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February 6, 2016

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Mom Of Two Kids With Microencephaly Speaks Out
“I don’t look at them as having terrible birth defects. I look at them as gorgeous.“

Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Okay With Abortions Up To Baby’s Due Date, She’s The Extremist
While some Republicans say Marco Rubio is too pro-life to become the Republican nominee, Rubio is keeping pro-life issues front and center but he’s taking it to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In new remarks, Rubio says Clinton is the real extremist on the issue of abortion, not him.

Because Of 'faith In God', Texas Judge Will Only Perform Traditional Marriages
Judge claims that one is 'not required by law to conduct a non-traditional wedding'

Brazilian Bishops Reject Abortion As Response To Zika Virus
It’s the first response from a bishops’ conference to the campaign to utilize the mosquito-borne disease as a tool to promote abortion rights throughout predominantly Catholic Latin America.

Human Trafficking Is The Super Bowl Of Suffering
There has been speculation for many years about the staging of the Super Bowl as a magnet for increased sex trafficking.

French Leftists Press For Universal Ban On Surrogacy
Decrying the exploitation of women, especially those in impoverished nations, a coalition of self-described leftists in France, including pro-abortion and lesbian organizations, is pressing for an international ban on surrogacy.

European Parliament Declares ISIS Atrocities 'Genocide'
For the first time, the European Parliament today passed a resolution strongly condemning ISIS for committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.

Assisted Death: I Never Thought This Day Would Come.
But that’s not what I remember most about the meeting. One of the sessions put on by the local organizers focused on euthanasia (that was the term used at the conference). At the time, the Netherlands was the only jurisdiction in the world where this practice was legalized. Many attended out of curiosity—and the collective response was interesting. Numerous attendees filed out of the session in silence, clutching handouts that described euthanasia protocols: Administer this. If the patient is still breathing, administer that. If the patient’s heart is still beating, do this.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Should people be denied choices at the end of life?

Paul Russell
Should people be denied choices at the end of life? It's a loaded question: the suggestion that someone is being "denied choices" naturally gives rise to a sense of outrage and indignation.

New! The psychological burden of infant loss

Priscilla K. Coleman
Recognition for the effects of stillbirth highlights refusal to admit abortion harm.

New! Should Sperm Donation Be Anonymous?

Pilar Calva
While often touted as a compassionate response to problems of infertility, anonymous sperm donation can present many serious problems.

Why is Canada's parliament tip-toeing around sex-selective abortion?

Margaret Somerville
Debate is being stifled because the government is afraid to touch the third rail.

Preparing for Marriage
Immediate Preparation: Preparing Materially and Spiritually for the Wedding...

William E. May
Once the date for the wedding has been set, the engaged couple must prepare spiritually and materially for the wedding, fulfill legal requirements and requirements of their religious communities, and plan for the wedding ceremony. This article centers on these matters.

SRI LANKA: A demonstration is not a riot; AHRC tells the NPC

Asia Human Rights
We are re-producing below a letter written to the National Police Commission, Sri Lanka, by the AHRC on the inquiry into the attack on students by the riot police on 29th October 2015.

Short Commentary on Matthew, No. 45

Anthony Zimmerman
Sodom had been a very wicked city that God had seen fit to destroy, yet Christ states here that had its people seen the miracles that He was working day after day during His three years of public life, Sodom would not have been destroyed. This implies that the people would have converted.

Vermont legalizes assisted suicide

Xavier Symons
Vermont has become the fourth US state to legalize euthanasia. Its legislature voted in favor of the controversial law last week. The new legislation allows anyone over the age of 18 with an "incurable and irreversible disease" and a maximum of six months to live to obtain a prescription for lethal drugs.