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September 29, 2020

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ANALYSISAbortion Is Not, And Never Has Been, About Women’s Equality
Abortion was sold to the American public as a final step in achieving equality for women. But nearly five decades later, legalized abortion hasn’t liberated women.

Scottish Universities Shamed In Damning Report For Failing To Defend Pro-life Free Speech Rights Of Students
The University of Edinburgh and Stirling University have been shamed in a damning new report, launched today. The document, called Free2Speak, marked every Scottish university based on their policies towards pro-life students, societies, and outside speakers, as well as the lived experiences of students.

Children Are Gifts, Not Choices
Last week “The Daily Mail” ran a headline: “Why I’m risking a pregnancy at 48 after losing twins with Down’s Syndrome”. Actually, the writer, journalist Olivia Buxton, didn’t “lose” her two daughters, she made the decision to kill them by abortion.

Amy Coney Barrett On Clerking For Justice Scalia: He Was “Brilliant” And “Taught Me A Lot”
When it comes to the proper way to read, analyze and apply the Constitution to modern law, few Supreme Court justices have mastered the skill like Justice Antonin Scalia, which is why the legal mastermind remains an institution in conservative circles years after his passing.

President Trump Issues Executive Order To Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions
Late Friday night, President Donald Trump issued an executive order doing something Democrats in Congress refused more than 80 times to do: provide medical care for babies who survive abortions.

Amy Coney Barrett: “A Judge’s Responsibility Is To Adhere To The Rule Of Law”
There is probably no bigger abrogation of upholding the Constitution and the rule of law as the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. In it, the nation’s highest court literally read a right into the text of the guiding document for our nation that just isn’t there: the supposed right to kill babies in abortions.

Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Gather To Pray In Washington: “We Are One Nation Under God”
Tens of thousands of Christians from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C. today to for Franklin Graham’s inaugural Prayer March. Coming from far and wide they assembled together in the nation’s capitol today to pray for the nation.

President Trump Nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett To Replace Ginsburg On Supreme Court
President Donald Trump today nominated federal appeals court Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who recently passed away. “Today it is my honor to nominate one of our nation’s most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect credential and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution. Judge Amy Coney Barrett.” “She will defend the sacred principle of equal justice” for everyone, the president said.

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War Against Babies with Down’s Syndrome

The war against babies with Down’s syndrome by abortion has increased as a newer and more accurate prenatal test for Down’s syndrome was developed in Britain. Pro-life campaigners fear this is eugenics by the back door. They have warned that because most people terminate pregnancies where Down’s syndrome is identified, this accurate form of testing will result in the disappearance of people with this condition. It is important to remember that a baby is a baby first and foremost and that the syndrome is very much secondary. This little baby is a real baby. It is precious. It is beautiful as all new babies are and has the exact same needs. Some parents cope better than others in caring for any new baby. In this case it is a question whether the baby has a disability or not. A baby with Down syndrome is not the fault of the mother or father. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments?

Lynn Gillam
It's not. It would deny or downplay the evil of how they were obtained. During World War II, Nazi doctors had unfettered access to human beings they could use in medical experiments in any way they chose. In one way, these experiments were just another form of mass torture and murder so our moral judgement of them is clear.

New! Christianity's Global Marriage Problem

Mark Regnerus
In an era of new options, more choices, greater temptations, high expectations, consistent anxiety, and endemic uncertainty, nothing about the process of marrying can be taken for granted - even among those belonging to a faith that has long encouraged it. In an era of independence, intentionally becoming interdependent seems increasingly risky.

New! Natural Law for a Lawless People

Adam J. MacLeod
Hobbes' thin conception of natural law cannot sustain all the activities of a fully flourishing community, but it does appeal to those who live in fear of losing their basic security. Many people are possessed by that fear today, as many were in Hobbes' time. But we have much to lose if the Hobbesian view of law prevails.

New! The Unavoidable Uncertainty of This Pandemic

John Jalsevac
An excessive desire for certainty about COVID-19 is leading to counter-productive responses. We must make decisions based upon the limited information we have, and then execute those decisions with conviction. But let us have the humility to admit when we are wrong.

