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August 27, 2014

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South Koreans Could Die Out By 2750 If Birth Rates Stay Low (and Japanese Won't Be Far Behind)
The study points out that the fertility rate had declined to 1.19 children per South Korean woman during her lifetime, significantly below the rate required to keep the population stable at around 50 million people.

Modern Bondage: Slavery Is Very Much Alive Today
From Nigerian schoolgirls to sex trafficking in the US, the total number would fill California.

Electricity Highlights India's Rich-poor Divide
In India where the gap between rich and poor has as much to do with culture as it does with economics, some of the poor believe electricity is meant only for the rich.

Parents Abandon Mentally Disabled Baby, Tell Surrogate Mom: “We Don’t Want A Dribbling Cabbage”
After the worldwide storm over baby Gammy, a child with Down Syndrome whose parents abandoned him with the surrogate mother after he and his twin sister were born, another case of baby abandonment has cropped up.

Journey To Baby Gammy: How We Justify A Market In Children
Third-party reproduction is a prism for violations against humanity. IVF and the sperm trade launched a wicked industry that now includes abortion, eugenics, human trafficking, and deliberate family fragmentation.

Sarah Palin To Dawkins: My Child With Down’s Has ‘a Unique Kind Of Absolute Beauty’
Former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, whose son Trig has Down syndrome, offered a brief response to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on Facebook Thursday after the famed atheist said choosing life for a child with Down syndrome is “immoral.”

California Reverses: Catholic Colleges Must Now Pay For All Abortions
“The universities should now sue on First Amendment grounds,” he said. “Not only is this decision morally obscene, it violates the religious liberties of Catholic institutions. Perhaps a judge can educate the Brown administration on the need to keep church and state separate.”

Alfred Kinsey Was A Pervert And A Sex Criminal
Today’s pornified sex educators, legal experts, academics, and more disturbingly, pedophile groups such as NAMBLA pushing “inter-generational intimacy,” all use Kinsey’s work to justify their agendas and lend their causes scientific credibility. Most people have no idea who Alfred Kinsey really was and how his so-called research was actually performed.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Science and the Embryo

Christopher O. Tollefsen
It is an interesting, difficult, and manifestly important question: "When does a new human being begin to exist?" Many crucial moral, political, and legal matters turn upon the answer. But this question is distinct from a further one: "How should we go about answering this important, difficult, and interesting question?"

New! Huffington Post Attacks the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Karen Malec
The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer challenges the Huffington Post's experts to conduct a normal, public debate the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link with our experts. If the newspaper can successfully demonstrate that abortion does not raise risk, then the Huffington Post's editors can relish an opportunity to make us look foolish in a public debate, instead of relying on irrational writers, like Lara Hoffman, who can't get their facts straight.

Surrogate Parenting is Wrong

Judie Brown
Women selling their bodies as vessels has become an increasingly common commodity in today's society. But the moral implications are far - reaching, and the emotional tolls are becoming visible. When science trumps God's plan, and aims to override His will, calamity is sure to result.

When All is Said and Done What Will You See?

Ron Panzer
Those who promoted the culture of death in Nazi Germany honored loyalty to the Third Reich. They believed that some people were more worthy of life while others simply were not! They respected principles such as "respect for SOME persons," "justice," and "the greater good of society." They had their own interpretation of what "respect for persons," "justice," and the "greater good of society" meant.

Physical and Psychological Injury in Women Following Abortion
Lee Ellen H. Gsellman, M.A. NCC

This study is based upon a self-reported questionnaire completed by 344 postabortal women at Akron Pregnancy Services in Akron, Ohio, between November 1988 and May 1993. Survey data and client experience indicate that abortion, in most cases, hurts rathers than helps women. The author concludes that as we reclaim our most basic instincts to protect and nurture our young, we will also need to nurture and offer hope and healing to abortion's adult victims.

Where does the time go?

Tom Bartolomeo
If ever we have lost our place of time in the world it is - now. Perhaps it can be rediscovered - now. The holy season of Advent, the first coming of Christ, is now. It is a time we begin to prepare once more for Jesus' second and final coming of which we know neither the time or the hour. For the world this time it is just one big secular holiday from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's Day when the world resets its calendar.

Iran, the fertility capital of the Middle East

Michael Cook
Iran has become the fertility capital of the Muslim Middle East, reports the magazine Foreign Policy.

God's Plan for Human Life

Matthew Habiger
Humanae Vitae has a clear formula for happiness and well being for everyone. Easter means that we are called to be a people of hope and expectation. We have every right to be optimistic about the future. Indeed, we can be victorious in the struggle between good and evil. We can live a life pleasing to God and beneficial to ourselves.