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October 25, 2014

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Arrested Development: The Destruction Of Masculinity In A Pornified Culture
The modern world of pornography is a force to be reckoned with: Porn consumption has never been higher in the history of the internet age, with content that is more graphic and violent than ever before.

Swedish Feminists Condemn Surrogacy: ‘a Global Trade With Women’s And Children’s Bodies’
A Swedish feminist organization has issued a policy paper condemning surrogate motherhood and demanding the government legislate a ban on the practice.

I Lost My Daughter To Suicide: A Nurse’s Response To Brittany Maynard’s Decision To Kill Herself
Do assisted suicide supporters really expect doctors and nurses to be able to assist the suicide of one patient, then go on to care for a similar patient who wants to live, without this having an effect on their ethics or their empathy? Do they realize that this reduces the second patient’s will to live to a mere personal whim—one that society may ultimately see as selfish and too costly?

Courageous Pregnant Mom With Cancer Refuses Cancer Treatment And Abortion
A pregnant mom in Rhode Island knows what sacrifice means. She served her country by serving in the military and now she is willing to sacrifice her own life not just for her country but for her own unborn child.

Future Abortion Doctor: “Seeing An Arm Being Pulled Through The Vaginal Canal Was Shocking”
Men and women who are considering providing abortions as a career must overcome their natural revulsion to witnessing violence. They must silence their consciences and prepare themselves to participate in the destruction of human life on a daily basis. If they cannot do this, they will not be able to perform abortions. Here are quotes from four people – two medical students, a doctor, and a would-be Planned Parenthood director, going through this process.

Synod Urges Emulating Christ, Not Casting Stones At Sinners
None should be excluded from the path of spiritual renewal

Child Abuse Rampant In Cambodia: Report
Physical abuse is the most common form of violence experienced by children in Cambodia: more than half of the nation’s minors encounter some form of physical violence before the age of 18, according to the results of a nationwide survey released by the government and UNICEF Wednesday.

'No Gay Civil Rights, We Are Ready To Go To Jail' Say Michigan Pastors At Capital Press Conference
Hundreds of Michigan Pastors and Christian leaders gathered on the steps on the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan to hold a press conference in opposition to the growing movement within the Michigan Legislature to amend the State's Civil Rights Act- Elliott Larson- to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Why Not Purple Penguins?

Frank J. Moncher
Earlier this month, reports circulated that a Nebraska school district had instructed its teachers to stop referring to students by "gendered expressions" such as "boys and girls," and use "gender inclusive" terms such as "purple penguins" instead.

New! Humanae Vitae Redux

E. Christian Brugger
Nobody is saying it, but many are thinking it. The unfolding controversy over Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics looks eerily like the run up to the publication of Humanae Vitae in 1968.

New! Damnatio Memoria? The Council of Trent and Catholic Teaching on Divorce

E. Christian Brugger
Some theologians claim that the Council of Trent lends support to the idea that the Catholic Church could accept divorce and remarriage. Careful scholarship reveals that this is not true.

Total Brain Death: Valid Criterion of Death

Patrick Lee
Total brain death is a valid criterion for pronouncing the death of human beings.

Love is heroic

Tom Bartolomeo
Unrequited love did not deter Christ nor his disciples in The Acts of the Apostles. All those conversions came with a price, often with persecution and bloodshed. "You are deceived" we are told by St. Jerome, "if you think that Christians can live without persecutions." Or let me put it another way, quoting a famous 20th century convert, C. S. Lewis, "If you want a religion that is really comfortable, I don't recommend Christianity."

The buying and selling of MD prescription data

Xavier Symons
Fancy having your prescription data sold to pharmaceutical corporations? Well, it happens.

Necessary Groundwork (chap 4)

Chris Kahlenborn
Before starting this chapter the lay reader is again encouraged to be patient because it is slightly technical. The following groundwork will help one understand why certain studies are more important and/or better designed than others. By gaining an understanding of how these studies are constructed and analyzed, one will be able to decide what the data really show and mean. To do this some research vocabulary must be reviewed.

The Pope, a Cardinal, and Courageous Deeds

Judie Brown
Throughout history, during scandals and difficult times, men have stood up for what is right and for what should happen according to God's will and the natural law. Today is no different, though we do not see this heroism as often as we should. Yet, in recent days, we have seen wonderful examples of this.