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January 22, 2019

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Christians From India, Nigeria And Iraq Detail The Persecution Their Communities Face
At the rollout of Open Doors USA’s annual top-50 list of countries where Christians are most persecuted, Christians from Africa, Asia and the Middle East shared how persecution has affected their families and communities.

Japan's Convenience Store Giants To Remove Pornographic Magazines From Shelves
The three largest convenience chain operators now plan to remove pornographic magazines from their store shelves across the nation by the end of August, after FamilyMart on Tuesday joined the move announced by its two rivals Seven-Eleven and Lawson the previous day.

Babies Wanted: Nordic Countries Crying Out For Kids As Demographics Put Region In Same Sinking Boat As Japan
“Norway needs more children! I don’t think I need to tell anyone how this is done,” Norway’s prime minister said cheekily, but she was raising a real concern.

The Humanity Of The Unborn Child
Every day in our country, thousands of pregnant women enter so-called medical “clinics.” When they emerge hours later, they are no longer pregnant. Their babies, so recently living and growing within the warmth and safety of their mothers’ wombs, have been suctioned out with a vacuum, or injected with poison or scalded to death with saline fluid and then pulled apart limb by limb with forceps.

Standing Between America And The Darkness: The 46th Annual March For Life
Last Friday (18 January) saw hundreds of thousands of people descend on Washington DC for the 46th Annual March for Life, a joyful celebration of the pro-life message. The theme of this year's March was "Unique from Day One", emphasising that science is on the side of life.

Planned Parenthood Annual Report Shows It Killed 332,757 Babies In Abortions, More Than Ever Before
It was another record year for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Its 2018 annual report, released this week, shows it aborted 332,757 unborn babies and reaped in a record $1.66 billion in revenue.

Roe V. Wade’s Disastrous Impact On Medical Ethics
I was a young intensive care unit nurse when the Roe v. Wade decision came down in 1973. Like most people I knew, I was shocked when abortion was legalized.

Breaking Free From Pornography: How Exodus 90 Helps
Late one evening, I was working with a client of mine who had been struggling with a longstanding pornography addiction.

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21st Century Asian Slaves

The crisis of health of trafficking victims in Southeast Asia deepens as a recent study finds victims badly abused. The research discovered that people caught in trafficking suffer beatings, neglect and severe health problems no matter where they end up working. Researchers interviewed more than 1,100 men, women and children in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, who had been trafficked into at least 15 sectors – including factory work, domestic labour, sex work and fishing. An estimated 56% of forced labourers live in the Asia and Pacific region, especially in the Greater Mekong subregion, which has more than 13 million migrant workers, 13% are trafficked Vietnamese migrants, and 17% of 596 Thai fisherman reported that they were working against their will or under threat of penalties. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Protecting Sex From Liberalism

Anthony McCarthy
Our culture increasingly treats human bodies, sex, reproduction, and family structures as malleable to a radical degree. We need to recognize that the human body was chosen by God, in whose image and likeness we are made.

New! Comprehensive Sex Education Undermines Students' Moral Development

Tapio Puolimatka
Though its practitioners may be well-intentioned, comprehensive sex education does not offer a solution to sexual exploitation. On the contrary, it is part of the problem, since it fails to develop students' capacity to differentiate between genuine love and sexual exploitation.

New! Philosophy and Theology: Contemporary Discussions of Parenthood

Christopher Kaczor
Philosophers and theologians have devoted increasing attention to parenthood. One topic of interest is the relationship between parental rights and parental duties.

New! "Identical" Twins Are Clones Formed Naturally And Artificially By A-Sexual Human Reproduction

Dianne N. Irving
Human "identical" (MZ) twins/triplets are human clones who are reproduced a-sexually (no fertilization) -- both naturally within the woman's body, and outside her body in IVF/ART research laboratories and "infertility" clinics. "How can women give ethical and legal "informed consent" or make "informed choices" if not provided the accurate scientific facts?"

The Supreme Court Should Protect Unborn Children with Down Syndrome

O. Carter Snead
It is time for the United States Supreme Court to provide some much-needed clarity to the vexed jurisprudence of abortion that has bedeviled the American public square for nearly forty-six years.

Queering education

Robert R. Reilly
What will happen in the classroom if same-sex marriage is legalised? Massachusetts offers a vision of the future.

The harm of same-sex marriage - in a nutshell

Carolyn Moynihan
Same-sex marriage and related claims, such as adoption of children, are fast becoming flavour of the month among western politicians. Irish pollies are among the latest, so the family-oriented Iona Institute has prepared an excellent, short, briefing paper on the subject.

More changes to donor law considered in NS

Xavier Symons
The State government New South Wales is considering tightening rules regulating embryo donation after a woman who received donor eggs allegedly lied to doctors and the embryo donor about the fate of her pregnancy.

A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights

Dawn Stefanowicz
Americans need to understand that the endgame of the LGBT rights movement involves centralized state power - and the end of First Amendment freedoms.

Sex and the Supreme Court: Your 60-Second Guide to American Fertility

Steven Mosher
This week the US Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, ignoring the fundamental good to society of promoting marriages among those able to bear children, namely, marriages between a man and a woman, and the underlying nature of sexuality itself. Most conservatives believe that children come from sex. Conversely, many liberals believe children come from failed contraception. These different opinions account for the liberal-conservative divide on abortion, contraception, and the definition of marriage.

Thailand: Order bestowing sweeping powers and impunity to military breaches rule of law and human rights

Asia Human Rights
The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) urges the Head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, to review and revoke the order to uphold the rule of law and human rights safeguard, particularly the right to justice process which is fundamental and indispensable for the restoration of democracy in Thailand.

The suffering of surrogacy: A veteran feminist spells it out

Selena Ewing
The women who bore the babies are nowhere to be seen; they would have received but a small cut of the money, while IVF clinics, surrogacy brokers and lawyers took the lion's share. Surrogacy is a rapidly growing industry, bolstered by glowing photographs of celebrities beaming over cute babies. Who could begrudge them their happiness?

The Holy See and the unholy UN; Pope Francis and usury

Matt C. Abbott
In typical pot-calling-the-kettle-black fashion, the morally corrupt, Antichrist-stage-setting United Nations - specifically, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child - has blasted the Holy See for its handling of the clergy abuse scandal. And it has blasted the Church for being, well ... Catholic.

The Canadian Pro-Life Movement in the 21st Century
A Statistical Analysis

Jose Ramos Ruba
The Canadian pro-life movement, like other social movements, faces the problem of deciding between being true to its beliefs and gaining more electoral success. At the moment, its leadership has embraced the "pure" position, often to the detriment of its political goals. This paper examines the history of the movement, what the pro-life movement is about and the extent of this absolutist feeling in the movement.

Activism and the Eucharist

Douglas P. McManaman
I think one of the most significant points in this gospel is that the miracle was worked only after the Apostles realized that what Jesus was asking them to do was simply beyond their capacity. How do we feed 5,000 with five loaves and two fish?