Hancock, Ralph
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Ralph Hancock is Professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University, where he teaches the tradition of political philosophy as well as contemporary political theory. He is the author of Calvin and the Foundations of Modern Politics (Saint Augustine’s Press, 2011) as well as The Responsibility of Reason: Theory and Practice in a Liberal-Democratic Age (Rowman & Littlefield, 2011). He is also the editor of America, the West, and Liberal Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 1999) and (with Gary Lambert) of The Legacy of the French Revolution (Rowman & Littlefield 1996) and translator of numerous books and articles from the French, including Pierre Manent’s Natural Law and Human Rights (Notre Dame University Press, 2020). He has published many articles in academic journals as well as public scholarship on the intersection of faith, reason and politics. Dr. Hancock is also co-founder of Fathom the Good, which provides a history and humanities curriculum grounded in the Western tradition of political philosophy for home schools and independent schools.


Donald Trump and Our Heritage: Confessions of an Anti-Anti-Trumper

No amount of high principles or decorous manners can exempt conservatives from the responsibility to continue the work that Donald Trump has begun. President Trump somehow has attached his robust self-love to a love of our country. He can use help articulating the meaning of this country, but he knows what it doesn't mean, what it is opposed to: the pincer movement of cosmopolitanism and identity politics. Recognition of this threat is the one thing needful at this moment, for the conservative movement and for the United States of America.

Date posted: 2020-10-12