of Brazil, Guatemala, and Hungary.

"Authentic women's health cannot be achieved at the expense of innocent human life--and the prerequisite for a truly progressive society is support for both woman and child through motherhood and beyond. The Geneva Consensus Declaration makes clear that there exists robust global opposition to the lie of an international 'human right' to abortion, and that, ultimately, no such right exists," stated Elyssa Koren, Director of Legal Communications for ADF International.

Koren added, "Those committed to defending women and children from abortion should take heart that this coalition of governments is committed to advancing pro-life women's health policy in the international arena."

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