Allen, Douglas W.
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Douglas W. Allen is Burnaby Mountain Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, British Columbia. His latest book is The Institutional Revolution (U Chicago Press). He is also a member of the Ruth Institute's Circle of Experts. For further reading: Douglas W. Allen. "An Economic Assessment of Same-Sex Marriage Laws." Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. Vol 29, No 3. 2006.Douglas W. Allen. "Who Should Be Allowed Into the Marriage Franchise?" Drake Law Review. Vol 58, 2010.


Does same-sex parenting really make "no difference"?

After crunching census data, a Canadian economist has found that children in same-sex homes are worse off educationally.

Date posted: 2013-10-19

Is it worth it? the economics of same-sex marriage

The institution of marriage must be fundamentally redefined to accommodate same sex couples, says a Canadian economist.

Date posted: 2012-01-19