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January 17, 2017

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Church The Ideal Place To Alleviate The Loneliness Of Elderly
These old people, who hardly see a soul all week long, could be contributing to society, instead of being at its margins.

Twenty-two Years On The Run From Abuse
For many women and children domestic violence doesn't end after you've run away. That is only the beginning. I'm 33 and I've been running away from my dad ever since I was 11.

The Thing About Empowerment…
Evidence is continuing to pile up as to the nauseating and dangerous conditions of abortion clinics around the country, reams of paper are needed to chronicle the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood and others, and a slew of legislation is in the works from states including Ohio and Kentucky to protect children from the predatory practice throughout their final weeks in the womb.

One Question About Abortion That Must Be Answered: What Is "It"?
The one question we all truly need to ask is, “What is it?” The abortion industry is not answering this question. Abortion is an industry that taps into your fear and offers you a quick ‘solution’ to your problem… for money, that is.

Church Silence On Abortion: Deafening And Deadly
Here’s a sobering fact: the majority of women who undergo abortions also claim an affiliation with faith in Jesus. According to the Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of the abortion industry), a combined 54 percent of women who underwent abortions in 2014 identified themselves as Protestant or Catholic Christians.

Former Abortion Industry Workers Say Abortion Hardens Hearts
Former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer witnessed abortions during her training at Planned Parenthood. Although Thayer worked in a center that did not offer abortions, she was required to spend a day watching doctors commit abortions at another clinic.

Nurse Who Saw Aborted Baby Haunted By ‘sweet Little Face’
Cynthia Isabell helped to commit late-term abortions that she believed were done for “therapeutic” reasons in a hospital. What she saw there left an indelible mark on her psyche. Now a pro-life teacher, she tells her students why abortion is wrong. In a previous article, I covered what she says to students and how she presents the pro-life case. Now I’d like to focus on her direct experience with abortion, which she talks about in her article in The Torch.

How To Be A Humble HERO In 2017
It seems that in the mind of many Christian men today, the ideas of humility and heroism are mutually exclusive.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! The continuing saga of efforts to deny the heartache of abortion

Priscilla K. Coleman
Our culture is in a worrisome state when major medical journals ignore the foundation and methods of science in service to a political end.

New! Unconscionable: Threats to Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience in the Abortion Debate

Tim Bradley
Waging war against those who cannot in good conscience help perform or facilitate abortions does little to improve access for women seeking abortions, damages the integrity of those who object, and harms civil society.

New! Converting the miserabilists

Michael Cook
The fundamental question in confronting euthanasia is whether life is worth living.

Euphemisms Have Consequences

E. Christian Brugger
Because of that irritating and self-reasserting problem of natural human equality, eugenicists always feel obliged to explain why the unlucky victims of their initiatives are unfit for the protections they themselves enjoy. Karen Lebacqz, for example, is happy to affirm the intrinsic value of the embryo, a value, she says, that is not dependent on utilitarian calculations: "respect sees a value in itself beyond usefulness." Nevertheless, because that value is inferior to fully human value, "such an entity can be used in research and can even be killed. To do so is not in itself disrespectful".

Investigation of Two Pro Life Internet News Services

Jeff J. Koloze
My intention this year is to focus on two pro-life internet news sites: LifeIssues.net and LifeSiteNews.com. Moreover, besides considering the professional attributes which must attend any website which vies for public attention, it is necessary for the movement to establish a methodology for evaluating our own sites so that their credentials are recognized by all, especially students struggling to locate pertinent information on controversial topics and scholars conducting research. Thus, besides the general commentary which follows, I will identify those attributes of the websites which can account for their success and those which may need to be reevaluated.

Called from the Womb
Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Douglas P. McManaman
Abortion is not simply the destruction of a developing human life. It is the destruction of a vocation, a unique and unrepeatable call; it is the willful opposition to a divine summons addressed to the unborn child.

The Views of the Holy See on Human Cloning
Supports a Worldwide and Comprehensive Ban

Official Documents
The Holy See firmly supports a world-wide and comprehensive ban on human cloning, no matter what techniques are used and what aims are pursued. Its position is based on (1) biological analysis of the cloning process and (2) anthropological, social, ethical and legal reflection on the negative implications that human cloning has on the life, the dignity, and the rights of the human being.

How the Zeitgeist Affected the Catholic Church in the U.S. After Vatican II

Matt C. Abbott
The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, held from 1962 to 1965 at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, had as its objectives to seek the renewal of the Catholic Church and to modernize its forms and institutions. Unfortunately, during and after the Council, the Zeitgeist - the German term for "spirit of the age" - was largely responsible for the decline in certain key aspects of the Catholic Church in the U.S.