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July 24, 2017

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Charlie Gard’s Parents End Their Fight To Save His Life, Say It’s Too Late For Experimental Treatment
The parents of the little boy Charlie Gard, who had been fighting a hospital to save his life say they are ending their legal battle to get him an experimental treatment.

Humanae Vitae Was Prophetic…and Right!
Is the Church going to “revisit” its teachings against artificial contraception? That’s what Melinda Gates – wife of Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates – hopes.

Judge Says Charlie Gard’s Parents Can’t Take Him To U.S. Even Though He Was Given U.S. Residency
In the course of the hearing, British high court Justice Francis said their son cannot be moved to the United States for treatment without a court order, squashing hope that a move to grant him residency in the U.S. would help him, according to The Independent.

Plan To Give Terminally Ill Patients Access To Lethal Drugs
Patients would need to be of sound mind — ruling out people who suffer dementia — and would have to self-administer life-ending medication unless physically unable, in which case a doctor would deliver the dose.

Chile Senate Passes Bill Taking First Step In Legalizing Abortion
Chile Senate Passes Bill Taking First Step in Legalizing Abortion

Medical Miracle; 12-Ounce Baby Born 4 Months Premature Gets To Go Home
Emily Rose Hollins arrived home from the hospital on Friday for the first time since her premature birth five months ago.

Assisted-Suicide Measure Takes Effect In Washington, D.C.
A new measure took effect on Monday in the nation’s capital, allowing doctors and pharmacies to provide terminally ill patients with life-ending medication. Washington, D.C.’s mayor signed the Death with Dignity Act last December, but the measure wasn’t implemented until this week.

Mother From China Dies After Husband Forces Her To Abort FOUR Baby Girls In A Year
It is being reported that a mother of one from Eastern China has died after her husband forced her to abort four babies in the space of a year - because he was determined to have a son.

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Is Nuclear Power the Solution

Dear Friends for Life: David Gutierrez in NaturalNews asks, “Chernobyl Has Killed One Million People; Will Fukushima Kill Five Million?” In Fukushima, March 2011, a major earthquake and tsunami caused meltdowns at three separate reactors, the cores of which continue to disperse so much “radiation” that one would die instantly if entering the area. Is there a quick-fix solution to this radiation problem? Definitely not. The radiation problem will continue on its present course of destruction for many years into the future. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! "Harmonious Household": Homer's Odyssey on the Breakdown of Marriage and Family

Kelly Scott Franklin
Although we tend to think of the Odyssey as a story of homecoming, it has just as much to say about the terrible cost of homewrecking. Homer's ancient book offers a timely lesson for readers living in an age when so many forces are working to erode the institutions of marriage and the family.

New! Abortion Begs the Question: Is Hell Real?

Judie Brown
The subject of hell always raises eyebrows. Nobody wants to hear about it, and many people do not even believe it exists. In our modern culture some believe the word "hell" represents nothing more than a scare tactic or a fable of long ago.

New! In the Charlie Gard controversy, the NY Times backs infanticide

Michael Cook
The case of dying English baby Charlie Gard shows how much public opinion about life and death issues is swayed by emotion rather than thoughtful deliberation. In an op-ed this week the NY Times hits rock bottom.

New! The Sufis: Islam's Anti-Terrorists

Robert Carle
Westerners tend to think Islam's recent trajectory is one of resurgent Wahhabi-inspired extremism, but growing numbers of Muslims are adopting Sufi practices that promote peace, hope, and harmony among religions.

New! Charlie Gard's parents have the right to try new treatment

Nancy Valko
A central issue in the controversy over withdrawal of treatment from British baby Charlie Gard is that of parental rights.

Short Commentary on Matthew, No. 14
The third temptation of Jesus by the devil

Anthony Zimmerman
God's kingdom on earth must be of another kind. He is not an iron-fisted dictator, but is anointed with the oil of gladness; He is the eternal priest who establishes a kingdom of priests to worship God.

Back To School Help - Mom, Dad: What's Trans________?

Frank J. Moncher
The fundamental point to make is that a person's sexual inclinations or gendered feelings do not determine his or her identity.

Girls, Be Wary!
Why the teenage girl is more spiritually scarred by pre-marital sex than is the teenage boy.

Douglas P. McManaman
Synopsis: The girl who fails to understand that boys are very different psychologically and that they tend to lack that integration between body and person that she naturally possesses will project her own natural integration upon the man. She will naively believe that he is not using her, and that his act of intercourse is an expression of a deep and personal self-giving.

Planned Parenthood's predator problem

Matt C. Abbott
I have nothing but contempt for Planned Parenthood and all that it stands for. Not that I believe every person associated with the abortion giant is evil - some are simply misguided and need our prayers (and, praise Jesus, Abby Johnson has converted to the pro-life movement) - but Planned Parenthood's agenda is definitely evil.

Redefining marriage in NZ: lessons for Oz

Carolyn Moynihan
Yesterday new legislation redefining marriage as the "union of two people regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity" took effect in New Zealand, and 31 officially recognised weddings of same-sex couples took place. Some of them, predictably, were media events sponsored by radio stations and public institutions.

Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood

John Stonestreet
Redefining marriage doesn't just redefine marriage. It also redefines parenthood. Just ask the kids.

Pakistan: Punjab government fails to adopt policy for the protection of children from sexual abuse

Asia Human Rights
The Government of Punjab, one year after the Kasur child sexual exploitation scandal, is yet unable to come up with concrete policy reforms, legislative development and behavioral change programs, to reduce threats of violence against children.

Awakenings: Coma Patients Can Recover

Nancy Valko
New knowledge of the brain has shown that "new connections can be made between brain cells where connections have been lost. Parts of the brain can take over the function of other parts that have been lost." Doctors' predictions are often wrong -- patients who did not seem badly injured might never recover, but patients with greater injuries could awaken.

The Dispensability of Men

William E. May
Kevin Ryan, in an essay with this title on "MercatorNet" begins with a citation from Mark Penn, "the social trend guru," in which Penn declares: "Men are now lagging women in every major category from lifestyle to health, from education to employment." Ryan considers some major causes of this phenomenon. The primary factor for this, he thinks, is that "many, many boys are lacking what the psychologists call 'role models,' most important of which is a visible, present father." In a short time, "the shape of the American family has undergone radical surgery and the part most obviously cut away is Dad. A 50 percent divorce rate, plus simple walk-away separations are well known factors in the dismal family landscape."

The Natural Law Philosophy of Lon L. Fuller in Contrast to Roe v. Wade and Its Progeny
Thomas W. Strahan, J.D.

In contrast to legal positivism, the legal principles, as outlined by Lon Fuller, emphasize the importance of legal recognition of the interactive process of individuals and institutions in society, the importance of reciprocity, recognizes the role that law plays in making possible an effective realization of morality, distinguishes between the morality of duty and the morality of aspiration, and attempts to create a legal system where there is tacit cooperation between the lawgiver and the citizen as to what is moral or immoral, just or unjust. These principles help provide an additional framework for public and private dialogue to resolve the seemingly intractable legal and political dispute over induced abortion that continues to plague contemporary American society.