How to Combat Gender Theory in Public Schools

Christopher Rufo

As radical gender theory has made its way into public schools across the United States, children as young as five have been exposed to ideas that encourage them to question their gender identities, sometimes with life-changing and irreversible results. Despite Americans' broadly shared skepticism about gender-identity curricula and practices in schools, many ideologically motivated teachers and administrators have not relented in their mission to advance radical gender theory, even in otherwise-conservative areas.

Among many other examples I've uncovered, in Illinois' Evanston-Skokie School District, kindergarteners read books affirming transgender conversions; in Springfield, Missouri, teacher and administrator training recommends recognizing and affirming a panoply of student gender identities. Over 4,000 schools nationwide feature "gender and sexuality" (GSA) clubs, the national organization which calls for the abolition of the American judicial system and the "cisgender heterosexual patriarchy."

Too often, teachers and administrators keep parents in the dark or pressure them into "affirming" their child's claimed gender identity. Indeed, school policies often advise--or require--teachers not to share gender-related information with parents. Michigan's Department of Education encourages teachers to facilitate students' sexual transitions without parental consent. In Fairfax, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland, teachers are expressly barred from "outing" supposedly transgender children to their parents. The GSA Network instructs adult club "advisors" to keep a child's involvement in a GSA club confidential.

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