Terri's Thirst

John B. Shea
Reproduced with Permission

For those who were not by her side

For those who were not there

How was it then that Terri died?

She died of ‘comfort care'

She found no aid

In her resort

To every court

A world which kills

Within the womb

Will waft the weakest

To the tomb

A court that contradicts God's word

Becomes at once the tyrant's sword

And all who live

But for the hour

Have put themselves

In Satan's power

The first who would not serve

Terri was among the throng

Whose death is masked

And hurried on

Of those who cannot

Earn their keep

From loved ones torn

And from true caring shorn

Abandoned to their final sleep

Can no one hear that distant bell

Now warning us

That all's not well

That just as in Augustine's day

When Rome was falling in decay

We too

Consumed with self and pride

Have come to terms

With homicide ?