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Harley J. Sims is a writer and independent scholar living in Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached on his website at


How a 'pronoun' class got a young Canadian academic censured

Social justice warriors weaponise 'hate' to silence free discussion.

Date posted: 2017-12-23

Taking the "mother" out of Mother Earth News

An article on living childfree seems an odd choice for a back to nature magazine.

Date posted: 2014-03-20

The Victims' Revolution

As the value of university education in the Western world continues to rise - as enrolment rates have grown and tuition fees have climbed - institutions of higher learning have changed. They have, of course, changed physically and financially - gotten bigger, grown richer - but they have also changed in fundamental ways, ways involving methodology, curricula, and most especially epistemology, that field of knowledge concerned with the very nature of knowledge, including how it is divided by discipline. Such changes are, for the most part, however, insider secrets.

Date posted: 2012-11-10

The latest trend in comic books - gay superheroes

Why are the publishers of major comic books turning some of their superheroes into gay icons?

Date posted: 2012-07-11