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March 29, 2015

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Family–Supported Suicide And The Duty To Die
In 1991, my friend Frances invited me to a “going away party.” She wasn’t moving or going on vacation. Frances wanted her closest friends to come to her home, to tell her how much she meant to us, and to hold her hand as she committed suicide. We refused. Validating Frances’s suicide was unthinkable. We supported her life, not her death.

Our Doctor Asked Us 3 Times If We Wanted To Abort Our Daughter With Trisomy 18. This Is What We Told Him The Third Time.
For a third time, he (doctor) strongly stated that she was going to most likely die in my womb and there would be no reason to further the pregnancy. Once again, we declined, but this time we added, “This baby is our child. We just saw little arms, legs, fingers and toes on the ultrasound! Just because she has an extra chromosome and a few abnormalities, doesn’t mean she is not our sweet, precious baby. We are pro-life and you are not going to change our minds.”

Designer Genes
What next? Now Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana face a boycott because Dolce said children need a mother and a father. Dolce also said that certain practices of in vitro fertilization are just not right, decrying "wombs for rent, seeds collected from a catalog."

Can Christianity Survive The Sexual Revolution?
When was the last time anyone heard a sermon that condemned the evils of fornication, or adultery, or cohabitation, or divorce, or bearing children outside wedlock (let alone homosexuality)?

Report Shows Americans Forced To Send $1.5 Billion To Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
A new governmental report shows American taxpayers have been forced to send $1.5 billion in federal funds to the nation’s biggest abortion business, Planned Parenthood.

New York Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through The Heart With Poison To Kill Them
The New York state Assembly proved that promoting the best interest of women apparently includes pushing late-term abortions.

General Assembly Votes In Favor Of Gay Marriage?
In an animated and unusually packed budget meeting this week, UN member states gave the go ahead to special benefits for any UN staff in same-sex legal arrangements.

Pope Francis Greets Homeless During Tour Of Sistine Chapel
Dozens of homeless people on Thursday were treated to a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel, complete with a surprise appearance by Pope Francis himself, in the pontiff's latest gesture towards the most vulnerable in society.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Sex Education in America: How Yesterday's Extremists Shaped Today's Sex Ed

Valerie Huber
It reads like fiction: an estimated 50 to 75 percent of American men were infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD); in thousands of families, an STD killed one, two, even five of their children; and an incredible 30 percent of all blindness was attributed to STDs. The transmission of STDs was an urgent concern of national health and security - so serious, in fact, that soldiers were court-martialed if they were found to be infected.

New! Maternal health is better where abortion is restricted

Paula Aracena
Laws protecting the unborn, and therefore less permissive in regard to abortion, are controversial because they allegedly lead to hidden, illegal abortions and an increase maternal deaths.

New! Health care in the Islamic State

Craig Klugman
Like much of the world, I find myself reading daily news stories about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) - also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). This is a militant group that has conquered much of the territory of Syria and Iraq. They have created an Islamic state, or caliphate, run by sharia law. According to news reports, Western youth are heading to Syria to join ISIS attracted by the ideas, the adventure, belonging to a group, or generally feeling disillusioned. It's not just young people, but also engineers and doctors.

America's Fear of Children

Judie Brown
We witness today a growing trend toward love of self and disdain for those who get in the way of self - be they children, the infirm, or the elderly. Our "me" society seems to be losing the vision of a healthy, happy family, and instead focusing on hedonistic pleasures geared at destroying the family. If we continue in this fashion, the loudest sound we will hear will be the weeping of souls.

Credentialism triumphs over democracy

Michael Cook
A Federal Court judge has struck down California's constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Abortion, Though Legal, is not Licit

Anthony Zimmerman
Merely designating an injustice as "legal" makes it no more respectable than "legal thievery," or "legal arson," or "legal counterfeiting" would be. Call it what it is - pseudo-legal, counterfeit legal, attempted legal, civilly tolerated, non-penalized - whatever; but don't attempt to name that "legal" what God has from eternity made illegal. We dis-educate and confuse people by using the term "legal abortion."

32 Infant Deaths Since 2000

Judie Brown
Cribs with a side rail that moves up and down so parents can lift children from them more easily [have been] banned under legislation aimed at reducing infant deaths.

Can China and Japan reverse their birth decline?

Dermot Grenham
In the Asian fertility video posted a few days ago on MercatorNet, the dramatic decline in birth rates in Asian countries was dramatically demonstrated through some very smart graphics.