Imagine Amazing Grace

Joyce C. Lock
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
Reproduced with Permission

Imagine being perfectly pure,like the loveliness of a white blossom, radiating only beauty. Imagine a grace so wonderful. Imagine a salvation so perfect, an acceptance of us so complete, a cleansing so eternal.

Oh, yes, God knows and understands we all get it wrong. He has always known that. That is how it is. We don't need to fear that. For, He loves us.

For, God so loved the world He gave His Son. While we were still sinners, He died for us. He didn't wait for us to improve before He died. There is nothing we can do that would give us salvation.

Once we have believed Jesus died for our sin and confessed our need, of that cleansing, to God, He will never hold against us, ever again, our mistakes, our lack of wisdom, or any wrong we have done ... because He will only see Jesus when He looks at us. Jesus completely blocks God's view.

We may feel miserable from something we have done. But, God's love remains constant.

God doesn't see big sins and little sins. We are all equal, all needing His cleansing. He is not a big Father with a belt, as Jesus took all the punishment we deserve; if we accept and believe that He loves us that much.

Imagine looking at Jesus, hanging on the cross. How can we not love Him, for He went through so much to claim cleansing for us?

God will, now, accept us, with open arms; just like the prodigal son was held tight when he returned home. Jesus will wipe our ledger book clean, with His blood.

Imagine if Jesus had never died and risen, again, to give us life. There would be no way we could ever get to heaven. His death and resurrection was essential. We cannot do without it. It is the only key event, in all time. For, only His life can secure, for us, all we will ever need; eternal life.

Imagine if we had never sinned. There would be no understanding of His love. For, He delights in forgiving our sin, so we can delight in His grace and mercy.

Imagine if Peter had never denied, so strongly. How would he ever have come to know the incredible forgiving grace and become humble enough to preach, on the day of Pentecost, for 3,000 to turn to God? So, he couldn't become proud because he knew he was such a sinner; saved by grace.

Jesus loved Peter so much He visited him first after the resurrection and touched his heart with forgiveness, and revealed His acceptance of him. "Peter, do you love Me?" Jesus said.

"Yes," Peter replied. "You know I love You."

Imagine mercy as something we don't understand until we believe God's grace. We are used to conditional reward systems, all our lives. When we come to understand God's grace, His forgiveness, His full pardon; then, that amazing love causes us to fall on our knees in eternal wonder.

He who is forgiven much, loves much, Jesus said. We will all be so different in heaven, so humbled. Imagine all of us with such beautiful hearts, like Jesus had. Even the most wild, damaged, sad, confused, heart will be beautiful. Imagine all things beautiful, in His time, by His grace.