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May 24, 2015

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Calif. Medical Association Drops Opposition To Assisted Death
The California Medical Association has become the first state medical association in the nation to drop opposition to what has long been known as “physician-assisted suicide,” it said, acknowledging a shift in doctor and patient attitudes about end-of-life and aid-in-dying options.

Reader's View: Natural Family Planning Respects Human Life
Responsibility is not achieved by throwing contraceptives at boys and girls. This only teaches that having sex is all about self and not about love. When there is no love and contraception fails, the child conceived becomes a problem, and the answer promoted by our society is to have an abortion. This only shows how not to love.

Post-abortive Father Reveals His Pain In Esquire Article
There are many support groups and outreaches to women who have had abortions, and their testimonies of loss and regret appear all over the Internet. But men can also suffer after their partner’s abortions.

Syrian Priest Reportedly Kidnapped As ISIS Moves Beyond Palmyra
Local Muslims in Syria can help win the release of Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian priest who was kidnapped Thursday, says a Swiss Middle East expert who leads a support network for Syrian monasteries.

School Hangs Posters Urging Teens Not To Have Sex, Planned Parenthood’s Response Is Unbelievable
The people who work for this craptastic organization don’t see anything wrong with telling girls it’s okay to be promiscuous and kill your unborn children, but have a problem with a poster encouraging girls to view their sexuality as sacred and worthy of being guarded?

Planned Parenthood Knew From The Beginning That The Pill Would Increase Abortions
Planned Parenthood knew that its ace in the hole was that by using contraceptives to target those it considers undesirable—“human weeds” as Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger said—it would be able to sneak right in with “safe, legal abortion” to eliminate those undesirables who will be conceived while using contraception.

Pope Francis Praises Chilean Mother Who Chose Life For Baby With Anencephaly At Heart Of Abortion Debate
The Pope had learned about little Jose when he was still in the womb and not expected to survive very long after birth because he had been diagnosed during pregnancy with anencephaly, a condition that usually causes the death of the child shortly after birth. Bernardita had written to Pope Francis a few weeks previously to share her story and her Faith.

China Has Not “eased,” “relaxed” Or “abandoned” The One-Child Policy, Despite Reports:
Many have heard of reports that China is ridding of the One-Child policy that has been in effect for three and a half decades and has prompted countless numbers of enforced abortions and sterilization of Chinese women in those years. Unfortunately, this is not the case as the coercive policy is still strictly enforced.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Three-Parent Embryos: Harming Women to Save Lives

Jennifer Lahl
The UK has passed a bill that allows for genetic engineering of children through nuclear transfer technology and germ-line modification. Young women will be needed to supply their eggs. But egg donation - or more accurately, egg selling - is risky business.

New! Global Experience Shows that Physician-Assisted Suicide Threatens the Weak and Marginalized

Ryan T. Anderson
This Issue Brief focuses on how PAS threatens the weak and marginalized. It explores who is most likely to be coaxed into PAS and how PAS has led to voluntary - and even involuntary - euthanasia in Europe. This lethal logic has even been extended to children and the non-terminally ill disabled.

New! The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique

Carlos D. Flores
We should make public policy and encourage social norms that reflect the truth about the human person and sexuality, not obfuscate the truth about such matters and sow the seeds of sexual confusion in future generations for years to come.

Media Reports: Depo Provera Is Hazardous to your Health

Steven Mosher
The injectable contraceptive depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) appears to increase a woman's risk of acquiring the sexually transmitted infections chlamydia and gonorrhea by approximately three fold when compared to women not using a hormonal contraceptive, according to a study jointly funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) at the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Agency for International Development's Office of Population and Reproductive Health.

Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family
A Moral Perspective

*Offsite Article
The following information has been prepared to address the concerns of Catholic parents, physicians and clergy regarding the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines.  It will also expose the truth that has been intentionally kept hidden from our Catholic ethicists, theologians and the general public far too long.

"Faith is the realization of what is hoped for

Tom Bartolomeo
In the "Apostles' Creed" we proclaim our belief in a "communion of saints". Are they only individuals formally canonized by the Church? The Apostle Paul in his letters referred to his people thirty nine times as "saints", brothers and sisters in the faith who were made holy as God is holy. People who live in virtue of faith, hope and charity are not bricks or rafters in a church but "living stones" as Saint Peter described, people who live their lives consciously in a communion of saints within a Church of living stones. (1 Peter 2,5).

Why Easy Stem Cells Raise Hard Ethical Questions

Brendan Foht
A surprising new method for making stem cells offers scientists an easy alternative to destroying human embryos. But there is a disturbing possibility that the technique may create not stem cells but actual cloned embryos.

Wanted: Leaders who Care

Antonio P. Pueyo
We are in search of leaders who care. We identify with the hopes of Israel to whom Jeremiah prophesied, “I will appoint shepherds who will take care of them. No longer will they fear or be terrified. No one will be lost” (Jer. 23:4). In the dark periods of their history, the people of Israel had their share of inept and corrupt kings. It was the prophets who kept their hope alive for deliverance by the coming of a messiah. Contrary to expectations of a military conqueror, the messiah came as a humble servant.