McCarthy, Emmanuel
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Fr. Emmanuel McCarthy is a Byzantine Rite Catholic priest in the Boston area.


A Pastoral Approach: The Nonviolent Eucharistic Jesus

Outside of Jesus Christ, the Eucharist has no Christian meaning. Everything about it must ultimately be referenced to Him and then through Him to Abba. The same is true of the Christian life. Jesus is the ultimate norm of Christian existence; everything must be referenced to Him. If He is not the final standard against which the Church and the Christian must measure everything in order to determine if it is the will of God or not, then who or what is?

Date posted: 2006-12-22

A reflection on Hiroshima and the "Killing Chair"

Throughout the world August 6 is rightfully remembered as the day that humanity entered into a neverbefore-seen form of homicidal violence - the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. Unlike the Fourth of July in the United States, Independence Day, or the Fourteenth of July in France, Bastille Day, August 6 is a planetary day of remembrance. What is done on that day in 1945 is utterly new in human history - death finds a new doorway into life. So we remember.

Date posted: 2006-02-18

Sacerdotal Flagism: Should the Flag Be Permanently Displayed in Church Sanctuaries Or Other Explicitly Christian Environments?

The question is not "What must be done?". The question is "How to do it," without dividing a Church that has been subject to mis-evangelization for decades. Bishops throughout this country must know the issue. In their hearts they must be aware that it is not a trivial concern before God. They certainly must be conscious of what their own rules and regulations dictate on the matter. But they also know that, as clear as the truth is, they often are forced to walk through a political-economic gauntlet in order to resolve the conflict. So the whole mess is "put on the back burner" with unacceptable consistency.

Date posted: 2006-02-05

Christian Just War Theory or Christian Just War Fantasy

A theory is an idea supported by a wealth of observable facts that describes and predicts conditions and which is then followed as the basis of action, e.g., the theory of relativity, theory of gravity, quantum theory, cell theory. An hypothesis is a provisional idea whose de facto merit is to be evaluated for its acceptability as the basis of action. A fantasy is an idea that is the work of the imagination. It has no verifiable basis of support in observation or experimentation outside the mind. It may be quite intricate and logically elaborate but when called to task by external reality, it shows itself to be whimsical, illusionary and incapable of providing an empirically possible basis of action.

Date posted: 2006-02-04


I am baffled, just plain baffled. War is ravaging Iraq. The justifications for the war being pre-emptively started have been proven to be fraudulent. There were no weapons of mass destruction being stockpiled. There was no imminent danger of Iraq attacking the U. S. with such weapons. Beyond this, 100,000 Iraqi civilians are now dead and hundreds of thousands more Iraqis and Americans have been maimed in body and/or mind.

Date posted: 2006-01-13

Military Abortions:

The time has come for a clear, unambiguous position statement and for political action by the Christian pro-life movement on behalf of the unborn children of Iraq and by extension on behalf of the unborn children of all countries in all wars. I believe God could be trying to raise the value and significance of the Christian pro-life movement in His salvific designs, but to do this, the movement must have the courage to say an unequivocal "No" to a misguided patriotism that ignores or justifies abortions as just "military operations."

Date posted: 2006-01-02