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October 24, 2016

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New Emails Show Clinton Camp Worried Journalists Would Notice ‘huge’ Gender Pay Gap At Clinton Foundation
Hillary Clinton has branded herself as the equal pay candidate, but the Clinton Foundation doesn’t have such a stellar record on the issu

Five Places Where You Can Get A 9th Month Abortion NOW!
Since this week’s Presidential Debate, which sparked a national conversation on the matter of late-term abortions, we have been inundated with requests for information about late-term abortion facilities and practices.

New York Times Wants Nursing Homes To Starve Patients To Death “Without Asking Permission”
If there is any aspect of the culture of death not supported and promoted by the New York Times, I haven’t seen it.

Is Social Media Turning People Into Narcissists?
Social media is a tool for relationships but also for intense focus on the self.

Abortion Before Roe
Less than two years after the citizens of Washington voted by referendum to uphold the state’s prohibition of physician-assisted suicide, a federal judge invalidated the statute as unconstitutional. In Roe v. Washington, decided on May 3, 1994, Judge Barbara Rothstein cited the Supreme Court’s definition of “liberty” in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992): “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Tips For Talking With Your Children About A Past Abortion (Part III)
Talking to your child about a past abortion can be very hard. If you are thinking about whether or not to do this, you should read our previous posts in this series.

FALSE: Hillary Clinton Claimed China “Used” To Force Women To Have Abortions. It Still Does
At last night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made clear where they stand on abortion. Clinton reiterated her support for legalized abortion through all nine months, including partial-birth abortions, while Trump promised to appoint pro-life judges to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Serving The Divorced And Remarried Well
The perils of using subjective standards in interpreting disputed sections of Amoris Laetitia indicates the pressing need for a new Vademecum to help guide confessors

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Ethical Perspectives

New! A Victory for Science over Scientific Propaganda: A New Report on Sexuality and Gender

Richard N. Williams
A rigorous new report finds that very little of contemporary "knowledge" in the area of human sexuality and gender is actually supported by strong scientific evidence.

New! Eugenics: could screening for Down Syndrome bring us full-circle?

Peter Saunders
Is it wrong to kill disabled people if caring for them costs more than identifying and destroying them? About 90 percent of all babies with Down Syndrome detected before birth are terminated. There is no doubt that providing life-time support for people with Down Syndrome can be costly in emotional and economic terms - but many families will testify that there are great rewards too and that they have much to teach us. So what does this tell us about our attitudes to people with Down Syndrome? Why are we not up in arms against these doctors who seem to value these people's lives so cheaply?

New! Can we trust 'breakthrough' science?

Michael Cook
Ethical reasoning which relies on empirical studies will often be flawed.

Lessons from Portugal

Thomas J. Euteneuer
The ink was hardly dry on the ballots when radical pro-abortion Prime Minister Jose Socrates declared that the people had spoken and wanted abortion. Hello? No, there were not enough votes to actually legalize it, but that did not matter to Socrates or his fanatical socialist party,

Science ignored: Dissecting pregnancy as a disease

Steven Mosher
Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court decided Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and ruled the federal government could not require closely-held corporations to provide no-cost contraception for their employees. Although that was the question before the Supreme Court, there were many things the Supreme Court didn't have the jurisdiction to rule on yesterday. And the most important of these issues--the basic premise at the root of the case's ideological divide--was not up for debate: that contraception is preventive health care.

The Splendor of the Truth

Anthony Zimmerman
Man's behavior is true if it images God's being and wisdom, but untrue if it runs afoul of God's luminous ways. By using freedom truthfully, man can create himself into a scintillating image of the divine Veritatis Splendor.

Family Planners Eye Abortion Jihad in Iraq

Steven Mosher
The problem is that our foreign aid programs are better at promoting population control and radical feminism than in building free market democracies abroad.

On the Meaning and Importance of Integrity

Douglas P. McManaman
Synopsis: The person who lacks integrity comes across to a variety of people in a variety of ways, because he is not one within himself. To some people he's a religious man, to others he's a liar; to some he's generous and kind, to others he might be vindictive and ruthless; in front of liberals he talks like a liberal, but in the presence of conservatives, he talks like a conservative; to that man he's a friend, but in the presence of certain others, he's indifferent to that man, or possibly even adverse.