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Save The "Brain Dead" Victims

When is a human being actually dead? How do medical professionals know if a human being is dead? In his article "'The Least of These': A Christian Moral Appraisal Of Vital Organ Procurement From 'Brain-Dead' Patients," which was published in the spring 2004 issue of Ethics & Medicine, Stephen N. Nelson wrote, "The ability to distinguish living human beings from dead human beings has important medical, legal, social, religious, metaphysical, and metaphorical implications."

Date posted: 2010-11-27

Interview with World's Leading Proponent of Natural Family Planning on the Dangers of Contraception

In an excusive LifeSiteNews.com interview, Mercedes Wilson, founder and President of the Natural Family Planning organization, Family for the Americas, explained the negative effects contraception has on a woman's body and on a couple's marriage.

Date posted: 2010-11-22

The Practice of Natural Family Planning Versus the Use of Artificial Birth Control:

It is essential to understand what is meant by natural family planning in order to realize why it produces so many benefits to the marriage. In general, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is defined as methods for achieving or postponing pregnancy that are based on observations of naturally occurring signs in the woman's body that inform her of the fertile and infertile phases of her cycle. Authentic Natural Family Planning never interferes with the transmission of life; its sincere openness to the Will of God and respect for life is its most vital virtue. Various natural methods are being taught throughout the world that respect the natural law and are accepted by most cultures and religions. The Ovulation Method (OM) of Natural Family Planning is at present the most widely used method because it is the easiest to learn and simplest to follow.

Date posted: 2010-11-10