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April 2, 2020

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UK Report Calls For Changes In Abortion Policy Based On New Understanding Of Fetal Pain
A group of MPs led by pro-life MP for Congleton and lawyer Fiona Bruce, have released a report which calls for new guidance related to abortion provision given new developments around the understanding of when unborn babies could begin feeling pain.

Dear Students: There Is No Afterwards
Things are not going according to plan. You expected to be on campus, I expected to be in the classroom, and nobody expected that distancing ourselves from one another would be the primary duty of social life. And yet, here we are. The semester none of us ever considered contingent has been upended, and for those of you who are seniors, your days of living in a campus community have come to an unceremonious end. There is no way to soften the blow; it is just a loss, pure and simple.

Another Pharmaceutical Company – Johnson & Johnson Using Aborted Fetal Cells To Develop Covid-19 Vaccine
For the second time in less than a week, Children of God for Life is calling out the pharmaceutical industry for the use of aborted fetal cell lines in potential Covid-19 vaccines. On March 25th, the organization exposed Moderna’s use of the aborted fetal cell line HEK 293 and the morally produced version by Sanofi Pasteur. This time it’s Janssen Pharmaceutical, owned by Johnson and Johnson, that is using their PER C6 Ad5 technology, derived from an aborted baby’s retinal tissue.

Do Human Embryos Deserve The Same Protections As You Or Me?
When you see questions like the one above, do you find yourself getting nervous or fearful that you might not adequately communicate your stance? Maybe you just avoid the situation altogether and hope that the conversation will pass. Maybe you want to share your beliefs convincingly but feel like you can’t find the right words to say.

Trump Directs Hospitals To Protect Elderly, Disabled From Coronavirus Care Rationing: Value “Every Human Life”
The Trump administration has issued a directive for hospitals and medical centers providing care for patients with the coronavirus, ensuring that no health care is rationed for patients who are elderly or disabled. The move furthers the pro-life ethic President Donald Trump has brought to the White House.

Here’s Two Reasons Why We’re Blessed To Have A Pro-Life President In The White House
Beginning on Friday, the Trump administration showed once again (and then again on Saturday) what a difference it makes to have a pro-lifer in the White House.

Babies Saved In Alabama As Clinics Cancel Abortions Under Order To Stop Non-Essential Procedures
Unborn babies are being saved from abortions in Alabama as abortion facilities comply with a state order banning non-essential medical procedures during the coronavirus pandemic.

NYC Mayor: Churches Holding Services May Be “Permanently” Closed, Abortion Clinics Can Stay Open
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to close churches and synagogues “permanently” if they refuse to stop services during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Children vs Hard Pornography

Pornography on the Internet has exploded into millions of pornographic websites. Currently, it is a booming industry of nearly 100 billion dollars. Internet Pornography invades homes and destroys good families without any accountability to anyone. Early this afternoon, I count 36 phonographic emails in my computer's mailbox and there are still 10 hours left in the day. This, my friends, is a daily occurrence. Just one click on any of these emails will allow me unrestricted private access to their pornographic website. This simple procedure is also available to the fingertips of small children. The porn companies "without any moral principles" have opened the doors to Net porn, instantly allowing our innocent young generation of all ages to view both soft and hard pornography. Their sole purpose is the almighty dollar. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Withdrawing artificial hydration and nutrition can be ethically complex

Margaret Somerville
It can be unethical to withdraw artificial hydration and nutrition and doing so can constitute a form of euthanasia - that is, when it's withdrawn with a primary intention to cause death.

New! The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Ethics of Triage

R. J. Snell
Doctors, nurses, and administrators will need to make difficult decisions, possibly with tragic consequences for individual patients. Likewise, some patients and their families may wonder if they should forgo or end treatment, allowing another the use of a scarce ventilator, for example.

King Solomon, The False Mother, and Alfie Evans

Devorah Goldman
Like King Solomon, the courts in England were presented with a straightforward question: To whom does this child belong? In both cases, the true parent was unquestionably the one willing to sacrifice for the child, to safeguard his life even at the expense of never seeing him again, while the "false mother" did not care whether the child lived or died.

