People on disability benefits are applying for euthanasia (MAiD) based on poverty.

Sean Lewis.

I am an Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) client so I know 100 percent how crazy the system is, lack of support, etc. The recent letter from the Arch Disability Law Center sought a Public Hearing on Canada's MAiD Law at International Human Rights Body. I'm sure they are aware that MAiD for mental illness begins in March 2023 and the government is debating what to do with mature minors now.

Is the government listening?

In an extremely high percentage of cases most people with disabilities are "choosing" MAiD because of poverty. Just one example people are getting approximately $1200 dollars a month from ODSP when the average 1 bedroom apartment is $1700 - 2000 a month. I just heard, the other day, on the news rent is set to increase again in the new year. I have read all the other horror stories too (people not being able to get homecare, housing) "choosing" MAiD.

You may have also seen Trudo Lemmens in the news who said he warned the government that not increasing supports but expanding MAiD this drastically was a human rights violation. It's at 7:38 of the below newsclip video (Link to the Newsclip). He mentions how even the countries, like the Netherlands, who are very liberal have stronger safeguards. They make sure people aren't doing it because of poverty, etc. I guess the other countries give better disability supports then us.

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