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July 4, 2015

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Ask Father Mike: How Is Natural Family Planning Different From Contraception?
Question: Is contraception really that big of a deal? As if using contraception wisely and occasionally in marriage could affect my relationship with God. And even if it really did, how is natural family planning any different from contraception?

Why Does Japan Have Such A High Suicide Rate?
Last year in Japan, more than 25,000 people took their own lives. That's 70 every day.

Japan’s Population Drops To Historic Lows: A Quarter Over 65
The last national census data confirms fall births compared to deaths for the sixth year in a row. 126,160,000 Japanese, down 271,058 in sharpest decline ever recorded in modern times. 25,90% over 65, a quarter of total population, for first time since 1968.

Parents Express Anger At Bishops’ Views In ‘traditional Marriage’ Booklet
Some parents have been fighting back against a traditional marriage campaign by the Catholic Church in ­Tasmania.

UN And Pro-Abortion Group Demand Philippines Legalizes Abortion
An abortion group traveled to the Philippines last week to heap pressure on government officials after a UN committee criticized the country for “grave and systemic” human rights violations – primarily because one of its cities until recently did not pay for contraception.

Court Reinforces Order Blocking Pa. Dioceses From HHS Mandate
In a June 29 order, the Supreme Court continued to shield several Pennsylvania religious institutions from having to provide employees with health care coverage that includes contraceptives.

How To Make Raising 15 Children Look Easy
If you are thinking of inviting Paul and Margaret Anne Waltrich over for a barbecue and suggesting they bring the family, you’ll need a very big yard.

The Down's Syndrome Woman Who Shattered Stephen Nolan's Prejudices
One Extra Chromosome: In a truly inspirational BBC documentary, Nolan meets five people from across Northern Ireland living with Down's Syndrome

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Restoring Reverence for Life

Ron Panzer
But proud man is a thief and unjust in what he does, because he denies others what they need. He steals what is due God and takes it for himself. Man refuses to give God the adoration and reverence He deserves and places faith in the lies that lead man to believe there is a good way that is not part of God's will (Proverbs 14:12). How can we understand such a terrible blunder?

New! Peaceful Coexistence? Not!!

Deborah Sturm
The SCOTUS has legalized homosexual "marriage." We will all, no doubt, be told that this decision will not infringe on the rights of persons who hold to Biblical beliefs regarding marriage. This will not be the case. Good and evil cannot peacefully coexist.

New! The Final Corruption of Human Embryology [Revised 6-25-15]

C. Ward Kischer
The history of science records certain events which have seriously impeded the search for truth. That is what science is: the search for truth. Sometimes the truth is obscured due to lack of information, or the means by which to measure; but, at other times, due to deliberate falsehoods. Alexander Kohn said it precisely: "The whole edifice of science is built upon honesty".

ACOG and when human life begins

Sheila Liaugmina
ACOG, as in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the doctors who care for women through pregnancy and deliver their babies. If anybody knows the origin and development of human life, they should. Or did.

Three Generations of Eugenics
Sterilizing California Prisoners

Eric Metaxas
Improve the human race by eliminating the weak. That's a key tenet of eugenics - a philosophy that is alive and well right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Contract to kill

Kurt Kondrich
This month in Canada, a surrogate mother was urged to abort the baby she was carrying by the couple she was contracted to, because prenatal reports showed the child likely had Down syndrome.

"Human Life," Thirty-Three Years Old
By Bishop Thomas Olmsted, D.D.

Natural Family Planning
The '8Os and '9Os also saw great advances in research on holistic methods of birth regulation which are verifiably more effective than contraception and fully respectful of the natural meaning of conjugal love. The knowledge we have today about a built-in set of fertility signals placed in the female body by our Creator liberates couples from old-fashioned methods.

Are We Becoming A Nazi-Like Nation?

Ron Panzer
I can't help asking the nagging questions that some continually push away. When not-so-subtle or even blatant pressures are applied to certain categories of individuals in order to "facilitate" their death, is our society becoming more like the Nazi Third Reich than the land of the free?