Mullins, Andrew
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Andrew Mullins is headmaster of Wollemi College in Sydney.


How to raise kind kids - and make family life happier

Kindness is not moral confetti that good people sprinkle randomly and benignly. It is not a nice but casual quality of character; rather, it is the indispensable building block of character and of relationships. To raise kind children is core business for every parent.

Date posted: 2018-04-21

The tragedy of self-indulgent sex

It is 50 years since Paul VI, in Humanae Vitae, predicted four effects of the widespread use of contraception: first, "conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality" would become widespread; second, there would be a loss of respect for women; third, contraception would increasingly be wielded as a political weapon; and finally, that man would come to think he had utter dominion over his own body. All this has come to pass.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Homosexuality, Marriage and Society

Twenty years ago Australia had a Year of Tolerance, courtesy of a quasi-governmental educational body. Among the materials sent to schools were glossy leaflets promoting a homosexual lifestyle. As a principal at the time I returned them with a note explaining that the parents in my school would not accept promotion of homosexuality to their children and so I would not be using them.

Date posted: 2016-07-11

Are you who others think you are?

Compassion and other moral behaviours are integral to our human nature. But they are wrong to align our human identity with moral behaviours. A lady with dementia deserves our dedicated loving care and attention both as a fellow human being and as a mother. In fact it is in giving ourselves in love, even to the most vulnerable stranger, that we discover the secret of human flourishing. It is flourishing, not identity, that is a consequence of behaviour.

Date posted: 2015-10-14

The battle to reclaim free will

Most neuroscientists today are materialists who believe that everything we do is determined. But this ignores our rationality and free will. There must be a better way.

Date posted: 2012-08-03