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New! The wrong solution to Zika-caused microcephaly

Activists are trying to spook governments into allowing abortion. Don't do it, says a woman with the condition.

Date posted: 2016-02-06

New! The dark past of anonymous sperm donation

Few of the essentials have changed since the first recorded case in 1884.

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! The dark past of progressive eugenics

The dark history of government-sponsored eugenics before World War II has largely been forgotten, although it is well documented.

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! First euthanasia case in Quebec

At least one person and perhaps three have been euthanased in Quebec since the Canadian province's legislation went into effect in December.

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! Half million at risk of female genital mutilation in US, says report

US government statistics show that more than half a million girls and women are at risk of female genital mutilation or its consequences in the United States. This figure has tripled over the last 25 years as a result of increased migration from countries where FGM is common.

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! JAMA debates assisted suicide

The latest issue of JAMA showcases the views of leading American doctors and lawyers on physician-assisted suicide (PAS). The theme is captured by the headline above one of the articles: "Physician-Assisted Dying: Turning Point?"

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! Upsetting the balance of nature

A British report on the irrelevance of "naturalness" could have far-reaching consequences.

Date posted: 2016-02-05

New! UK on verge of editing genome of human embryos

Scientists in the UK could begin genetically engineering human embryos as early as March, if the fertility regulator approves plans by researchers at the new Francis Crick Institute in London.

Date posted: 2016-01-31

New! Defending Catholic views on contraception

Although, with more than a billion members, the Catholic Church has immense influence on bioethical practice, its positions are rejected by many bioethical theorists. None is more disputed, even ridiculed, than its condemnation of contraception. However, this stand does have thoughtful defenders.

Date posted: 2016-01-31

Making eugenics fun in Belgium

Waffles, beer, chocolate and euthanasia: Belgium is famous for all of them. Will do-it-yourself eugenics be added to the list?

Date posted: 2016-01-30

ISIS has authorised forced organ removals of 'apostates'

Persistent rumours about organ trafficking by the Islamic State have some basis in fact.

Date posted: 2016-01-18

Demented patients can be euthanized in Netherlands

The Netherlands health ministry has revised its guidelines to allow severely demented patients to be euthanized. However, an advance directive which was made when the patient was lucid is required.

Date posted: 2016-01-18

Gay Israeli couple brings home wrong baby from Nepal

A stark reminder of the hazards of IVF and surrogacy.

Date posted: 2016-01-18

Hammering out the details in Canada's new euthanasia regime

Last February Canada's Supreme Court declared that denying patients access to assisted suicide and euthanasia is a violation of their human rights. The federal, provincial and territory governments were given a year - until February 6, 2016 - to enact legislation consistent with its decision.

Date posted: 2016-01-13

The mechanic who transitioned to a 6-year-old girl

Human interest stories are like earthquakes. Readers love earthquakes, but they get bored with the small ones that flatten a single city. Editors need devastated provinces and tsunamis up to wind up their interest. So the lives of transgender people are the gift that keeps on giving for tabloids. Readers are always interested and the stories keep getting weirder and weirder.

Date posted: 2016-01-10