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July 28, 2014

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At Crash Scene Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Rebels Blame Ukraine
"How could they do such a thing? How could they kill a little girl?" he said, a look of shock on his face. Most of the fighters had been up all night, guarding the perimeter of the crash site. His face, like those of the others, was white with strain and disbelief.

District Attorney Disinclined To Investigate Ohio Abortion Patient Death
More than four months after the avoidable death of Lakisha Wilson at the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, there has been no action taken by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney, Timothy McGinty, despite repeated calls from pro-life groups for a criminal investigation.

‘China’s Aging Millions Look Forward To Bleak Future’
China’s population of elderly will rise to 350 million by 2030, and the nation’s one-child policy will “impose a huge burden on the country, shrink the labor force that has fueled its growth, and put the responsibility for multiple grandparents onto a single grandchild,” Agence France-Presse reported.

87% Of Babies With Cystic Fibrosis Are Aborted, But We Could Never Kill This Bundle Of Joy
A medical exam room is where most parents are presented with “their options” regarding life. It’s where they are overwhelmed with the unpleasant diagnoses that their unborn child has a life threatening genetic disorder. And, it’s where they are first presented with the challenges and trials that will mark their child’s entire time on earth.

Another Cruel And Unusual ‘death With Dignity’
The drugs that are used in lethal injection executions are also used in assisted suicide/euthanasia.

Nitschke’s ‘hardly A Doctor At All…His Business Is Just To Help People Die’
In a follow up article to The Australian's story of the death of her son using Exit International advice and methods, Melbourne mum, Judi Taylor accuses Exit Director, Philip Nitschke of lacking consideration for the lives of others. "He's hardly a doctor at all. He's not in the business of helping people or saving their lives. His business is just to help people die," she said.

Extraordinary 8-year-old Boy Finishes Triathlon With His Disabled Brother
It's being called a story of extraordinary brotherly love - an 8-year-old boy determined to have his younger brother with special needs live a full, normal life helped him complete a youth triathlon.

Will Doctors Be Forced To Kill?
The wailing and gnashing of teeth in some quarters over the modest Hobby Lobby decision has me worried. Apparently, many on the political port side of the country believe that once a favored public policy has been enacted, it immediately becomes a “right” that can never be altered or denied. More, once such a “right” is established for the individual, others should have the duty to ensure access—even at the cost of violating their own religious consciences.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Stopping the panic over Britain's paedophiles

Michael Cook
Britain is in the grip of a moral panic about child sex abuse. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has just announced two public inquiries into "these disgusting crimes" whose scope is incredible. It seems that her government is planning to trawl through all of public life to ferret out hidden paedophiles.

New! Modern Day Eugenics

Judie Brown
Eugenics is the study of methods to improve the human race by controlling reproduction.

New! PAKISTAN: A Minor's Arms Chopped Off by Landlord,-Police Unresponsive until Media Coverage

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that the arms of a 10-year-old child were chopped off by a landlord over a minor issue with his father's payment of electricity bills. His hands were tied and were put in a harvesting machine.

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality
Guidelines for Education within the Family

Official Documents
Among the many difficulties parents encounter today, despite different social contexts, one certainly stands out: giving children an adequate preparation for adult life, particularly with regard to education in the true meaning of sexuality. There are many reasons for this difficulty and not all of them are new.

Academics spar over non-embryonic stem cell research

Xavier Symons
A controversy in the stem-cell research community this week spilled over into mainstream media. A number of leading researchers gave interviews or wrote articles about the disputed potential of Very Small Embryonic Stem Cells (VSELs).

Jesus Helps Us Overcome our Fears
2nd Sunday of Easter (B)

Jeremiah R. Grosse
Jesus understood very well what impact fear had on his disciples. On numerous occasions He would tell them, “Be not afraid” because He knew that fear would drive them to do things that they would otherwise not normally do. The Letter of St. John tells us that God is love. God is also perfect and we know from the Scriptures that perfect love casts out fear.

May Parents or Others Permit Children or Incompetent Older Persons To Be the Subjects..

William E. May
It is not uncommon for parents of children or the care-givers responsible for older but incompetent persons to be asked by their doctors to allow these "voiceless" subjects to take part in "non-therapeutic" experiments, i.e., experiments that are not designed to be of benefit to the children or incompetent persons but rather to gain knowledge that may be of great benefit to others. Such permission is called "proxy" or "surrogate" consent.

Cruel Cunning - All too often lately, reading the news gives me the chills

Judie Brown
We live in a world that is upside down, yet far too few people seem to care. And that troubles me. We go along, doing what we do, never stopping to question the media reports that suggest this topsy-turvy reality is the proper direction for culture, our nation and our very lives.