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February 25, 2017

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The Sustaining Gaze: Mother’s Milk
Both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have made strong statements on the threat to the environment as well as to human society from a consumerist mentality, from the politics of waste to the degradation of the human condition.

Leading Physician Confirms Unborn Children Feel Excruciating Pain During Abortions
Sheila Page, D.O., is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy. She treats a wide spectrum of patients from the newborn to the elderly, including patients with irreversible and terminal illness. Dr. Page (pictured right) has a special interest in children with disabilities, particularly those whose burden of care is difficult and who have been given little hope for a better quality of life. Dr. Page is one of our nearly 40 associate scholars. In this interview, she discusses palliative care and the science of fetal pain.

Vice President Mike Pence Calls For Permanently Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Abortions
During his speech to CPAC last night, pro-life vice president Mike Pence called for making permanent a ban on taxpayer funding of abortions. Pence also said repealing Obamacare is coming and that President Donald Trump is following through on pro-life promises he made during the election.

Guatemala Stops Abortion Ship: We Will Defend “Human Life And The Pro-Life Laws Of Our Country”
The Guatemalan army has blocked Women on Waves’ attempts to give out abortion pills from a ship, in circumvention of the country’s laws.

Unhappily Married Right Now? Stick With It; You Can Find A Way Through
A new study confirms that unhappiness is usually temporary

Trump Lifts Obama-era Directive On Transgender Bathrooms
The Trump administration revoked an Obama-era mandate compelling public schools nationwide to permit restroom and locker room access on the basis of gender identity — a move that could have significant ramifications for a case before the Supreme Court concerning transgender rights.

Rescuing HIV Orphans In India
In the absence of centres for Aids patients, Pastor Reji Thomas opened his home to orphaned boys infected with HIV.

Norway And Australia Join Countries Funding Abortion In Developing Countries
More countries have announced that they will dedicate money to funding abortion overseas.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Porn Harms: Law and Science Reflect Natural Truth

Frank J. Moncher
True emotional intimacy is the prevention and the remedy which touches the human soul, and provides the genuine experience which pornography so poorly mimics.

New! Fertility is Not a Disease

Hanna Klaus
Managing a couple's fertility to regulate their family size does not require removing said fertility from the woman's or the man's body. This is not primarily a religious issue.

New! Struggling woman with dementia euthanised in Netherlands

Michael Cook
Relatives had to hold her down so that the doctor could give the lethal injection.

US polls send mixed signals on assisted suicide

Michael Cook
Are demographic fears part of the reason for last month's results?

British media personality sparks debate with IVF horror story

Xavier Symons
Prominent British writer and producer Samantha Brick has spoken of her devastating experience with IVF in a recent column in the Daily Mail. The article sparked hundreds of comments - some very supportive, most extremely critical.

Update on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (hescr)

C. Ward Kischer
The term "stem cell" has its origin in either histology or histopathology.cIn histology it has been known for decades, but by the terms "reparative cell" or "regenerative cell". The term "stem cell", per se, probably arose from histopathology, and was first identified in peripheral blood and bone marrow. The cell identified was believed to be the precursor to all of the blood cell types (please see: "Research On Stem Cells", Kischer, C.W., this website).

"Kids: Your Time Is Up"
Global Warming Game Targets Vulnerable Youngsters

Steven Mosher
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is promoting a children's game designed to give kids grief over how their carbon footprints are supposedly harming the planet. "Planet Slayer" is the name, but it could more accurately be called "Final Exit," since it appears to encourage suicide.

Are We Becoming a Nation of "Fraidy Cats?"

Hank Mattimore
I was having a beer with my old friend Max the other day and he was on a rip.