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August 15, 2018

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Abortion Industry’s “Mission Is To Pressure Women”
Former Employees Describe How Abortion Businesses Hide Information, Coerce Women to Abort

Belgium Euthanizing 9, 11-Y-O Children: Report
Belgium is coming under scrutiny as reports emerge detailing the number of people legally put to death in that nation through euthanasia, including children as young as 9 and 11.

Suicide Is Not Distinct From Assisted Suicide For Psychiatric Reasons
Recent research by Dr Scott Kim et al, examines the position of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) who claim that there is a clear difference between suicide and assisted suicide.

Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting 60 Million Babies Since Roe “Added $3.5 Trillion To Our Economy”
If you can’t convince someone to support abortion with bodily rights arguments, try pushing the money angle, Chelsea Clinton told a group of abortion activists Saturday.

Incredible Meeting Stops University From Experimenting With Body Parts From Aborted Babies
For years, the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center has performed research using fetal body parts. And for years, they might have been violating federal law which prohibits the exchange of fetal tissue “for any profit or benefit of valuable consideration.”

Churches Throughout Brazil Ring Their Bells At The Same Time To Stand Against Abortion
Brazilian churches are ringing in their opposition to the killing of unborn babies in light of the country’s talks about decriminalizing abortion.

The Amazing Pro-Life Story Behind The Life Of Apple Founder Steve Jobs
The first thing to think about is that Jobs was born in 1955. His biological mother, an unwed graduate student, gave birth and arranged for his adoption. This was 18 years before abortion became legal in America by way of Roe v. Wade. If Jobs had been conceived 18 years later, or if Roe v. Wade had become the law of the land 18 years earlier, there is some chance that there never would have been a Steve Jobs.

Vatican Makes Progress On Pushing Drug Availability For Kids With HIV
An initiative to identify and properly treat children living with HIV has gained new momentum as international organizations and pharmaceutical companies respond to a Vatican push to look past profit to doing the right thing.

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21st Century Asian Slaves

The crisis of health of trafficking victims in Southeast Asia deepens as a recent study finds victims badly abused. The research discovered that people caught in trafficking suffer beatings, neglect and severe health problems no matter where they end up working. Researchers interviewed more than 1,100 men, women and children in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, who had been trafficked into at least 15 sectors – including factory work, domestic labour, sex work and fishing. An estimated 56% of forced labourers live in the Asia and Pacific region, especially in the Greater Mekong subregion, which has more than 13 million migrant workers, 13% are trafficked Vietnamese migrants, and 17% of 596 Thai fisherman reported that they were working against their will or under threat of penalties. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The culture of death began as an academic exercise

Felipe E. Vizcarrondo
Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have very bad consequences. The free exchange of ideas ought to be encouraged in a democratic society. But responsible citizens must be aware of the consequences their words will have on culture and society.

New! Roe v. Wade has brought women grief. It's time to acknowledge it

Veronika Winkels
Overturning the judges' ruling could encourage real help for pregnant women. Perhaps the voices we need to pay more attention to right now are those of women who have the courage to openly acknowledge that their abortions brought them indescribable grief, and that they regret them. That group of women is a large one. Roe v. Wade made it a large one.

New! Philosophy and Theology: End of Life Questions

Christopher Kaczor
As baby boomers enter retirement and age, it is likely that end-of-life issues will gain greater and greater public attention. Several recent articles reflect on these issues. In "Making Christian Life and Death Decisions," Rev. Kevin Flannery, SJ, of the Gregorian University, offers a helpful look at end-of-life issues such as euthanasia, artificial nutrition and hydration, and life-sustaining treatments, making use of the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas.

New! Thinking Clearly About Immigration

Timothy Hsiao
All human beings share certain universal human rights. But I am not just a human. I am also an American, a Kansan, a university instructor, and a member of a church body. Each one of these relationships generates specific goods, rights, and responsibilities that are unique to me. The same is true for nation-states, each of which have a distinct culture and unique responsibilities to its own citizens.

New! From Termination to Extermination: The International Down Syndrome Genocide

David F. Forte
The beautiful, happy 2018 Gerber Baby, Lucas, is lucky to be alive. Most children diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero are now killed before birth. Estimates vary, but in the United States, abortions of children whose Down syndrome is detected in the womb are in the range of about 67 percent. The lethal discrimination practiced against such persons has become a worldwide phenomenon. Iceland has trumpeted its success in eliminating people with Down syndrome from the island. Denmark, whose people heroically saved over 95 percent of the Jews living there during World War II, now boasts that 98 percent of unborn children with the condition are aborted. Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, and Belgium all have rates exceeding 90 percent.

The dead-end values driving euthanasia advocacy

Margaret Somerville
I suggest that the push for legalizing euthanasia results from a failure of our ethical imagination both as to what euthanasia involves in practice - killing another human being - and as to where that would lead in the future.

CRS Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Judie Brown
Homosexuality is the issue; it should have been the single focus of Woo's comments, and her position should have been consonant with Catholic teaching. To wit, homosexuality is a grave moral disorder. Contrary to Woo's comments, there is nothing complex about this at all.

Inclination to God and the Moral Sense

Douglas P. McManaman
Every human being, whether he realizes it or not, possesses a natural knowledge of God; it is a confused and general knowledge, and it is this knowledge that is the source of our natural awareness of a moral order that includes a host of duties. This moral sense can be dulled or enhanced, depending upon how we choose to respond to its command in the deepest recesses of our conscience.

Jewish and Islamic Views on End of Life

Jeremiah R. Grosse
Jewish and Islamic views on medical ethics are rather similar. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with Islam considering the fact that the Prophet Muhammad borrowed quite heavily from the Hebrew Scriptures while composing The Qur'an. While it is true that there are numerous political differences between Jews and Muslims, dating back thousands of years, it is important to realize the common ground that these two religions have in the area of medical ethics.

The Living Will is Not About Living

Judie Brown
Don't sign a death warrant for yourself! Sign an affirmation of your human dignity - sign a Loving Will. If you have already signed a living will, amend it. It's never too late -- if you are still breathing.

The Heroic Battle of the United States to Preserve the Sacred Covenant of Marriage (1)
Part One

Barbara Kralis
Same-sex marriage, and other 'de facto unions,' part of a new ideology of insidious and hidden evil, attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man. Even if the majority of the people supported same-sex marriage and civil unions [and they don't] making them the equivalent to traditional marriage [and they are not], the majority would be gravely wrong.

Why working class young adults are missing out on marriage

Carolyn Moynihan
Anyone who doubts the effectiveness of this kind of morally muscular message among working-class young adults should consider how so many young adults of the same population join the military and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country they love. The challenge is to show working-class young adults that marriage is also an invitation to such sacrifice: to devote themselves to their beloved and to their children, and to lay down their lives for their family.

Chasing Religious Freedom: Obama Admin's New Rule Strips Essential Rights of Conscience Protections

Margaret Datiles
On Friday, February 18th, the Obama Administration rescinded key provisions of Bush-era regulations that were critical to the enforcement of the Church Amendments and other longstanding federal laws protecting the rights of conscience of health care professionals.

Landmark "vegetative state" paper challenged

Xavier Symons
US researchers have questioned the results of a landmark study in The Lancet from 2011 on awareness of "vegetative" patients.

Three-Parent Embryos: Harming Women to Save Lives

Jennifer Lahl
The UK has passed a bill that allows for genetic engineering of children through nuclear transfer technology and germ-line modification. Young women will be needed to supply their eggs. But egg donation - or more accurately, egg selling - is risky business.