New! Come On, Man! Human Embryos Are People

Judie Brown
There is an apparent and astounding level of ignorance among Catholics in public life, including those who claim to have once been Catholic. Such a simple matter as when a baby is a baby has become a bridge too far for not only the media elite but for many politicians, including Catholic senator Susan Collins.

Correctly squelched

Margaret Somerville
In 2006 I accepted an invitation to receive an honorary doctor of science degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. When that was announced a powerful storm of protest erupted from the activist gay community and their supporters across Canada, demanding that, because of my views on same-sex marriage the University withdraw its offer of the degree. That, in turn, generated an even bigger media storm across Canada, in defence of freedom of speech.

Casual Sex and the Crisis of Campus Sexual Assault

Julia Dunn Mosby
Many critics of the new Title IX revisions regarding campus sexual assault think that a healthy hook-up culture is achievable. However, they must contend with the fact that sexual assault and casual sex share an underlying premise: sexual desire takes priority over other considerations.

Indonesia: Protection of peaceful assembly and association needs serious evaluation

Asia Human Rights
The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) wishes to draw the attention of the Human Rights Council to the continuing violation of women's bodily integrity in India exposing them to serious health consequences in India.

Book Review: Good News About Sex and Marriage. By Christopher West.
Reviewed by Jameson Taylor

Jameson Taylor
West's illustrations of the sinful nature of contraception are among the best available. In explaining that the Church's opposition to contraception does not stem from a bias against technology, West uses the following example: "If medicine and technology can give sight to a blind man, that's a wonderful, intelligent use of it. But it would be a terrible abuse of medicine and technology intentionally to blind someone with perfectly functioning eyes. ... [I]t's no less a terrible abuse of medicine and technology ... to sterilize someone intentionally."

The Need To Belong: Nothing New, But A Crisis Nonetheless

Frank J. Moncher
Healthy relationships, characterized by unconditional warmth, affirmation and acceptance of persons in their entirety as they are in truth (not a narrow focus on feelings or attraction), are the pathways to flourishing. They may be difficult to traverse at times, but they are the only paths to joy.

Euthanasia In Europe: From Horror To Hope

Steven Mosher
The tide is turning against euthanasia in Europe. Now is the time for those who value human life to press forward to ban the kind of misconceived "mercy killing" that afflicts the Netherlands.

Select Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Assisted Suicide Fiction: Themes and Absences in the Works

Jeff J. Koloze
This paper arose from several fears, all of which reside in the author: the fear of facing the reality that the contemporary issue called assisted suicide counters the proposition that the author is not living in the most perfect of all perfect worlds; the fear of reading literature whose narrative structures ineluctably end with a disturbingly sad denouement; the fear of what reading such disturbing literature would have on his psyche; the fear of confronting those whose arguments for assisted suicide seem unassailable; and the fear that the alternatives to assisted suicide are grand, yet pale philosophical tenets that cannot match the grander and stronger needles filled with toxic agents to end what some misguided person may think is a dreary life.

Bargaining with God
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
As spiritual writers have told us, the test of love is not so much in the depth of our feelings but in seeking the good of the beloved. It is also shown by our devotion and communication. It is shown by spending time with the one we love - in conversation or comfortable silence.

Warning: Obamacare May Be Hazardous to the Unborn

Kenneth L. Connor
Contrary to what President Obama and his liberal allies may think, the abortion debate is not merely a "political wedge issue," and it is certainly not "stale and fruitless." For those who believe that life begins at the moment of conception - for those who view "choice" as a euphemism for "killing-for-convenience" - abortion is the defining civil rights issue of our time. Pro-life taxpayers will not tolerate being made unwilling accomplices in the federally-funded destruction of unborn children.

Man and Woman, Marriage and the Family (Part II)

Ron Panzer
Man and woman as husband and wife are not only to help and encourage each other (Genesis 2:18), they help and encourage their child, ... for many of life's experiences can be difficult. The family is the place where comfort, love and faith are expressed to encourage each other to recover from disappointments, to get up and begin anew. A father or mother's hug, kiss, and smile help the child know they are loved, though he may have fallen down or failed to accomplish what he was trying to do. The family is where home is, where the child as well as the mother and father feel safe, loved and supported in their life. Husband and wife each seek in their own way to nurture the flame of love given to them by God, humbly serving each other, and striving to bring happiness to each other within the home (Philippians 2:1-12).