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June 29, 2016

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It’s Official: Most Teenagers Are Not Having Sex
A new US government report on risky behaviour amongst youth of high school age shows a decrease in sexual intercourse -- a trend that has lasted more than two decades.

Why Male Athletes Are Pulling Out Of The Olympics
If a man were to get Zika through a mosquito bite, he could potentially infect his sexual partner and put their unborn baby at risk for microcephaly, a devastating neurological birth defect linked to the virus.

“Abortion Distortion” At Work In Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt
Once again, we saw the “abortion distortion” at work in our nation’s high court. The majority opinion first distorted the law governing whether a claim should be procedurally barred in order to let these claims against the Texas law proceed, then it distorted its own abortion jurisprudence governing whether there was actually an undue burden here to find one where one doesn’t exist.

US Supreme Court Refuses To Protect Women From Abortion Industry Abuses
In today’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Supreme Court’s first abortion ruling since 2007, the Court doubled down on its position as the National Abortion Control Board.

Would You Torture A Baby? Why Not?
The question is this: "Is there anything that we should never under any circumstances do to another human being?"

SCOTUS Chooses Riskier Business On Abortion
It's a surreal day in America when hundreds of young women stand outside the U.S. Supreme Court and cheer a decision that subjects them to dirty and dangerous abortion chambers like Kermit Gosnell's. Yet that's exactly what happened this morning when five unelected justices decided to topple a law enacted by the leaders of Texas, which required that abortionists offer such "controversial" things as trained staff, up-to-date sanitation codes, or hallways wide enough to accommodate gurneys.

Supreme Court Overturns Texas Abortion Restrictions In Landmark Decision
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday overturned two parts of a 2013 Texas law that strengthened safety standards at abortion facilities, in a 5-3 ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt that underscored the majority’s firm adherence to Roe v. Wade.

Bathroom Opposition In Full Swing... States
If President Obama was hoping to make bathrooms a campaign issue, he succeeded. Just not in the way Hillary Clinton or any other liberal running for office intended. According to brand new polling from Quinnipiac, three of the most crucial swing states are speaking out on the administration's order for every public school and university to open their bathroom and locker room doors to students of both genders. That may be a popular idea in the White House, but it isn't in the houses of most Americans.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Planned Parenthood's Website "Glossary" - Fake Science, Phobias, and Sexually Obsessive Definitions

Dianne N. Irving
Under ordinary circumstances, most people would consider this "Glossary" on Planned Parenthood's website as not just mis-informative, but grossly scientifically erroneous and pornographic as well -- and the U.S. Government is paying for it?! How many curious girls, women, men, educators and professionals are thus "educated" simply by trying to check out some "relevant" definition?

New! Reality check: gender diversity is driven by a top-down ideological movement

Mary Rice Hasson
Reality? No. Delusional thinking. Reality tells us this person is, and always has been, female; because she is a woman, she was able to conceive and carry a child, to give birth and became a mother - and her feeling-based "male identity" can't change the reality that she's a mom, not a dad.

New! Political Philosophy and the Bathroom Wars

Joseph M. Knippenberg
A recent statement by the Attorney General provides a window into the intellectual history surrounding the concept of "human dignity" and the selfhood from which it arises.

The human embryo in Christian tradition: a historical note

David Jones
In a House of Lords debate, (Hansard Vol.62 1, No.16, col.35.37), the Lord Bishop of Oxford offered an account of Western Christian tradition in regard to the protection of the human embryo which could seriously mislead someone unfamiliar with Church history.

Divorced and "Remarried" Catholics and the Eucharist

E. Christian Brugger
The authority, continuity and clarity with which the traditional norm has been repeated (cf. John Paul II, Apostolic Letter Familiaris Consortio, no. 84) establish the doctrinal conditions for a clear reassertion of the norm by Pope Francis and the synod next year. This alone will not solve the pastoral problems raised by the large numbers of couples in irregular unions. But neither will flirting with pastoral solutions that contradict divinely established norms. As Pope Benedict XVI taught us so clearly, caritas and veritas must never be separated.

Early Start of Follicular Growth and Limited Oocyte Pool Helps Explain Age Related Fertility
Menstrual Cycles

Richard J. Fehring
Researchers from the Netherlands recently conducted a study to help explain age-related loss of fertility by comparing menstrual cycle parameters from a group of healthy "relatively" young women with cycle parameters from a group of older women.

Gene of the week: paedophilia

Michael Cook
Add paedophilia to the growing list of genetically-determined attractions, preferences and predispositions. In a New York Times op-ed, a law professor from Rutgers University contends that paedophilia is not a matter of choice.

Dr. King: 'the dream has wings'

Matt C. Abbott
People perish for lack of knowledge. Babies, mothers, and entire communities are perishing from the scourge of abortion. And yet people do not know the truth about abortion. It is the killing of innocent babies, and it inflicts misery upon the lives of vulnerable women.