Lifeissues is mainly concerned with publishing thoughtful articles directly related to issues raised in Evangelium Vitae. However, from the very beginning, we have also published a few related homilies, notably by Fr. Al Cariño, O.M.I., Fr. Tony Pueyo, and others.

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New! Eucharist -- Food for life's journey
Ordinary Sunday B-19

Al Carino
The Eucharist and our life. The Eucharist is never separated from real life. In our day-to-day struggles, how many times have we said with Elijah, "Lord, I have had enough!"

New! Bread of Life
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Antonio P. Pueyo
Next time we receive the Eucharist, let us remember that this is not mere bread. This is the bread of life. This is the flesh of Christ. We who partake of it make Christ present once more in a very concrete way in the world. We too become the bread of life.

New! The Hidden Experience of Jesus
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

Jeremiah R. Grosse
While we have not met Jesus face to face, the fact is that many people are convinced that they know someone because they have seen an actor or actress on television. For example, if Sam Waterston, who plays Jack McCoy on Law and Order, were to get arrested for drunk driving it should not surprise any of us if we heard someone say, "Jack McCoy would never do that!" Well, that is very true. Jack McCoy cannot do anything that is not written into the script; however, Sam Waterston is not Jack McCoy.

New! The Heavenly Banquet
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Antonio P. Pueyo
It is in the Eucharist that people of diverse social backgrounds, economic status, and political persuasions come in fellowship. It is where both sinners and saints kneel in worship. As St. Paul warns, there is no place for discrimination in the eucharistic celebration. Hopefully. to experience the Eucharist is to experience a bit of heaven.

New! Behold, the Lamb of God
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Those who stop going to Mass because they don't like the priest are like followers of John the Baptist who didn't hear what he said, and who fell away after he was beheaded; those who attend Mass because they are drawn to the priest's personality are like brute animals that don't understand the significance of a pointing finger. And priests that fail to lead the faithful to the Lamb of God point to themselves and are unwilling to decrease.