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November 21, 2017

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Millions Of Chinese Men Will Be Single Their Entire Life Because So Many Girls Have Been Aborted
The preference for male children, coupled with China’s oppressive population control measure, have led to the mass slaughter of innocent, unborn baby girls.

New Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Lets You Kill Yourself Anytime, Anywhere
Australia’s best-known euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke, is back in the news with another machine for committing suicide, the Sarco capsule.

U.N. Urges Japan To Resettle More Refugees
The U.N. refugee agency has urged Japan to resettle more asylum seekers, its chief said on Monday, pressuring the country to help solve a global crisis after giving refugee status to just three people in the first half of the year.

The Poor: Our 'passports To Paradise'
Pope Francis has celebrated the first-ever World Day of the Poor with with Mass in St Peter’s Square followed by a lunch for 1,500 invited guests – from among the poor, homeless and unemployed.

Breastmilk: The Gift That Keeps On Giving… Babies Who Were Exclusively Breastfed Have Less Than Half The Risk Of Eczema As Teenagers Than Those That Were Not
Adding to the wealth of evidence that prove the benefits of beast milk, a new study finds that breastfeeding could lower the risk of eczema in children by half, as reported by the Science Daily.

Bishops Of Japan And Korea: 'Peace Is Not Based On Weapons'
The Bishops of Korea and Japan have issued a joint appeal for peace in the region, at the conclusion of their joint meeting, held in Kagoshima from 14 to 16 November.

Muslims Are Converting To Christianity In Record Numbers
How are so many conversions taking place in oppressive countries where proselytizing can bring a death sentence?

Pope Francis' Message For First World Day Of The Poor
Let us love, not with words but with deeds

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Why the war on unborn children

Why is pregnancy a war between a mother and her child? A little research shows that the number of casualties of all the wars in the history of the world is estimated at somewhat less than 500 million. This is less than one-third the amount of unborn lives sacrificed in the last 36 years. This war on unborn babies is the “longest war” in the history of our planet. Since 1980 more than one and one half billion babies have been legally slaughtered. The United States alone stands at 60 million. Who PROFITS from killing babies? The Child? The Mother? The Family? Society? It is Planned Parenthood and big abortion industries.Who SUFFERS from killing babies? It is the same child, mother, family and society. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! No Stephen Hawking, Population Growth Is Not Going to Turn Earth into a "Ball of Fire"

Steven Mosher
More people does not just mean 'more mouths to feed' or 'more carbon emitters.' More people means more laborers and more innovative minds to find creative solutions to problems like world hunger. In fact, while 2 billion persons have been added to the world population since 1990, the percentage of undernourished persons in developing countries has fallen from 23% down to 13%. And in 2014 we produced food on less land than the amount of land under agricultural use in 1994. Let's stick to the facts. World population is slowing, not exploding. But in any event, there is no evidence to support the claim that population growth per se will cause the Earth to become a flaming inferno.

New! On a world without war

James Schall
Wars are inevitable as long as men and their societies are moved by avarice, greed and lust for power, the permanent drives of sinful men. It is, therefore, self-delusion and folly to expect a time will ever come in this world when wars will cease.

New! Porn Is the Missing Piece in the Louis C.K. Story

Mary Rose Somarriba
Pornography rewires its viewers' brains, distorting the way they interpret the behavior of those around them and making them believe that unacceptable behavior will be welcomed.

New! Doubting Thomas (Aquinas) on Private and Public Killing

Christopher O. Tollefsen
There is a genuine tension, not just in Aquinas but in Church teaching more generally, between claims about the intrinsic goodness, sanctity, and inviolability of human life, and claims about political authority to kill. The second in a two-part series.

New! A Philosophical Case Against Capital Punishment

Christopher O. Tollefsen
Arguments against the death penalty can be made not only on the basis of theology but also on the basis of natural law philosophy. The first in a two-part series.

Ovarian Monitor Results Found to be Comparable to Laboratory Standards
Fertility Monitors

Richard J. Fehring
The Home Ovarian Monitor has been in development for over 10 years primarily under the influence of James Brown from Australia.

From the Cowboy and the Cossack

Hank Mattimore
The words in the title are taken from an excellent book by Clair Huffaker called the Cowboy and the Cossack. Set in the period of history when the Tsar ruled Russia with an iron fist, the story is about a cattle-trading outfit from Montana who sold a herd of 500 long horn cattle to a group of anti-Tsarist rebels in Russia.

The Medicalization of Death & Dying

Marcella Colbert
The cost of Death and Dying is the unstated factor. With a greatly increased elderly population and relatively few to care for them, the cost of staying alive is becoming prohibitive. Let us not forget, contraception and abortion are the two most common medical interventions. The killing is going on because the medical profession agrees to it. The profession is clearly accepting euthanasia, only this time it will be done without any change in the law.

A Dutch euthanasia pioneer surveys the wreckage and despairs

Michael Cook
Safeguards for the mentally ill and the demented are slipping away.

The Desert Silence of the Heart

Douglas P. McManaman
An important point about this gospel is that the crowd came looking for Jesus, who was in a deserted place. It was because of that hunger and thirst that he was moved with pity. That's how you and I can win the heart of God; to go searching for him and be willing to go to a deserted place to find him.

Fathers without jobs

Carolyn Moynihan
Fathers play profoundly important roles in the lives of children and families, and are all too often forgotten in our efforts to help children. These new findings, we hope, will be useful to much needed efforts to develop strategies to identify and treat the very large number of fathers with depression."

The UK's absurd "wrongful births"

Philippa Taylor
The government is shelling out millions to pay for "failed contraception" and "failed sterilizations".

Heaven is not a place to vacation

Tom Bartolomeo
Many well meaning people consider heaven a worthy destination like some place to vacation with brochure in hand and not really understanding how radically those who enter heaven must first change while here, a transformation which must begin here like immigrants who put behind themselves their homeland to become citizens of another country and society.

A Case of Conscience. Confessors and Contraception

Sandro Magister
The latest instructions from the Vatican on how to deal with spouses who commit contraceptive acts in good faith soften the previous severity. The teaching remains intact, but in the confessional the conscience of the faithful must be respected.

Who do people say we are?

Tom Bartolomeo
Jesus repeatedly decried the proud and the wealthy. Actually, the terms intersect in the "pride of life" the Apostle John wrote about in his first Letter, how much we are prone to take pride in our possessions, all the things of this world which can consume us. We are in fact, the premier consumers in the world. We Americans are five percent of the world's population and we consume nearly fifty percent of the world's goods and services.