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September 17, 2014

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Taxpayers Are Paying The Tab For Obamacare's Elective Abortions
Of the 18 issuers of QH plans interviewed by the GAO, not one bothered to collect a separate premium for the plan’s abortion surcharge and not one bothered to list the abortion surcharge on premium invoices, leaving enrollees unaware that a portion of their premiums are going directly to pay for others’ abortions.

Protecting Marriage Isn’t Enough – We Must Oppose Gay ‘civil Unions’ Too
Philippe Ariño is a non-practising homosexual. As a Catholic, he advocates chastity, denouncing both homosexualist activism and the modern concept of “heterosexuality,” insofar as sexual union should only take place between a man and a woman in accordance with God’s plan for life-long marriage.

Abortion… The Secret Shame (Part One)
Words are hard to type this morning as I read and re-read the post by Dyanne Gonzales. The memorial service in remembrance of aborted children she attended in Albuquerque, New Mexico brought tears to my eyes once again. So much so I decided to share some of my journey and how I became a pro life speaker.

World Faces Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII: Caritas Head
“There are 13 million Syrians in desperate need, 3 million as refugees outside their country,” he said. "Over 1.3 million Iraqis have been forced from their homes since the start of the year. They are often living out in the open, under trees or bridges.

Rapist Will Be Euthanized So He Doesn’t Have To Spend Life In Prison
Cruel and unusual death with dignity strikes again!

GAO Report Confirms Obama Lied: 1,036 ObamaCare Plans Pay For Abortions
When he signed the Obamacare bill into law, President Barack Obama promised the American people that Obamacare would not pay for abortions — going as far as signing an executive order to that effect. A new GOA report shows he misled Americans.

Premarital Sex Is A Mortal Sin
We live in times in which many call good or “no big deal” what God calls sinful. This is especially true in the area of sexuality, where whole sectors of our society not only tolerate but even celebrate sexual practices that the Scriptures call gravely sinful, and which will lead to Hell if not repented of.

Schools Reopen In Gaza, But Children Have "lost Their Humanity"
For Fr Manawel Musallam, who runs a Catholic school in the Gaza Strip, it is impossible for Palestinian children to go back to normal. Israeli bombing destroyed 24 schools and damaged 190 others. Out of 1.8 million people, nearly 45 per cent under 14.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! A third way between gays and bigots

Michael Cook
A new documentary presents a strong case for the Catholic stand on homosexuality

New! Cardinal Dolan's Pink Shamrock

Judie Brown
The beautiful green shamrock is equated with Irish pride no matter where one goes, and on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, the "wearin' of the green" has always been so much fun that even those of us who are not Irish love being Irish for the day. But March 17, 2015, will be different - at least in New York City - thanks to the politically correct Catholic cardinal Timothy Dolan.

New! Euphemisms for Euthanasia and False Dilemmas: An Update on the Assisted Suicide Debate in the United States

Jacqueline Harvey
Now is the time for renewed vigilance for those who oppose euthanasia. The worst of this battle is yet to come.

Love in a time of unreality

Robert R. Reilly
If people are ruled by their passions - and they rationalize their passion as "love" - they can only understand opposition to it in the form of another passion, hate - as opposed to their "love." I try to explain that my opposition to the rationalization for homosexual behavior is not based upon any passion whatsoever, but upon reason. It is reason that tells me that sodomy is unreasonable, and therefore wrong.

The 'therapeutic cloning' of human embryos

Samuel J. Aquila
If Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is the sort of timeless morality tale students read as an antidote, or at least an objection, to the hedonism that seems to follow naturally from youthful ideas about immortality. The story is familiar to many: Dorian Gray is a narcissist who wishes that a portrait of him - his copy in paint - would age in his place. His wish comes true, and though his life is corrupted by a pursuit of pleasure, only his painted visage bears the effects. Dorian himself is visibly unscathed, though the novel's fatal climax exposes a soul rendered ugly by a life of egoistic debauchery.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Abyss of Nihilism

Carson Holloway
We cannot embrace same-sex marriage and live in continuity with our past as a civilization. To embrace it is to deny that tradition, revelation, reason, and nature have any authority over us.

Internet can foster crime or addiction, but weigh remedies carefully

Denyse O’Leary
Recently, I mentioned a conflict between people who want the government to do something about cyberbullying that can lead to suicide and people who worry about the fact that it would give both private companies and governments access to vast amounts of personal user information. It's one of those dilemmas where the fact that everyone has a reasonable concern does not automatically suggest a solution.

Horror, Exile, and Death

Judie Brown
Atrocities against human beings occur every day worldwide. Often we hear an outcry when an offense is especially egregious. But what could be more egregious than the wanton slaughtering of innocent babies or than the premature death of those who are ill? Let us examine the actions, or the inactions, of our daily lives. Souls are at stake.