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Grace MacKinnon is a syndicated columnist/writer, public speaker and teacher, whose mission is to help adult Catholics and non-Catholics to come to better know and fully understand the beauty and richness of the truth found in the Catholic faith. Ms. MacKinnon holds a Master of Arts degree in theology and is an instructor for adults for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville. She teaches courses on a variety of Catholic topics throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.




Is Voting Pro-Choice a Mortal Sin?

In some political races, Catholic voters will be faced with a difficult moral decision. Is it a mortal sin to vote for a political candidate who is pro-abortion when there is a choice of voting for a candidate running for the same office who is pro-life?

Date posted: 2002-10-25

How Are Catholics To Vote?

Reading these statements from the US Bishops and the Holy Father should help every Catholic to be clearer as to the serious responsibility we have to make our vote count. More than anything, it must show us also our obligation before God to protect and defend human life and support those who do. It is what He calls us to do always and everywhere. When we walk into the voting booth, we do not walk in alone. Christ walks in with us.

Date posted: 2002-10-19

Prescribing Birth Control

As human persons made in the image and likeness of God, we are each bound by the natural law to pursue what is good and true. We are called to direct and regulate our life and actions towards our ultimate end, which is God (Donum Vitae, n. 3). It would seem that those Catholics, and all Christians for that matter, in the medical profession have a special moral obligation to take extra steps and means to know and comprehend moral truths.

Date posted: 2002-08-28

NFP and the Natural Law

Question about NFP and the natural law. I understand that God made marriage to be unitive and procreative. Based upon that premise, I am assuming that: (1) intercourse with NFP, knowing there will be no conception, satisfies the natural law of God; and (2) intercourse with artificial contraception, knowing there will be no conception, does not satisfy the natural law of God. Is my understanding correct?

Date posted: 2002-08-27

Can Frozen Embryos Be Saved?

The news coverage this last year on the embryonic stem cell research issue, little has been said in the media regarding an equally and perhaps more grave moral matter, one that will soon be coming to the forefront. If we believe -- and rightly so -- that it is wrong to use human embryos for experimental research, then what is it that we believe should be done with these often-unwanted frozen children? What happens to them? The Holy Catholic Church teaches that life begins at conception. The embryo is, therefore, a person with the right to life. And there are thousands of them in fertilization clinics all over the world.

Date posted: 2002-08-26