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August 3, 2015

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Marco Rubio: Planned Parenthood Gets Over $500 Million In Tax Dollars. De-Fund It Now
As Americans we live in a nation founded on the idea that our rights and freedoms are God-given and that government’s fundamental role is to protect them. But our government today falls tragically short of this duty by failing to protect the rights of the most defenseless in our society: unborn children.

The "Privacy" Planned Parenthood Counts On For Protection
Privacy has probably been the single most successful argument in the abortion debate for those who kill the unborn.

Stop The Spin: A Step-by-step Look At The Four Laws Planned Parenthood Broke
If all the naysayers – and the White House, for that matter – are looking for proof that Planned Parenthood broke federal law, they need look no further than the statements of Planned Parenthood’s top officials.

Obama Sends Video Thanks To Planned Parenthood During Height Of Baby Parts Scandal
President Obama has a long-standing, super close relationship with Planned Parenthood, most clearly exemplified by his willingness in 2011 to shut down the federal government rather than allow the abortion giant to be defunded.

Are Planned Parenthood Abortionists Delivering Babies Alive Then Killing Them?
David Daleiden, head of the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress, alleges that StemExpress — a biotechnology company that sells aborted baby organs for tens of thousands of dollars — is trying to use the courts to block the release of future undercover videos because they might reveal "evidence of born alive infants."

I’m Single And I Use NFP
It was a few years ago when my interest in Natural Family Planning (NFP) was sparked. I was intrigued by the concept of truly understanding your body and its happenings while also being able to identify fertility markers.

Abortion Clinic Now A Daycare, Yet Still A Nightmare Of Horrors
Once the owner of the A & B Childcare Center in Columbus, Ohio, learned that the building that houses her business was once the now-defunct Capital Care Abortion Clinic, things began to make sense.

Banned Execution Drug Is Used To Kill People With Disabilities In Belgium.
A Medical Daily report, concerning the same study also focussed on the drugs that are used for euthanasia in Belgium. The Medical Daily report explains that the euthanasia drug of choice in Belgium was banned by the European Union to stop executions in the United States.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! There Is a Fundamental Right to Marriage, and We Must Preserve It

Adam J. MacLeod
Whether or not Locke would approve of it, there is a fundamental marriage right. It is ancient, not recent, and it secures the integrity of the natural family. In fact, nothing is more fundamental to our legal edifice than the ancient liberty of the natural family.

New! Assessing Justice Kennedy as a marriage counselor

Mark Milburn
The Supreme Court seems to know a lot about marriage, Justice Kennedy especially. His Honor says once gays get married they'll radiate dignity, and autonomy and spirituality. Sad to believe they'll need all that. The wife and I destroyed each other's dignity and autonomy right after our honeymoon. Odd thing: we've been happy ever since.

New! New Definitions Of Stem Cells Causing Confusion

Pilar Calva
Stem cells have been the object of intense, increasing interest due to their biological properties and the promise they hold for medical advances in the treatment of illnesses that are so far incurable.

Is it possible to have safe, legal and rare euthanasia?

Pravin Thevathasan
A recent press release from the British Medical Journal states: "The BMJ supports a call from leading UK medical bodies to stop opposing assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults. Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD) wants the British Medical Association and royal colleges to move their position from opposition to neutrality." It was an extraordinary failure of judgement on the part of what is probably the world's most prestigious medical journal.

Hard Cases for Defenders of Abortion

William E. May
Almost everyone thinks that raping women is a morally repugnant act, especially if she is pregnant and even more so if it causes her to miscarry. This is so true, Kaczor notes, that even the most vociferous champions of capital punishment balk at executing a woman while she is pregnant. If someone murders the pregnant woman and murders her unborn baby as well, this horrible crime becomes even more odious.

Russian emigration soars

Marcus Roberts
Russia's official statistic service, Rosstat, has announced that 186,382 Russians left the country in 2013 and 122,751 left in 2012. This is a substantial increase from 36,774 who left in 2011 and 33,578 Russian who emigrated in 2010.

Another unethical study - this time in NY's Bowery

Michael Cook
Here's a familiar script: medical researchers in the 1950s in a democratic country conduct forgotten experiments which yield no useful data on a vulnerable population.

A Holy Week reflection

Judie Brown
As we are about to begin the last days of Holy Week, we must reflect upon all Jesus Christ has done for us and how He expects us to live our lives. It is a time to recognize His role in everything we do. It is a time for prayer, fasting, and action.