Lifeissues is mainly concerned with publishing thoughtful articles directly related to issues raised in Evangelium Vitae. However, from the very beginning, we have also published a few related homilies, notably by Fr. Al Cariño, O.M.I., Fr. Tony Pueyo, and others.

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New! Who do you say I am?
Ordinary Sunday A-21

Al Carino
Today, Jesus still asks each one of us, “Who do you say I am?” Our answer will determine the kind of Christian life we will have. If like Peter we put our faith in Jesus, then we, too, will be able to overcome our trials and tribulations, no matter in what form they appear.

New! Public Opinion and Leadership
21st Sunday of the Year (A)

Antonio P. Pueyo
If perception is more important than reality, then looking busy is more important than doing actual work. Appearing intelligent is more important than being capable of engaging in intelligent discussion. Looking holy is more important than being holy.

New! Authority that Serves
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Antonio P. Pueyo
Power has its own dynamics and if one is not careful, power could indeed corrupt. As somebody said, "It is hard to be humble when you are as famous as I am." A person in power should be constantly aware of temptations to corruption. There is some sense to the Roman practice of appointing a servant to whisper to the emperor during his triumphant parade, "This too will pass."

New! Christ: The Narrow Gate
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

Douglas P. McManaman
The narrow gate is none other than Christ. He is the gate that leads to eternal life. And he is indeed a narrow gate. The word 'narrow' suggests a zeroing in on a well defined point. The opposite, of course, is broad and wide.

New! The Foolish Bridesmaids
Friday of the 21st Week in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

Douglas P. McManaman
The best thing we can do for others is to allow the fire within us to enlarge and burn so brightly that others may be drawn by the light and the heat, so that they may be inspired to seek the Lord and find him.

New! Human Limitations and the Need for a Papacy
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
The problem with human beings is that for most of our lives we fail to see our own limitations. In fact, it takes years to appreciate our own limitations. We have this tendency to assume that the way we see things is the way things really are. That’s the arrogance of youth. The establishment of a Church that is guided by the Holy Spirit to preserve the deposit of faith makes so much sense in the light of human limitations.

New! Understanding the fight against abortion

Frank Pavone
The readings of today should help people understand not only why the Church's pro-life teachings are faithful to Christ, consistent and unchangeable, but also why she does not shy away from asserting that her mission is to transform the culture of the death into the culture of life, and is not deterred from pursuing that mission.