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St. Valentine, Lover of Marriage

From bright-pink, heart-shaped candies, to chocolates and red roses, to life-sized teddy bears and pink pajamas, we are everywhere bombarded as we prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day with "the one we love." Of course, such gifts would lead us to believe that one must embrace a romantic love in order to properly celebrate. But is that all that Valentine's Day is really about?

Date posted: 2014-03-04

29 Billion Tax Dollars and the Fed Owns Your Medical Identity

The Obama administration aim's to create, by sequestration, a federal patient data bank where medical records of individuals will be stored on federally funded Health Information Exchanges. At an estimated cost of 29 billion taxpayer dollars and risk to personal privacy, we must also ask at what impact to doctor-patient "confidentiality" and to the right to maintain personal privacy?

Date posted: 2012-09-28

Justice and the Problem of Patient Privacy: Federal Sequestration of Patient Records

Advances in science, medicine and information technology (as well as hacking and piracy) have complicated the maintaining of rightful patient privacy. Sophisticated methods for securing and storing personal information, even down to an individual's complete genetic blueprint, are fast becoming commonplace. And keeping cultural time is our oral fixation on the concept of "confidentiality."

Date posted: 2012-09-27

AIDS and Population Control: Increasing Women's Risk

Thirty years after the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported the first US case of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the disease continues to stretch its shroud of death across the world. This, despite the billions of dollars that have been invested in the development of vaccines, spent on anti-retroviral therapies, and strewn about in condom distribution and sexual education schemes. But there is a strange and disturbing trend now evident in the new cases of HIV/AIDS being reported, and it concerns women of reproductive age.

Date posted: 2011-08-03

Vocation to the Single or Celibate Life in the World or Merely "Waiting for a Vocation"?

Some people believe that only men called to the priesthood and men and women called to be consecrated virgins have a vocation to the single or celibate life and that neither a man nor a woman can have a vocation to the single or celibate life in the world. But this opinion is incorrect. In order to show why, it helps to reflect on the following: 1. The meaning of vocation and the universal call to sanctity or holiness and to love, even as God loves us, with a self-giving, redemptive kind of love; 2. Vocation and "states of life"; and 3. Personal vocation and the call to single life in the world.

Date posted: 2011-05-11

Raw Attraction: Forbidden, Fortuitous or "All That"?

Strictly speaking, 'eros without agape' falls in the order of concupiscent love (amor concupiscentiae) and can lead to an egoistic and hedonistic pursuit of others. We witness this day in and day out in our present culture. The promotion and exaltation of passion and pleasure incessantly bombards our lives in the form of movies, advertisements, songs, internet, etc., where its portrayal is both disposable and exchangeable - purely self-seeking and notably non-benevolent. Eros disordered by our passions and directed solely toward our own good is no stranger.

Date posted: 2011-04-05

The Womb and Reproductive Technologies: Telos and Integrity

Classical and theological discourse has always held a unique and deeply significant respect for the womb. Indeed, the womb is the place where the human person first experiences communion with another, where it is nourished and grows under the care of maternal union, where the developing person is most vulnerable and depends upon another in all things.

Date posted: 2010-12-28