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2019-04-23 Ashford Institute Applied Bioethics Summer Conference Martha Shuping, M.D., M.A.
2019-04-18 Prayers For You During These Holiest Of Days James D. Conley
2019-04-17 Catholic Medical Association Concerned After Catholic New Jersey Governor Signs Assisted Suicide Bill Catholic Medical Association
2019-04-15 CMA Urges Lawmakers, Catholics To Oppose “The Equality Act” Jill Blumenfeld
2019-04-14 Can You Forgive? Roland C. Warren
2019-04-12 Today Is The Day Of Prayer For Survivors Of Abuse Clifton Diocese
2019-04-09 Why Is Abortion Wrong? Robyn Chambers
2019-04-08 A Letter To NY Gov. Cuomo From Stop Surrogacy Now Jennifer Lahl
2019-04-07 Why Parents Celebrating Lent Today May Choose Abortion Tomorrow Roland C. Warren
2019-03-22 PETITION: Tell The UN To Help Stop Abortion Of Down Syndrome Babies
2019-03-21 March 21, World Down Syndrome Day PNCI
2019-03-21 I'm Meeting With President Trump Today Kristan Hawkins
2019-03-17 Letter From Fabian Stahle To Maryland Committee Members Re PAS Bills. Fabian Stahle
2019-03-15 What Does It Really Mean To Be Pro-life? Focus on the Family
2019-03-14 Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act(S311) Pennsylvanians For Human Life
2019-03-13 Nurse Practitioner Rescues Grandson From Abortion Cindi Boston
2019-03-05 A Declaration For Life Focus on the Family
2019-02-27 I'm Sickened Kristan Hawkins
2019-02-26 Senate Votes To Allow Abortionists To Murder Newborn Babies About Operation Rescue
2019-02-25 Pro-Life Training Academy In Selma, NC C. Fletcher Armstrong
2019-02-22 Practicing Abortionist: "Abortion Kills A Human Being." Summit Ministries
2019-02-21 Governor Evers To Restore Public Funding To Planned Parenthood Of Wisconsin Matt Sande
2019-02-21 Catholic Medical Association Supports Ohio’s 'Heartbeat Bill' Jill Blumenfeld
2019-02-21 Stop Infanticide! Urge Your Senators To Support And Vote For The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” (S. 311) Tony Perkins
2019-02-19 A Glimmer Of Light In The Darkness
2019-02-16 Infanticide, Chilling Thoughts From Virginia Brian Fisher
2019-02-16 When It Feels Like The 436th Day Of Winter Ardee Coolidge
2019-02-15 URGENT: Please Pray For Us Pro-lifers Here In Illinois Eric J.​​​​​ Scheidler
2019-02-10 UN Human Rights Comm. Expert Denounces Its Own Violation Of The Right To Life Dr. Dianne Irving, PhD
2019-02-08 Pope Encourages Worldwide Prayer In Fight Against Trafficking

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