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March 27, 2015

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Federal Court Precedent: A Defense Of Judge Roy Moore And The Alabama Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court has set a precedent upholding the right of states to define marriage as the union of husband and wife. All federal and state judges—including those in Alabama—are bound by that precedent.

EP Adopts Pro-Abortion Report; Calls Sex Selection Abortion: Violence
The European Parliament, composed of legislators representing the 28 Member States of the European Union, voted to adopt the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy Around the World 2013, including paragraphs promoting access to abortion as a fundamental right but which also recognize sex selection abortion as violence against women and girls.

The Dark History Of Birth Control That You Haven't Heard
The pill. Freedom in a tablet. The cause célèbre of the women's rights movement. Particularly in the wake of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision in 2014 and the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act, no other issue, perhaps barring campus sexual assault, has dominated the contemporary feminist agenda as much as birth control.

Sexual Identity Isn’t As Simple As It Once Was
All societies are repressive — some brutally, others benignly, more or less. No society allows us to fully express our true selves. Some societies squash our true selves. Even those that don’t will at least keep them in check to some degree. Society could hardly function otherwise.

Time To Take Another Look At The Pill
If there is one request by patients which is spurned by all doctors, without any fear of being labelled paternalistic, it is muscle-bound young men asking for performance-enhancing steroids. Extensive research confirms that anabolic steroids damage the liver and the heart, among other problems.

EU Parliament Declares Abortion And Gay Marriage "Human Rights"
Comment: Here we go again. It's the season for creating "basic human rights". The European Parliament last week declared gay "marriage" and abortion to be fundamental human rights. -Editor

New York Times Pushes For Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger On $20 Bill
Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is revered by liberal journalists revered by journalists – but a new NYT blog has taken its praise to a whole new level.

World Down Syndrome Day Website Ignores How 90% Of Babies With Down Syndrome Aborted
March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, a time for us to honor our brothers and sisters with Down and to stand tall for the value of their lives.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Sex Education in America: How Yesterday's Extremists Shaped Today's Sex Ed

Valerie Huber
It reads like fiction: an estimated 50 to 75 percent of American men were infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD); in thousands of families, an STD killed one, two, even five of their children; and an incredible 30 percent of all blindness was attributed to STDs. The transmission of STDs was an urgent concern of national health and security - so serious, in fact, that soldiers were court-martialed if they were found to be infected.

New! Maternal health is better where abortion is restricted

Paula Aracena
Laws protecting the unborn, and therefore less permissive in regard to abortion, are controversial because they allegedly lead to hidden, illegal abortions and an increase maternal deaths.

New! Health care in the Islamic State

Craig Klugman
Like much of the world, I find myself reading daily news stories about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) - also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). This is a militant group that has conquered much of the territory of Syria and Iraq. They have created an Islamic state, or caliphate, run by sharia law. According to news reports, Western youth are heading to Syria to join ISIS attracted by the ideas, the adventure, belonging to a group, or generally feeling disillusioned. It's not just young people, but also engineers and doctors.

Not For Resuscitation Orders: Review of Dr. Tonti-Filippini's book "Caring for People Who are Sick or Dying"

William E. May
Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, a highly respected Australian bioethicist known for his presentation and defense of Catholic teaching, offers a helpful presentation of the meaning of "Not for Resuscitation Orders".

A Search for the Meaning of Suffering

Jeremiah R. Grosse
Summary: The experience of human suffering takes many forms; however, it is something that all of us have in common. The amount of suffering that a person can handle will vary greatly from person to person. There are people who can deal with, what would appear to the rest of us, as a great amount of suffering and continue to persevere while others seem to fall apart at the slightest amount of suffering.

Franchising Abortion and Sterilization
Big Porn, Big Pharma, Big Government and NGOs are partnering to make abortion and sterilization salable in India

Steven Mosher
Think of franchises, and McDonald's or Starbucks springs to mind. But how about franchising clinics that do abortions and sterilizations? The population control movement has thought of this too. In the developing world, so-called "reproductive health clinics" are spreading like fast food chains in America through a network of organizations that want abortion and birth control drugs as readily available as a slurpee at 7 Eleven.

"Nonheart beating organ donation" and the "vegetative state"

George Isajiw
This trend towards euthanasia in Catholic institutions also a false theological basis rooted in false understanding of Church teaching about the nature of death and the nature of life after death.

The Natural Law Philosophy of Lon L. Fuller in Contrast to Roe v. Wade and Its Progeny
Thomas W. Strahan, J.D.

In contrast to legal positivism, the legal principles, as outlined by Lon Fuller, emphasize the importance of legal recognition of the interactive process of individuals and institutions in society, the importance of reciprocity, recognizes the role that law plays in making possible an effective realization of morality, distinguishes between the morality of duty and the morality of aspiration, and attempts to create a legal system where there is tacit cooperation between the lawgiver and the citizen as to what is moral or immoral, just or unjust. These principles help provide an additional framework for public and private dialogue to resolve the seemingly intractable legal and political dispute over induced abortion that continues to plague contemporary American society.