New! Leisure in a Time of Coronavirus

Nathan Schlueter
Schools are closed. Sports and music lessons are cancelled. Everyone is at home. What are you going to do? Instead of allowing coronavirus to control your life, why not plan for leisure? We can make this evil an occasion for despair, or we can choose to see it as a "severe mercy" for our benefit, our joy, and ultimately our sanctification.

New! What We'll Learn about Civil Society, Family, and Technology from Coronavirus

Adam J. MacLeod
No one can say with precision how many people this virus will infect or kill. Predictions are difficult. But we know some things about ourselves, so we can venture to say what this unusual moment will reveal about us.

The Cover-Up of Abortion's Real Risks (I)

Judie Brown
Abortionists in this country are actively burying risk research just as tobacco companies did many decades ago. There are now literally piles of genuine medical research which show what most would deem dire elevated risks from abortion - not just to the baby killed in the procedure - but to the woman and also to the future siblings of the aborted baby.

Elizabeth Anscombe's Philosophy of the Human Person

Michael Wee
Elizabeth Anscombe's philosophical investigation of man's spiritual nature offers a much-needed antidote to the materialism of our times. For Anscombe, to search for the spiritual is not to look somewhere obscure, but to look at the everyday facts of human life, institutions, and history.

Rights and Responsibilities
Twenty Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time - B

Frank Enderle
The Gospel message is a challenge to take part in an especially difficult vocation. Christianity possesses a social dimension that is oftentimes ignored when we limit ourselves simply to pious acts, when we believe that simply by going to Mass on Sunday and praying a little every day we are doing all that we can do to be a good Christian.

Being a Neighbor
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time ( C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
In a busy world, we are intent on doing our tasks, meeting deadlines, and minding our particular businesses. Like the priest and the Levite we have to attend to our "temple duties". Sometimes, we feel that it takes a lot of trouble to stop by and talk, much more, care for a person.

The Kissinger Report 2004
How U.S. foreign policy uses population control to expoloit third world economies.

Brian Clowes
The citizens of the developed nations of the West treasure their right to privacy. It is hypocritical for these countries to routinely violate the right to privacy of the citizens of LDCs by telling families how many children they should or should not have. No nation has the right to invade the bedrooms of the citizens of another nation. NSSM-200 represents the epitome of interference in a family's most intimate decisions.

Japan in the Death Spiral

Brian Clowes
For years, Catholic pro-lifers have been warning that abortion, sterilization and contraception cause the collapse of an individual's morality and the destruction of families. Now, demographers are indirectly telling us that these evils are destroying entire nations and continents. Unfortunately, governments do not even acknowledge the root cause of the problem of the "demographic death spiral." An impending white paper by the Japanese government tells us that the "foundations of communities" - police, fire and other basic services - will be threatened by the country's declining birthrate and aging population.

We Must Reclaim Parental Rights as Building Blocks to a Healthy Society

Arthur Goldberg
In both the United Kingdom and the United States, the fundamental rights of parents have dangerously eroded, undermining the ability of parents to protect the welfare of their children, instill moral values, and pass on religious beliefs and practices.

Conforming to Good or Evil: More Moral Lessons in the Shadow of the Holocaust

Randall Smith
Clear moral norms are crucial. But to be effective, those norms need to be embodied in moral communities and social practices, habituated in the virtues, and animated by a conviction that they are an essential part of human flourishing. We must create social structures and communities in which intellectual training and moral formation in the virtues can happen.

Justice Tempered with Mercy
3rd Sunday of Lent (Year B)

Jeremiah R. Grosse
We live in a society where, for many, vengeance is more important than mercy. God does not desire His “pound of flesh” from us even though He would certainly be entitled to it. Instead, as far as the east is from the west does God put our sins away from Himself. Sharing God’s mercy with others can do more to bring a person to accepting God in their lives than anything we might ever be able to say to them. Let us share the mercy we have received from God with those we meet so that they can know the source of our joy and be willing to turn their lives over to God as well.

Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom, Fundamentally At Odds

Matthew J. Franck
Marriage and religious freedom will stand or fall together.