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August 29, 2014

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Gaza: Halt Executions
News reports said unidentified gunmen believed to be acting on instructions from Hamas executed 25 people accused of providing the Israeli military with information between August 21 and August 23. Amid all the carnage in Gaza, it’s abhorrent that Hamas officials are adding to it by permitting, if not ordering, the summary execution of Palestinians.

Shock: UK Mom Abandons Disabled Daughter, Keeps Healthy Son After Twin Surrogacy
A UK woman who is the biological mother of twins born from a surrogate mom, has allegedly abandoned one of the children because she was born with a severe muscular condition, while taking the girl's healthy sibling home with her.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Will Be Among First ‘gay Marriages’ Under New Law
The prime minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg announced last week that he and his male partner would be among the first in the country to take advantage of their recently passed “gay marriage” law.

Lifelong Effects Of Abortion On Men – A Robbed Manhood…
Once I saw a bumper sticker, “Having an abortion doesn’t make you un-pregnant. It makes you the mother of a dead baby.” The same could be said for a father whose child has been aborted.

More Southeast Asians Move Across Borders
There has been a marked growth in the number of Southeast Asians migrating to other countries over the past decade.

Asia's Old Communities Vanishing Amid Rapid Growth
Jackhammers and cranes are closing in on one of the last historic quarters of Thailand's capital as developers and city authorities pursue plans to build subways and high-rises — with little thought to preserving heritage.

Islam’s Moderate Voices Drowned Out By Extremists
What is agreed is that an overwhelming majority of the Muslim population has nothing to do with terrorism. However, they are under pressure from small but powerful extremist groups and religious regimes. The silent majority of Muslims therefore shouldn’t be blamed for these people; they are instead victims of radical Islam themselves.

Planned Parenthood Promotes Prayer Event To Pray For More Abortions
Planned Parenthood abortion business officials in Ohio are looking for volunteers to pray at a pryer event.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Science and the Embryo

Christopher O. Tollefsen
It is an interesting, difficult, and manifestly important question: "When does a new human being begin to exist?" Many crucial moral, political, and legal matters turn upon the answer. But this question is distinct from a further one: "How should we go about answering this important, difficult, and interesting question?"

New! Huffington Post Attacks the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Karen Malec
The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer challenges the Huffington Post's experts to conduct a normal, public debate the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link with our experts. If the newspaper can successfully demonstrate that abortion does not raise risk, then the Huffington Post's editors can relish an opportunity to make us look foolish in a public debate, instead of relying on irrational writers, like Lara Hoffman, who can't get their facts straight.

Surrogate Parenting is Wrong

Judie Brown
Women selling their bodies as vessels has become an increasingly common commodity in today's society. But the moral implications are far - reaching, and the emotional tolls are becoming visible. When science trumps God's plan, and aims to override His will, calamity is sure to result.

Bee Gees + Coca-Cola = Life

Kelly Bartlett
This is a video even a new mother has time to watch no matter how many times she got up last night to nurse the baby. It takes less than 60 seconds.

"The Giving Space"

Ron Panzer
Depending upon your perspective, all of this life can be understood as one continuous dying process or as one continuous living process. However, most prefer to live their lives without thinking about the end, without thinking about any of this at all. They do everything to avoid confronting their mortality and are not even aware that they put up mental roadblocks to any reminder of their own mortality.

Dying to Live
5th Sunday of Lent (B)

Antonio P. Pueyo
The way of Jesus goes beyond self-fulfilment. It is the way of self-transcendence. It is not about self-preoccupation. It is about self-donation. Jesus affirms the need for loving one’s self but it does not stop there. One has to love one’s neighbor as he loves himself, even to the point of giving up one’s life, “Those who love their life destroy it, and those who despise their life in this world keep it for everlasting life” (Jn. 12:25). Self-discovery and self-affirmation are only preludes to self-donation.

The terrible consequences of forced abortion of the disabled

Judie Brown
U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) candidate Geoffrey Clarke recently sparked outrage by calling for the forced abortions of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome, spina bifida, or any "similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family." UKIP suspended him, and Clarke apologized, saying that he expressed his views poorly and does not believe in compulsory abortion. Whether he does or doesn't, there are plenty of people worldwide who do believe that children with disabilities should be eliminated before birth.

Woe to you who evade suffering and the works of charity
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Our life is not for this world, anymore than the life of a fetus is ultimately for the womb. The womb is temporary, it is a preparation for another world. What Christ is saying today is woe to you who spend your life evading suffering and the works of charity, evading the long and difficult work of preparing your soul for the moment of death, woe to you who sell your soul for the sake of pleasing your employer or your peers, so that they speak well of you, so that they like you and laugh with you, eat and drink with you.