Mattheeuws, Alain
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A professor at l'Institut d'Etudes Théologiques in Brussels. He also teaches courses at the Studium de Paris and at other Faculties.



The Freezing, Implantation, and Adoption of Embryos

Our life - every human life - is in the hands of God. The sanctity of life springs from the immediate relation that every creature has, effectively and in act, with its Creator. Keep in mind that this 'sanctity' remains a moral imperative in every circumstance. No man is called to put himself in the place of God and to become the savior of others. The admission of a human impotency is not always a 'weakness' or a 'sin' or a 'lack of generosity': it can be the sign of a true humility. Such is the humility which looks to find the truth of every life and to respect God's plan in history. We will never save every child who dies in its mother's womb, nor will we save every frozen embryonic child. The true 'sanctity' of the life of every human person is presented in the manifestation and recognition of its eternal destiny.

Date posted: 2006-04-13