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Human Rights and Euthanasia

The concept of human rights, derived from considerations of the nature of mankind, originated within a political context. Called natural rights, they developed as a proclamation of liberty, to be used to guarantee freedom from attacks on one's life, dignity or property. They were considered to apply equally to each individual, or to equivalent groups, they were unconditional and they imposed on others a duty to respect them. Originally conceived as freedoms 'from' oppression and other injustices, they evolved to include, and largely become, freedoms 'to' have or do what may be wanted.

Date posted: 2003-08-20

Euthanasia practices in the Netherlands

The public era of euthanasia in the Netherlands began in 1973, when two significant events occurred.

Date posted: 2003-08-20


This article shows that legalised euthanasia would be a denial of justice and would be highly dangerous to many others in the community who did not want their lives taken.

Date posted: 2002-08-28

The Impact of Euthanasia on Families

Since the family is the traditional place where life begins and is nurtured, euthanasia is another addition to a growing list of social proposals which would undermine the just rights of every person. In total, these proposals add up to a powerful attempt to change the social and moral environment in which we live, to place power in the hands of the strong at the expense of the weak.

Date posted: 2001-12-31