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April 29, 2016

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British Archbishop: Homosexuality Is Wrong, But We're Not Allowed To Say It
The head of the Church of England has called homosexuality “morally wrong.”

These Catholic Colleges Violate Church Teachings With Pro-Abortion Commencement Speakers
A pro-life organziation that serves as a watchdog for Catholic colleges and universities has published a list of Catholic educational institutions that are violating the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church by having pro-abortion commencement speakers.

Japan Eyes More Foreign Workers In Stealthy Challenge To Immigration Taboo
Desperately seeking an antidote to a rapidly aging population, Japanese policymakers are exploring ways to bring in more foreign workers without calling it an “immigration policy.”

Europe Moves To Defend Women And Children
Here’s a headline you won’t read in American newspapers today as we continue with what has become a true political circus. Recently in Europe, however, the Social Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted against the practice of all forms of surrogacy—commercial or altruistic, gestational or “traditional,”—rejecting a draft report on human rights and ethical issues related to surrogacy that called for regulation of the practice.

Botched Late-Abortion Leaves Part Of Baby’s Head Inside Mother’s Womb
Jennifer and Jason found out sometime in early 2013 that they were having a baby.

Porn-Proof Kids And Patron Saints
Lately I’ve been writing about — and hearing heart-wrenching accounts of — people struggling with pornography addiction. It’s rampant in our culture in the West, and the deeper I dig into the statistics and the anecdotes, the more I’m realizing that it is very much a cross-cultural issue

Increasing Number Of Japanese Ditching Traditional Attitudes About Weddings And Funerals
Less income means less desire and less money to spend on major life events.

The Rise And Rise Of Natural Family Planning
It could change family planning aid in developing countries

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Ethical Perspectives

New! In An Industry That Makes People, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jennifer Roback Morse
Sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy: Third party reproduction seems to be a "done deal" in Western society. Even ardently pro-life people do not seem to see the problems. Hey, these techniques are making babies, not killing them. So what could possibly go wrong? A lot of things can go very wrong. Let me describe just one: making the choice of your child's other parent into a commercial transaction.

New! Why Governments Haven't, and Shouldn't, Recognize Polygamy

Christopher Kaczor
Despite the example set by the Biblical patriarchs, Western societies have traditionally outlawed polygamy, for reasons both religious and secular. In his recent book, John Witte Jr. gives a history of the arguments for and against polygamy, making a compelling case that polygamy should not be recognized today.

New! IVF, Designer Babies, and Commodifying Human Life

Daniel Kuebler
IVF has created more problems than it has solved, especially helping to create the mindset that human life is a commodity to be used and manipulated. This mindset has been instrumental in paving the way for the approval of research involving the genetic modification of human embryos in the UK, research poised to usher in a host of ethical and legal issues we can only begin to imagine.

How voluntary is "voluntary"?

Michael Cook
Very little research has been done on pressures that could be exerted on the elderly and disabled.

Sleep Disorders Increase After Abortion
Study of 56,284 May Link Sleep Problems to Abortion Trauma

David C. Reardon
A new study published in Sleep, the official journal of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, has found that women who experienced abortion were more likely to be treated for sleep disorders or disturbances compared to women who gave birth.

Gendercide: Where have all the girls gone?

Joseph Meaney
There is a real culture of death at work attempting to snuff out the flame of respect for human dignity. Protecting all human life in its earliest moments from cloning and other attacks is undoubtedly the human rights and social challenge of our age. As Dr. Lejeune said, "what is at stake is not merely the life of the baby present here and now, but rather the life of the soul of our civilization."

Here come the Death Clinics we've been warning about!

Ron Panzer
The move to "normalize" medical killing is gaining momentum worldwide as we see being done in the Netherlands. There is a drive to promote research that seeks to justify the withholding of formerly routine treatment (like providing food to Alzheimers patients) from the elderly and severely disabled. Another treatment they are trying to increasingly withhold from dementia patients is antibiotic treatment for pneumonia (in other words, let them die from pneumonia intentionally).

Iran tries to reverse falling birth rates

Michael Cook
The Iranian parliament is to consider banning vasectomies as a way of pushing up the country's below-replacement birth rate. On the table, too, is the possibility of restricting abortion and contraceptive services.