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2019-11-29 Tell Senators To Just Say "NO" To These Disguised Euthanasia Bills: S 2080 And HR 647 Nancy Elliott and Sara Buscher
2019-11-25 CMA Responds To Article On Crisis Pregnancy Centers Jill Blumenfeld
2019-11-23 How To Inspire Manners In Your Children Maria Lawrence
2019-11-14 Do I Really Want A Death Doctor? David Cooke
2019-11-14 New Book McManaman Doug
2019-11-14 This Will Just Take A Minute Or Two, But You'll Make A Huge Impact! Steven Mosher
2019-11-12 The Fight To Protect OUR Children Niamh
2019-11-09 More Wisdom From Fiorella Nash Fiorella Nash
2019-11-08 Forcing Churches To Do This? Maureen Collins
2019-11-03 Video Of House Voice Vote On PCHETA, Oct 28, 2019 Elizabeth Wickham, PhD
2019-10-31 Wayward Catholic Host And Confused Cardinal On FOX News American Life League
2019-10-30 Protect Faith-based Organizations! Urge Your Senators To Oppose Bad Language In A Funding Bill That Targets Pro-life And Pro-family Groups Tony Perkins
2019-10-30 This Video Shows How Churches Are Funding Abortion Katie Hiller
2019-10-30 ALL Commends Fr. Robert E. Morey Judie Brown
2019-10-30 Catholic Priest (thankfully) Denies Communion To Joe Biden Matt C. Abbott
2019-10-30 Essex Lorry Tragedy Jasmine O’Connor
2019-10-26 New Hospice Payment Program Will Admit More Of Us With Advanced Illness, Chronic Conditions To Reduce Costs Ron Panzer
2019-10-26 Did You Know This About Planned Parenthood? Katie Hiller
2019-10-22 Urgent Prayer Request Roland C. Warren
2019-10-22 Catholic Medical Association Speaks Out Against AMA’s Abortion-Defending Statement Jill Blumenfeld
2019-10-20 Thanks To Mary Who Made Me Become A Mother Anne-Claire
2019-10-19 Your Next Conversation Could Save A Life Katie Hiller
2019-10-17 God Is Saving Babies Through You! Jim Daly
2019-10-05 Canada Court Rules Physicians May Euthanize Patients Where Death NOT Foreseeable! Need Your Help Now!
2019-10-04 Latest Attack On Freedom Maureen Collins
2019-09-30 Elites Push Secular Hospice & Palliative "care" Through Govts, Churches, Businesses Ron Panzer
2019-09-24 Catholic Medical Association Issues Support Of The Palliative Care And Hospice Education And Training Act Jill Blumenfeld
2019-09-11 CMA Commends Catholic Hospital For Its Commitment To Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide Jill Blumenfeld
2019-09-07 Scandal John Horvat
2019-08-31 How One Angry Professor’s Actions Backfired Alliance Defending Freedom

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