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November 21, 2018

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Incredible: Enormous Bronze Sculptures Show Baby's "Miraculous Journey" From Conception To Birth
"Everyone talks about our life’s journey, but we have a whole journey before you’re born."

Transgender Totalitarians
An Ohio college professor who refused to comply with a male student’s request to be addressed as “ma’am” instead of “sir,” was ordered by the university to comply with the student’s wishes.

The Cry Of The Poor Becomes Louder, Says Pope
On World Day of the Poor, the pope joined some 1,500 poor people for lunch at the Vatican

Kenya Orders Marie Stopes To "immediately Cease And Desist Offering Any Form Of Abortion Services."
n a significant development Marie Stopes International has been banned from offering abortion services in Kenya, and has been reprimanded for breaking the Republic's laws.

The Blessings And Burden Of Living Humanae Vitae
Is living the teaching of Humanae Vitae regarding the moral means of managing fertility burdensome? Yes, and effective pastoral support for couples who are attempting to do just that — using natural family planning (NFP) rather than contraception — is served by acknowledging that up front. NFP is a burden.

What’s Behind The Dramatic Rise In 3-generation Households?
In a recent study, I discovered that the number of kids living with their parents and grandparents – in what demographers call a three-generation household – has nearly doubled over the past two decades.

Aquinas Looks At Bitcoin
Is there anything intrinsically wrong with cryptocurrency?

The Dangerous Effects Of Surrogacy: How Big Fertility Exploits Poor Women
Imagine you live in India. You live in extreme poverty—poverty like most Americans have never witnessed. The kind of poverty that leads you to sign a contract that you cannot read.

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Society Dehumanizing Unborn Babies?

Dear Friends for Life: Why this evil-disposed attack on procreation today? Procreation, the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing a biological offspring, is gradually being equalized with the phrase “profit and power at any cost”. Just look around. Big industry extending its strong influence over procreation and changing the meaning through manufacturing, engineering and controlling. For example, babies are made by IVF. In the process, on the average of 24 tiny lives die in order for one life to survive. Another example: Desired embryos are implanted in a uterus. The big question is: Whose uterus? The mother’s? A rented one (surrogacy)? An artificial womb? Yes, we are approaching a biotechnological breakthrough. Ectogenesis, the invention of a complete external womb, could completely change the nature of human reproduction. In April of last year, researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia announced their development of an artificial womb. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Transgender illusions

Michael Cook
The evidence that teenagers with gender dysphoria are suffering from mental illness is overwhelming. Yet instead of psychiatric help, the report recommends acceptance by parents, schools, doctors, universities and government agencies. It encourages the children's peers to respect chosen pronouns and names.

New! Thanks for nothing, birth control

Carolyn Moynihan
Abortion certainly contributes to controlling the number of births, but hiding it under the term "birth control" and selling it all as "basic health care" is deceptive.

New! Where Angels Fear to Tread: The Fraud of Transgenderism

Babette Francis
Hard on the heels of the recent global campaign to legalize same-sex "marriage" has come another more radical product of the sexual revolution: the promotion across all levels of society of the radical ideology of transgenderism.

New! The Future of American Sexuality and Family: Five Key Trends

Mark Regnerus
We find ourselves in a liminal spot, one between long-taken-for-granted traditional relationships anchored in marriage and the future relationship system characterized more consistently by "confluent love." There will not be two dominant systems.

New! Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

Paul McHugh
The idea that one's sex is a feeling, not a fact, has permeated our culture and is leaving casualties in its wake. Gender dysphoria should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery.

Same-Sex Marriage Fever: Prohibition Parallels

Doug Mainwaring
Media voices and progressive activists for same-sex marriage are appealing to judicial fiat because they know they won't always have public opinion on their side.

Troubling theories about childhood innocence

Carolyn Moynihan
Let's get one thing straight: are we against the sexualization of children or are we not? If we -- adult, mainstream society -- are against it, we had better start explaining to ourselves why there are people employed in public institutions who say openly that they do not believe in the sexual innocence of children and want to expose it as a myth.

Power of Love

Antonio P. Pueyo
To paraphrase St. Paul, we may have tapped the power of the wind, the power of water, the power of the various elements and minerals within the earth and under the seas, but if we do not have love, we are nothing.

Sterilization Homily

Matthew Habiger
This is a homily that is long overdue. It deals with a problem that is all too prevalent among Catholic couples today, and that is the problem of sterilization. It is estimated that 85% of couples of childbearing age are using some form of contraception today. Among these couples, 40% are now sterilized. And among this group, 70% are women. These percentages apply now both to the general American public and to Catholics. You have not heard about this from the pulpit, and that is part of the problem. Why, you may wonder, have the clergy been so quiet on this topic?

Analyses: Stearns' Congressional Human Cloning Fairy Tale "Ban"; New Age and Transhumanist Legislation for "Converging Technologies"?

Dianne N. Irving
Although literally no attention has been drawn to it, there is yet another proposed federal human cloning 'ban" waiting in the wings - Bill H.R. 916 -- introduced by a Republican Congressman from Florida, Cliff Stearns. But this Bill seems to be cut from a different pattern than the rest. Like similar ineffective "total bans" on human cloning, this Bill too would ban no human cloning - none - thus rendering debates about "incrementalism" mute. Many of the same scientifically erroneous definitions and omissions are used in this Bill as in other similar Bills, rendering it legally impotent. But there are some "new" attempts at scientific deconstruction here, especially those that define away the entire human organism - i.e., human being -- cloned by claiming that it is just a "cell" - specifically, just an "oocyte". No human being there! But at least, perhaps, there is hope in this Bill for future human beings to be transformed into part of the One, living, breathing interconnected cosmic "Brain".

A blaze of controversy revisited

Michael Cook
Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva's article in the UK-based Journal of Medical Ethics was "After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?" It wasn't a very original argument for the morality of infanticide - Peter Singer and Michael Tooley had made the same point decades ago - but the arresting title tossed even more petrol on the blaze. The authors contended that the same reasons which justify abortion are also sufficient to justify killing a child up for an unspecified time after birth.

Christ: Why Made Man?

Anthony Zimmerman
St. Bonaventure presents two opinions: the first that the reason for substance of the Incarnation is the perfection of man and of the whole universe, but the reason why Christ came in a passible mode, able to suffer, was sin.

Planned Parenthood cancer screening initiative a farce

Judie Brown
Planned Parenthood Federation of America and various affiliates have released scads of stories over the past week touting a new breast cancer initiative. The $3 million it says will fund the initiative is the amount Planned Parenthood claims it raised in four days in response to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's quickly-rescinded announcement that it would stop funding the abortion giant. So, what about this huge investment of $3 million Cecile Richards says she is earmarking for breast cancer screening and education? To put it in perspective, Planned Parenthood's total income in 2010 was 1.04 billion dollars. The three million dollars it says it will commit to the breast cancer initiative is nine-tenths of one percent of its total annual income.

Fundamental Questions on the Marlise Munoz Case

E. Christian Brugger
Marlise Munoz is apparently "brain dead"; her body on life support continues to gestate her baby. Here are a couple of my thoughts.

Personal Faith
24th Sunday Ordinary Time B

Antonio P. Pueyo
A cross-less Christianity is a feel-good Christianity. It is a Christianity of convenience. It is a domesticated Christianity devoid of the radical consequences of discipleship