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February 6, 2016

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European Parliament Declares ISIS Atrocities 'Genocide'
For the first time, the European Parliament today passed a resolution strongly condemning ISIS for committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.

Assisted Death: I Never Thought This Day Would Come.
But that’s not what I remember most about the meeting. One of the sessions put on by the local organizers focused on euthanasia (that was the term used at the conference). At the time, the Netherlands was the only jurisdiction in the world where this practice was legalized. Many attended out of curiosity—and the collective response was interesting. Numerous attendees filed out of the session in silence, clutching handouts that described euthanasia protocols: Administer this. If the patient is still breathing, administer that. If the patient’s heart is still beating, do this.

Assisted Suicide Lobby: Force Doctors To Kill.
When seeking to convince a wary public to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia pushers ooze with promises and assurances that it will only be a last resort–never actually a legal requirement–and that doctors and religious facilities can always opt out.

Charlie Lewis: Why I Oppose Assisted Suicide.
For those who know me or have heard me speak against assisted suicide and euthanasia, you will be familiar with my struggle with spinal problems.

Syrian Refugees Need More Aid, Says Vatican 'foreign Minister'
The Vatican's top foreign-policy official has called for better funding for Syrian refugees.

23-Year-Old Woman Dies From Huge Blood Clot After Taking Birth Control Pill
Another young British woman died recently from a blood clot supposedly caused by the birth control pill that she was taking.

Democrat Voter: “I Just Right Now Can’t Vote For Hillary; I Can’t Believe Her”
A Democrat voter in New Hampshire says what is prominent on the minds of millions of Americas as they consider the presidential election. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, it’s just incredibly difficult to trust her or think she is honest.

Abortion Advocates Complain More Babies Were Born When Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood
Vox is a liberal website whose calling card is explaining the news, but a disturbing belief slipped out on Feb. 3 from one of its head writers as she discussed the effects of Planned Parenthood’s defunding in Texas: More babies being born is a bad thing.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Should people be denied choices at the end of life?

Paul Russell
Should people be denied choices at the end of life? It's a loaded question: the suggestion that someone is being "denied choices" naturally gives rise to a sense of outrage and indignation.

New! The psychological burden of infant loss

Priscilla K. Coleman
Recognition for the effects of stillbirth highlights refusal to admit abortion harm.

New! Should Sperm Donation Be Anonymous?

Pilar Calva
While often touted as a compassionate response to problems of infertility, anonymous sperm donation can present many serious problems.

Reflections on My Years of Dialogue with a Relativist

Douglas P. McManaman
It is always interesting to explore other areas of knowledge and ways of knowing, that is, to discover someone who has spent his life within a certain area of thought and attempt to become familiar with it. It takes a long time; one quick read of his works is rarely enough. You have to go back and read and re-examine the world in light of what he was saying, and then re-read it again and perhaps a third time, and after a long while it begins to penetrate. That takes time and labor, and most people are too lazy minded or busy to commit to that.

Requirements of Discipleship
13th Sunday of the Year (C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
There is an indicator to know if we are truly following in the footsteps of the Lord. Is it costing us anything at all? If it does not cost us anything, perhaps we are not really following in His footsteps.

Comments: Stem cell research: No 'voodoo magic'. But maybe a miracle.

Irving News Comments
If the following research announcement is true and accurate, then it is very good news. ... This would mean that it is not necessary to clone a sick patient's cell, thereby reproducting a new human embryo, allow it to develop to the blastocyst stage, and then kill it. No embryo is ever involved. Isn't it interesting what an intellectually honest scientist can accomplish?

The Deeper Side of Love

Hank Mattimore
Remember Dionne Warwick belting out that Bert Bacharach song back in the day?

The Current Health Care "Reform" Legislation:
How it will make rationing and death hastening the law of the land

Ione Whitlock
In Progressive politics, Death frequently comes in packages labeled "Life." And so it is with legislation such as that which is now before the Senate. Think you are supporting pain relief and hospice legislation in order to prevent assisted suicides? Wrong. Thanks to Big Death - a collection of heavily funded non-profit hospice and palliative care groups1 - the line between palliative care (pain relief; symptom management) and imposed death has become blurred. One Big Death "thought leader" who has helped create the confusion between life-affirming palliative care and imposed death is Ira Byock, Dartmouth physician and hospice guru.