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July 7, 2015

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AIDS Scientist Sentenced To Prison For Vaccine Research Fraud - Merck Fraudsters Remain Unpunished
A scientist from Iowa State University who admitted to lying about the efficacy of a vaccine he helped develop for the AIDS virus has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison, according to new reports. Dong-Pyou Han, 58, recently confessed to altering blood samples to make it seem as though he'd made a huge discovery on the AIDS front, only to be later outed for flagrant scientific fraud.

Obama Administration Sends $5.6 Million To Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
The Obama administration has made funding the Planned Parenthood abortion business a top priority during two terms and the administration has just announced another $5.6 million for the abortion corporation. The grants to various affiliates of the Planned Parenthood abortion business came via the Department of Health and Human Services.

Polish Senators Reject In Vitro Bill
Upper house Senate's health committee voted in favor of rejecting government bill on in vitro fertilization as two senators from the ruling party Civic Platform (PO) were absent and one PO senator abstained.

Montana Polygamist Seeks ‘Legitimacy’ After Supreme Court Ruling
The Montana trio argue that under Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage across the country as legal, their polygamous relationship should be legally recognized and guaranteed the same rights as heterosexual and homosexual marriages. “If you read the justice’s statement, it applies to polygamists,” Collier said.

Major Pro-life Rally To Speak Up Against Aborting Babies With A Disability
A major pro-life Rally taking place this Saturday will bring thousands to the streets of Dublin to speak up against aborting unborn babies with a disability.

German Parliament Opens Debate On Assisted Suicide
The Bundestag has begun debating on whether to expand the right to assisted suicide as some of their European neighbors have done. Four competing draft laws have been presented for consideration.

‘You Can’t Have’ Marriage Equality ‘without Polygamy’
Motivated by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual “marriage,” a Montana polygamist has filed for a second marriage license, so he can be legally wed to two women at once.

Girl Scouts Returns $100,000 Donation Over Transgender Stipulation
“Every girl that is a Girl Scout is a Girl Scout because her parent or guardian brings her to us and says, ‘I want my child to participate,’” Ferland stated at the time. “And I don’t question whether or not they’re a girl.”

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Ethical Perspectives

New! A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights

Dawn Stefanowicz
Americans need to understand that the endgame of the LGBT rights movement involves centralized state power - and the end of First Amendment freedoms.

New! Marriage, Self-Government, and Civility

Kyle Duncan
Those suing to overturn state marriage laws are not merely asking the Court to recognize a new right. They are asking the Court to declare that the Constitution removes this issue from democratic deliberation.

New! May we tinker with the genetic heritage of humanity?

Margaret Somerville
The human germline is the genetic essence of human life. It's the genes passed on from generation to generation that have evolved over billions of years since the advent of life on Earth which have resulted in each of us. We can now alter an embryo's germline genes and all descendants of that embryo will inherit those alterations. Is that ethical?

Church should develop its own media

Anthony Zimmerman
How to establish a communications system to carry Catholic culture in the USA?

Why Easy Stem Cells Raise Hard Ethical Questions

Brendan Foht
A surprising new method for making stem cells offers scientists an easy alternative to destroying human embryos. But there is a disturbing possibility that the technique may create not stem cells but actual cloned embryos.

What are the facts about fetal 'personhood'?

Dianne N. Irving
I realized fairly quickly that not only was the philosophy used in these debates "a little weird" - but more disturbing to me - as a former research chemist and biologist - the science used was text-book incorrect - in virtually all of the arguments (other than those arguing for fertilization). In short, I was required to spend an extra year and a half on tracking down each scientific point and correcting it through research and myriads of conversations and meetings with other scientists at NIH and elsewhere. I resolved that once I straightened out the science, I would follow it where ever it led me! You will - as I certainly was - be shocked at where it led me!

The Basic Figure of Love
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Without even realizing it, we often love others for what they do for us. But the commandments are really the boundaries that clearly outline the basic figure of love of others. Without that outline, love will mean whatever we want it to mean, and it will no longer be possible to distinguish love from selfishness, which is the situation we find ourselves in today with respect to popular culture.

Defending Chloe's existence -- dad's perspective

Kurt Kondrich
After Chloe's birth my wife was asked several times "Didn't you have the amnio test?" Basically what others were saying to my beautiful wife was "Why didn't you have prenatal tests that would have allowed you to identify Chloe's defects and terminate her?"