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November 12, 2019

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How Can We Solve Homelessness? Listen To The People Who Have Experienced It.
You are walking down the street. A homeless person, ragged and with a sagging expression, holds out his dirty, cupped hand to you. Do you give him a dollar? Whether you do or not, you are likely to wonder how he or she got that way and ponder what good a dollar will do.

Pope Urges Opportunities For Prisoners To Reform And Reintegrate
Often, he said, a person leaving prison faces an alien world that does not recognize him or her as trustworthy, denying him or her the possibility of working for a dignified livelihood. The Holy Father said that these prisoners, who have already served their sentences for the evil committed, should not be subject to a new social punishment with rejection and indifference. Such aversion, he warned, exposes them to falling back on the same mistakes.

US Nuncio To USCCB: Pope Francis’ ‘Pastoral Thrust’ Must Reach Americans
“The Pope has emphasized certain themes: mercy, closeness to the people, discernment, accompaniment, a spirit of hospitality toward migrants, and dialogue with those of other cultures and religions,” he said, while asking bishops to consider if these themes were reflected in their clergy and people.

Catholic Couple Brings The Love Of Family To Young People With Mental Illness
For Catholic couple Austin and Catherine Mardon, mental illness is personal.

Against The ‘feminine Essence’: An Alternative Theory Of Transgenderism
Transgender activists frequently argue that men who wish to present themselves as women (male-to-female or MtF transgenders) have a female gender identity, probably innate, that conflicts with their biological sex.

Pornography & Sex Addiction: Why It’s Not Just A Man’s Problem
As an organization that seeks to help individuals find freedom from the bondage of pornography and sex addiction, we often find ourselves answering the same question on a regular basis. “What about women? They struggle with porn addiction too!”

Massachusetts Pro-Lifers Rally Against Bill To Legalize Abortions Up To Birth, Allow Infanticide
Massachusetts citizens gathered in the state capital last week to urge lawmakers to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

Thank You President Trump For Helping Christian Adoption Agencies Care For Kids Needing Families
It’s hard enough to get the truth out on a level playing field—but in today’s news, it’s downright impossible. The left has disinformation down to a science, especially when it comes to LGBT issues. That’s dangerous in any situation—but on the president’s new adoption rule, it could mean the difference between a child finding a home and growing up without any love at all.

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“Excruciating Pain”

Dear Friends: (1) When was the last time I experienced pain? (2) When was the last time I felt “Excruciating Pain“? These are questions that ran through my mind as I read the article “Medical Expert Confirms Unborn Children Feel Excruciating Pain During Abortions” by Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institue. Dr. David Prentice clearly states that “science pretty conclusively demonstrates: Young babies still in the womb at 20 weeks do indeed feel pain, and in fact, may feel more intense pain than a newborn or an adult.” Many pro-life doctors maintain that fetuses can feel pain by 8 weeks, about the time most surgical abortions take place. Human beings feel pain. Newborn babies can feel pain. Unborn babies can feel pain. There is no pain button that suddenly switches to “on” or “off” as one's journey progresses through life. “To feel pain” is a life long process for a human being. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! ECHO from Africa: contraceptives 'not risky' for HIV, but some are not convinced

Carolyn Moynihan
Depo-Provera is cleared by WHO for unrestricted use.

New! What drives users of child pornography

Jeremy Prichard
A criminologist says that almost anyone who lets his curiosity get the better of him could become an abuser. Child pornography is exploding on the internet. Police and tech platforms are finding it hard to keep up. But finding a solution demands that we understand why people access this vicious kind of material in the first place.

New! Pornography is a public health crisis

Kurt Mahlburg
In an effort to normalise pornography, there are people who point out that porn has been around since ancient times. That might be true, but porn today is like nothing the world has ever seen.

New! Norway's Barnevernet and The Future of Parental Rights

Robert Clarke
Those who undermine the family attack the foundation of our societies and the source of great richness and diversity. The most generous interpretation of these attacks is that some of the policies, ostensibly aimed at protecting children, are well-intentioned, but misguided. Yet we must also be on guard for those for whom the temptation of power affords the opportunity to force their utopian vision on a future generation by sidelining parents and, ultimately, deconstructing the family.

New! Immigration: Winners and Losers?

James E. Hartley
Attempts to discover the effect of immigration on government budgets are highly susceptible to the decisions economists make about how to measure all those benefits and costs and how to account for the effects on the indigenous population. The quick answer to "What is the effect of immigration on government budgets?" is "It depends on how you measure it."

The Servant of All
Twenty Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time B

Frank Enderle
The bond that we have with God, our Father, the experience of faith and love that ultimately leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven, is what we Christians call religion. That is why we cannot understand people who use violence to further their religion.

Passionate Views

Douglas P. McManaman
People are very passionate about their views, but that is the last thing in the world we should be passionate about. We ought to have, on the contrary, a passion for truth, a passion for learning, but not a passion for our views.

New! Scientists grow primate embryos for 20 days

Xavier Symons
Two separate research teams in China have grown primate embryos in vitro for 20 days, in a development that has reignited debate over the 14-day limit on human embryo experimentation.

Peruvian Victims Still Wait For Justice
Amidst Pro-Life Victory, Victims of Peru's Sterilization Campaign Still Being Used - This Time for the Political Gain of Pro-Abortion Advocates

Steven Mosher
Twenty-five years after hundreds of thousands of women were forcibly or coercively sterilized in Peru, these victims are still waiting for justice. A recent decree issued by the Peruvian Justice Ministry may help these women receive reparation for the crimes committed against them.

The #MeToo Movement And Sexual "Morality"

Steve Soukup
For literally millennia, philosophers have debated the question of why man does what he does, why he behaves or does NOT behave in certain ways.

Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons

Official Documents
Since this question relates to the natural moral law, the arguments that follow are addressed not only to those who believe in Christ, but to all persons committed to promoting and defending the common good of society.

Definitions of a "Human Organism" and a "Cell"

Dianne N. Irving
Central to the current debates concerning human cloning and human genetic engineering in general, and "stem cell research" in particular (e.g., California Proposition 71), is how to define the difference between a "human organism" and a "cell". Desperate - even amusing - claims to the contrary, there is no confusion in biology as to what a "human organism" is, and how it differs from just a "cell" - regardless if one is talking about sexual or asexual human reproduction. Nor is it difficult to obtain this information. Indeed, all one would have to do is go to the library or internet and look it up. We are talking Biology 101 here (not "physics").

Priest delivers stirring speech at Planned Parenthood site

Matt C. Abbott
The following is text of a speech delivered Oct. 3 by Father William J. Kuchinsky at the 40 Days for Life candlelight vigil at the Planned Parenthood construction site in Washington, D.C.

Sri Lanka: A real debate on restoring security is diverted to suit the political ends

Asia Human Rights
The Easter Sunday carnage gave rise to some expectations that at least now a serious review of what is wrong with the state of Sri Lanka would be a primary theme of parliamentary and societal discourse with the hope to find a genuine solution to prevent the chaotic situation the country is in.

Nominate a Pro-Life Champion, President Trump!

Steven Mosher
Pro-Lifers and Presidents have been betrayed by Supreme Court picks before