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October 1, 2014

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Hanging Tough
It is one of the anomalies of Japanís approach to the death penalty that a stricken conscience can bring the system grinding to a halt. At least two Japanese justice ministers have refused to sign execution orders, most recently Seiken Sugiura, a devout Buddhist who oversaw a 15-month moratorium from 2005 to 2006. But Japanís new justice minister, Midori Matsushima, seems unburdened by such doubts.

Nigerian Archbishop Urges Probe Into Alleged Arms Deal
Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama of Jos, bishopsí conference president, denied reports that he had accused the Rev Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, of wrongdoing after a jet owned by the minister was found by South African police to be carrying £5.7 million in cash.

Bishops Are Going To Focus On Natural Family Planning
ďMost people look at NFP as an alternative to contraception, and honestly, thatís not what it is,Ē said Heinzen. ďItís really a proper understanding of oneís fertility and oneís complementary fertility with the opposite sex.Ē She stressed that NFP is different from the rhythm method, which relied on a flawed understanding of a womanís fertility cycle until it was largely discarded in the 1960s.

Lobos Of Death: A Look At The Radical Abortion Agenda At The University Of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico (UNM) is at the heart of the abortion industry in the Land of Enchantment.

Wow: Clinton Global Initiative Partners With Groups That Promote Thousands Of Abortions
The Clinton Global Initiativeís annual meeting took place in New York last week. While the media reported CGIís donations to boost education, HIV treatment, and aid to fighting Ebola, they perhaps didnít mention the fact that CGI also helps fund organizations that promote thousands of abortions. Pathfinder International and Population Services International are two of the controversial foundations that CGI supports.

The Emptying Of A Nation
If you have any wondered what a sharply decreasing population looks like in map form then you need look no further! Iíve found these maps on the rocketnews24 website which were taken in turn from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun website.

Nursing Care Worker Shortage
As the nationís population grays rapidly, the Japanese society is in desperate need of a sufficient number of workers who provide nursing care to elderly people.

Bishop Of Myanmar: Trafficking Of Our Children Must Stop
Human trafficking is a virtual hell for millions of vulnerable people. More than a million people are trafficked every year and around 400,000 women are forced into sex slavery.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Amazing Robots - Can Machines be Moral?

E. Christian Brugger
I am optimistic that programs could be developed that are sophisticated enough to make good 'decisions' most of the time. I confess, however, that I'm very worried about who will be chosen to write the programs.

New! Belgium grants prisoner's request for euthanasia

Michael Cook
A man serving a life sentence for rape and murder has been allowed by a Belgian court to undergo euthanasia.

New! Church, State, and Human Trafficking

John Goerke
For the common good, we must remember the ways in which church and state can mutually benefit each other - and watch for the ways in which the state threatens that relationship.

Syrian refugees selling kidneys to survive

Michael Cook
Lebanon: a country where there are sick people with money, healthy Syrian refugees without money, skilled doctors, and no effective government regulation.

Pill to be available over the counter in US

Michael Cook
This week the Administration abandoned the fight. The morning-after contraceptive pill will now be sold as freely as headache tablets.

Becoming a mother to my husband: The highest call to love

Judie Brown
"To love and to cherish ... for richer or poorer ... in sickness and in health ... till death do us part." Those lovely words, so familiar from the traditional exchange of marriage vows between a man and woman, laid the foundation of unconditional love that framed our joyful marriage of 16 years. The word "matrimony" derives from the Latin word mater ("mother") and the Latin suffix monium (which signifies an action, state, or condition). In other words, "matrimony" implies becoming a mother. But I never imagined I would become a mother to my husband.

Menstrual Cycle Disturbances Observed for up to nine months following discontinuation of oral contraceptive
Menstrual Cycles

Richard J. Fehring
Very few studies have been published on the effects of oral contraception on menstrual cycle parameters. Researchers from the University of Dusseldorf have been collecting charts of Sympto-Thermal users for over 15 years.

Emergency plan overturned

Cristina Alarcon
An Illinois court has struck down a 2005 measure that would force pharmacists to provide the morning after pill.