Houghton, William
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William (Bill) Houghton is the founder of the 'Sensible' Surrogacy Consultancy, which publishes the Sensible Surrogacy Guide and the Surrogacy Cost Guide.. Mr. Houghton is an advocate for ethical gestational surrogacy treatments worldwide and for the decent treatment of surrogate mothers. He is also a 2x surrogacy parent himself. Since 2012 Mr. Houghton has advised hundreds of couples on the risks and opportunities of gestational surrogacy destinations (both popular and obscure; transparent and shady).


New! A view from the inside about commercial surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy is a bitterly divisive topic on which we have published a number of articles. Bill Houghton's perspective is unique. He is the manager of a surrogacy agency for heterosexual and gay intended parents who has discovered that surrogacy in developing countries is exploitative and unethical. MercatorNet disagrees with surrogacy in principle, but has published this viewpoint in the interest of dialogue

Date posted: 2020-05-23