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October 31, 2014

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When The Clinic Refused To Perform An Abortion, She Knew It Was A Sign
I saw a patient in the office recently, and we had the most inspiring conversation. She gave me permission to share her story; I will refer to her as Jane, although that is not her real name.

AFP Investigating Record Number Of Human Trafficking Cases In Australia
Federal police are investigating a record number of human trafficking cases in Australia, involving sex slavery, forced marriages and child brides.

India Imposes Surrogacy Freeze On Australian Couples
Childless Australian couples looking for surrogate mothers in India are being denied visas, advocates say.

Innocent Children Are Among The Internet Pornography Pandemic's Greatest Casulaties
The harms of pornography on children, women and men in cultures worldwide, has been called the 'largest unregulated social experiment in human history' and represents a hidden public health hazard we cannot not ignore.

Hacked photos reveal the proliferation of sexual exploitation

Press Release: Academic Article Complies Research On Internet Pornography Pandemic & Solutions
To explore what has been called"the largest unregulated social experiment in human history," Donna Rice Hughes, CEO and president of Enough Is Enough®, has authored a research article, entitled "The Internet P*rnography Pandemic," in the 2014 edition of The Christian Apologetics Journal detailing the current state of Internet p*rnography, and its real world consequences as it relates to children and adolescents, and the routes to resolution.

Fact: 94% Of Pregnant Women Who Went To Planned Parenthood Got An Abortion
So Planned Parenthood says that that only three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services. Makes abortion seem pretty rare for Planned Parenthood doesn’t it?

Surrogacy Industry Thrives In India Amid Regulatory Gaps
The draft Bill on assisted reproductive technology is pending since 2010 and is expected to be taken up in the winter session of Parliament.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Chinese journalist shocked at conditions for elderly

Shannon Roberts
A visit to the hospice in China where her father was recently moved left her shocked at the conditions for those who did not have family to sit with and look after them, and worried about the dignity of the elderly in China in general - even more so given the increase in the elderly population to come.

New! Abortion Is Great? For Whom?

Steve Soukup
The Pro-Choice movement is unhappy. Those who support abortion "rights" feel the game slipping away from them. They fought so hard and accomplished so much. Now they see the other side winning.

New! Abortion in Contemporary Literature:
Life-Affirming Messages in Fiction and Films and Public Policy Implications

Jeff J. Koloze
What many in the technologically-saturated contemporary culture may not realize is that the traditional literary forms - books and other publications - still have a powerful influence on the culture. This paper argues a more radical and specific position regarding the connection between reading tastes and political opinion. The effect of contemporary literature on Americans' positions on a controversial issue like abortion may be not only grossly overstated, but also a significant factor in the increasing number of Americans who identify themselves as pro-life.

Morning-After Pills: Domestic and International Links

Steven Mosher
U.S. taxpayers should not be surprised that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been actively involved in promoting and distributing morning-after pills (MAP) to poor, often traumatized, women and girls in developing nations, long before the abortion-inducing chemical ever became famous in America. Norplant, a chemical with the same active ingredient as MAP, has been discontinued in the U.S., but USAID continues to flood developing nations with tens of thousands of units of it.

New frontiers in repressing dissent

Mishka Gora
Tasmania may be small, but it will punch far above its weight on the world stage in shutting down protests against abortion if a new bill is passed.

Correctly squelched

Margaret Somerville
In 2006 I accepted an invitation to receive an honorary doctor of science degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. When that was announced a powerful storm of protest erupted from the activist gay community and their supporters across Canada, demanding that, because of my views on same-sex marriage the University withdraw its offer of the degree. That, in turn, generated an even bigger media storm across Canada, in defence of freedom of speech.

What is "Bioethics"?

Dianne N. Irving
The purpose of this paper is simply to provide historical confirmation of what bioethics is, who the Founders, theorists and practitioners are, identify just some of the major issues addressed (particularly those concerning research using human embryos and fetuses), and touch on some of the more salient inherent problems of and concerns about this "theory".

The dubious ethics of creating children with three genetic parents

Margaret Somerville
Violating an international consensus, the British government has authorized scientists to tinker with the human genome.