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March 4, 2015

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Are Prolifers On The Wrong Side Of History?
Planned Parenthood in the United State has reported performing 327,654 abortions during the fiscal year of 2014.

National Survey Of Prolife Pregnancy Centers Shows Major Influence Of Ultrasound On A Mother's Choice For Life
The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), a national legal network of prolife pregnancy centers, has unveiled the results of a survey of its medical members indicating the powerful and effective impact of ultrasound upon an abortion-minded patient empowering her to choose life.

Safety Hazard: Houston Planned Parenthood Sends Four Patients To The ER In Less Than 30 Days
The Houston Coalition for Life is reporting that in less than 30 days, there have been four women rushed to a local hospital by ambulance from the Planned Parenthood Center for Choice, located at 4600 Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas.

CEDAW Continues Push For Abortion, Targets Ecuador
The UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) continued its distortion of the anti-discrimination treaty to promote abortion during its Sixtieth Session in Geneva.

Catholic Relief Services Caught In Contraception Cover-Up
A joint investigative report by the Lepanto Institute and the Population Research Institute (PRI) spotlights a series of programs implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) which promote contraception. The report also shows that government documents were falsified, hiding CRS's involvement in these programs.

Suicide, Homicide, Verbicide … “Dignicide”
Mercatornet, a pro-life blog about end-of-life issues, has just reported the latest doublespeak percolating among the anti-life crowd: “dignicide.”

How Is ISIS Harvesting Human Organs Different From Abortion Industry?
Reports that ISIS might be harvesting human organs from victims promoted one pro-life leader to ask how it’s different than what the abortion industry does?

7 Shocking Quotes By Planned Parenthood’s Founder
We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Women, the Pill, and the Sexual Revolution

Angela Franks
In his treatment of one of the thorniest questions, the relationship of the birth-control movement to organized eugenics, Eig does a decent job. He claims that Planned Parenthood had an "uneasy alliance" with eugenicists. He does not bother to explain that this collaboration was in fact "uneasy" mostly on the side of the eugenicists, who tended to be skittish about working with unscientific birth-control agitators.

New! Is It Ethical To Create Babies From Three DNA Sources? Absolutely Not

E. Christian Brugger
There are at least three more ethical problems. First, there is the immorality of creating human embryos in order to lethally exploit them for their body parts. Second, there are the perennial ethical problems raised by creating children in vitro. And third, there is the very real danger of eroding our moral inhibitions against "germline engineering," where each genetic alteration introduced is inherited by every single offspring of any child created from the procedure.

New! How internet dating helps to mainstream porn

Denyse O’Leary
The explosion of Internet dating affects teens and young adults principally by making the casual sharing of intimacies with strangers seem normal. Aldous Huxley foresaw this development (1932), though he envisioned it happening in half a millennium or so. One outcome is the mainstreaming of porn.

There's Courage, Then There's Courage

John Stonestreet
Unless you've been completely unplugged recently, you likely saw the flood of news stories concerning Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently announced his homosexuality. Collins was called "brave" and "courageous" for the step he took, as the first active male player in a major sport to come out as homosexual.

Sin and Punishment
3rd Sunday of Lent

Antonio P. Pueyo
Why do the innocents suffer and why do the guilty remain unpunished? Those who prosper are not necessarily sinless. Those who suffer are not necessarily sinful. Somebody gave the observation that behind many great fortunes is a hidden crime. There are also those who suffer misfortunes because they are virtuous people. The righteous get persecuted.

Development of Church Teaching on Prolonging Life

*Offsite Article
The issue of when to prolong and when to allow to die is debated acridly in our courts, hospitals, and homes. A study of the history and theology of the Catholic teaching on this issue may help to develop a consensus among those who accept the teaching of the Church, as well as among those who primarily follow the ethical norms of our pluralistic society.

When animals count more than people

Michael Cook
Treat animals with kindness, by all means. But don't forget about people.

"'Non-Human Animal' Personhood and the IEET"

Dianne N. Irving
Summary: Given the current efforts globally to secure "personhood" for all human beings, the influential efforts of those like transhumanists, futurists, eugenicists, genetic engineers, and animal rights advocates to secure "personhood" for non-human animals should not be overlooked. A perfect example is the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET).