Sex Ed Failure in NYC

Mary McLellan
September 29, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
Reproduced with Permission

New York City's teen pregnancy rates are apparently so high that high schools are dispensing Plan B or the morning-after pill (emergency contraception) in addition to their controversial mandated sex education agenda.

According to the Associated Press: (

"In a campaign believed to be unprecedented in its size and aggressiveness, New York City is handing out the morning-after pill to girls as young as 14 at more than 50 public high schools, sometimes even before they have had sex."

A Parent Association president on Staten Island said,

"I think it is a good idea. The children nowadays are not going to abstain from sexual intercourse." "How many unwed mothers do we need?"

This parent has lowered the standard for children by expecting them to have sex. The parent also ignores that fact that teens nationally and in New York ARE abstaining from sex.

(According to the CDC's High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data for NYC, the "Proportion of High School Students Who Have Ever Had Sex, 2011 was 42%, compared to the US at 47.4%." What is NYC not doing compared to the rest of the state or nation?) (

This so-called new initiative has been quietly expanding for at least four years. Many parents are crying foul now that the news is out. (

Yet, NYC and many school districts across the nation are not required to get parental consent or permission - they are only required to notify parents. Many parents may never see the notification or misunderstand the verbiage.

Several questions arise with this initiative:

However, pregnancy rates in NYC have not decreased as much as the national rates. Therefore, in order to perpetuate the media mantras that Comprehensive Sex Education works and Abstinence Education has failed, NYC needs to show a significant decrease in teen pregnancy and birth rates. Live birth rates are not so much an issue since NYC abortion rates are the highest in the nation.

They believe that nothing else can be done to drive these pregnancy rates lower than to do more and more of the same.

This is why they believe mandates and subsidies are necessary to push FREE Plan-B or the morning-after pill in the schools. This is the ONLY possible solution, they believe, that fits their sex-without-consequences agenda.

Yet, research ( indicates that handing out emergency contraception only makes matters worse. It provides more ways for teens to rationalize having more sex thus increasing pregnancies and STDs.

A proven predictor of teen sexual behavior is sexual climate. If sexual activity is expected, promoted and common in the school or community, and there is ample opportunity to engage in it, then teens will be more likely to engage in sexual behavior.

When abstinence from sexual behavior is ridiculed and dismissed, nothing is left but a Sex-Only approach to pregnancy prevention.

And, the Sex-Only approach ignores the fact that a national survey conducted by the CDC revealed that over 73% of students, 17 and under, have not had sex. (see pg. 21, Table 1) (

If parents are not allowed by school districts to consent or give their permission (opt-in) for their child to obtain these services, then the minor child is giving consent.

It is ludicrous that a minor child who is not old enough to legally consent to sex is somehow mature enough to give consent to obtain the morning-after pill.