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May 23, 2017

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Apply For Asylum Or Face Deportation: Dutton
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced the move yesterday, saying: "The Turnbull government has today set a deadline … the October cut-off for lodgement of protection claims will ensure that Australian taxpayers are not providing financial support to people who have no right to be in Australia.”

Brigham Opens Clandestine Washington DC Abortion Facility After Eviction From Delaware
In the wake of the forced closure of his Delaware abortion facility due to failure to pay rent, the notorious abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has quietly opened a new abortion facility in Washington, D.C.

Pence Cites Trump's 'leadership' In Commencement Address
Vice President Mike Pence urged graduating students at a Pennsylvania college to become leaders and cited President Donald Trump's "leadership and perseverance" as an example.

Doctors Will Have To Lie On Euthanasia Death Certificates
A bill for assisted suicide and euthanasia is evolving in the Australian state of Victoria

Cormac McCarthy: Clinging To Hope In A Devastated World
McCarthy depicts a world which has come apart at the seams. He does not spell out the reasons why this has happened. He does not tell us how to redeem ourselves. But neither does he tell us that we are irredeemable.

Culture Spotting: The Celebration Of New Life
Culture is a society’s way of joyfully guiding itself into the future, a future made most visible in its ever-repeating cycle of celebrations.

10 Most Ironic Things Abortion Activists Have Said Or Done
The pro-choice movement is often illogical. Here are ten examples of the irony that abounds among its proponents.

Why The New York Times Now Favors Adultery
The Gallup polling people have issued a new report on the views Americans hold on what used to be called the moral issues. The results are totally expected and still disappointing.

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Humanitarian Crisis looms in Scary Flights

Reading daily about the suffering of refugees, we conclude that no one chooses to flee their home. Forced to depart suddenly, it is impossible for people to apply for the necessary papers and visas required to travel. This results in a growing number of persons who have no alternative but to choose potentially hazardous methods to slip away – by foot, by boat or by being smuggled out. There is no such thing as a typical refugee. People of any age, race, gender or religion can be forced to leave their homes. Claiming refugee status doesn’t mean giving up universal human rights. In addition, detention of asylum seekers is a questionable policy. Studies show high levels of mental health problems in detainees. The longer in detention, the more mental health deteriorates. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The Embryo Orphanage: A Cautionary Tale

Ana Maria Dumitru
As long as complicit bystanders refrain from voicing dissent, embryo destruction will continue to masquerade as a practical, commonplace business, rather than the social cancer it truly is.

New! Physician-Assisted Suicide Tells People Like Me That Our Lives Are No Longer Worth Living

Zachary D. Schmoll
The legalization of physician-assisted suicide sends the message that it is better to be dead than disabled. Do I lack dignity because I lack physical independence?

New! Why Conservatives Should Be Environmentalists

Nathan J. Beacom
Environmentalism makes us loyal to one another in a fundamental way, points us to values beyond mere utility, and directs us back to the natural order of which we are a part.

New! The In Vitro Catch-22

Philip Reed
Is "pro-life IVF" necessarily an oxymoron? More women are becoming pregnant with more than one baby principally because more women are using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

New! Don't divorce: powerful arguments for saving and revitalizing your marriage

Hilary Towers
Among other earthly and spiritual benefits, the theological view of marriage as permanent is the surest safeguard available to maintain our own sexual integrity in the midst of carrying a very heavy cross.

Have death panels already arrived?

Nancy Valko
Death panels are not the overwrought fantasy of right-wing nut cases. Real "death panels" are already at work. They have been created by apathy, misplaced sympathy, a skewed view of tolerance and an inordinate fear of a less than perfect life. Death panels? In the famous words of the comic strip character Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Fortnight for Freedom

Steven Mosher
The third annual Fortnight for Freedom, instituted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in the face of intensifying anti-religious restrictions imposed by the United States government, is swiftly coming to a close. The Fortnight for Freedom, which takes place from June 21 through July 4, serves as a poignant reminder that the exercise of our first freedom is paramount for the well-being of our nation.

President Xi Jinping: Stop the One-Child Policy!
Thirty-five years ago this month when I was in China, the reign of terror known as the one-child policy had already begun. It continues today.

Steven Mosher
The woman on the operating table was nearly eight months pregnant. The doctor picked up a scalpel and made a transverse incision across her lower abdomen. Soon he was through the uterine wall, and removing a perfectly formed baby boy. The little boy was dead, of course, having been killed by lethal injection into the uterus the day before.

Martyrdom in America

Judie Brown
Maintaining courage in faith - something the apostles had to learn and also something that we must learn. Our Lord shows us what we need to do, but we do not always listen. There are many great examples to draw from and today's commentary highlights some of them. If we are to truly live the life that Christ wants us to, we will learn from what these men have done and apply this to our lives.

The Joy of Self-Expansion
Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Douglas P. McManaman
The inner life of the Trinity is an eternal life of knowledge and love. Heaven is nothing but an eternal life within the very heart of the life of the Trinity, within the heart of this knowledge of God and this mutual love between the Father and the Son.

An Open Letter To The Catholic Bishops of The USA
Please Act On Behalf Of Terri Schiavo And "Terri's Law"

Barbara Kralis
Your Excellencies, I beg you to speak out boldly on behalf of Terri Schiavo, on behalf of the new legislation called "Terri's Law" which is being heavily challenged by the "right to die" groups, on behalf of all the disabled and elderly who are being murdered every day through the horrifically painful withdrawal of ANAH just because someone deems them "unsuitable" to live.

A Gift of Time

Dia Boyle
With rapid developments in fetal diagnosis in the past 30 years, it is now very possible to know early in a pregnancy there are "catastrophic problems" which will almost certainly result in the baby not being able to survive after birth for more than a few minutes, days, or weeks. It is for this journey, the journey through the remaining months of pregnancy and the birth and death of a child, that "A Gift of Time" can serve as an experienced and compassionate travel guide and companion.

On Being a Burden to One's Family, Especially One's Spouse and Children

William E. May
Frequently elderly people like me (I will soon be 82 years old), some suffering from an assortment of health problems, are heard to say that they don't want to be a burden on their families, especially their spouses and children. And there is surely some truth in this. But rightly understood--and I hope to make it so here--I want to be a burden to my loved ones.

Address to the Directors of the Associations for Large Families of Rome and of Italy

Official Documents
You are well aware of the lively interest We have in family life, of how We never miss an opportunity to point out its many-sided dignity, to reassert its rights and defend them, to inculcate the duties it involves in a word, We make it a key point of Our pastoral teaching.

Forbidding the Grief

Theresa Burke
Working through grief requires confronting one's loss, admitting the loss, grieving the loss, learning to live with the loss, and working through the grief to find a renewed sense of meaning or purpose beyond the loss. Each of these processes must be successfully completed in order to resolve one's grief.