Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth


* Dr. Judith Reisman earned her Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University. She is president of The Institute for Media Education. Her publications include the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice study, Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler (1989), Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (Reisman, et al., 1990) and Soft Porn Plays Hardball (1991), Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation (with Johnson, 1995), and Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000). She has been a consultant to three U.S. Department of Justice administrations, The U.S. Department of Education, as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Reisman is sought worldwide to speak, lecture, testify, and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments regarding (a) fraudulent sex science and (b) the power and effect of images and the media to alter human behavior. The special emphasis of her work has been and continues to be the negative influence of these change agents upon children and society.

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37 Id. at 308. Perhaps the most malignant form of gay misbehavior is public sex. . . . It wasn't terribly long after arriving at Harvard that we became aware of some pretty blatant cavorting about in almost every one of the university's larger general-access men's rooms. . . . It took us some time to realize just what the cavorting was all about."

Id. The authors go into some rather intimate detail about the sexual drawings and writings on the bathroom walls and the notes proffered to them beneath the interstall partition. However, notes were left by irate students, 'Why can't a Harvard boy go to the john in this dump without being groped by a seedy queer!?' . . . [Soon] the doors disappeared from every toilet stall in the main Harvard Science Center men's room and uniformed policemen were periodically observed patrolling the premises for perverts.

Id. at 309. With apologies from this author for the graphic nature of the following, Kirk & Madsen, note that sex in public toilets isn't at all uncommon . . . in the men's rooms of Ivy League Colleges, and in the public lavatories, parks, and alleyways of every manor city in the United States. Theirs is the wretchedest of all gay excesses . . . . They masturbate in the urinals, wander totally naked up and down the length of the facility, and fellate one another in acrobatic positions in the open doorways of the stall. When they ejaculate, and they do, on the seats, walls, or floors, they leave it there to congeal into a nasty, highly identifiable puddle. . . ."

Id. at 309-310 The damage is redoubled when such creatures solicit straight boys, a prime example of the gay tendency to "live down to the stereotype. . . .[I]t makes apparent liars out of gays who protest that their sexual activities occur only in private and between consenting adults, and are therefore of no legitimate interest to the straight community or its legislative apparatus. . . . And we emphasize, such behavior isn't at all uncommon."

Id. at 310-11 (emphasis added). Kirk & Madsen pinpoint a "not uncommon" public sex crime. A friend of theirs gleefully detailed how he attained an orgasm by pushing into a terrified "thirteen-year-old boy" trapped "in a crowded rock concert." Kirk & Madsen explain, "[t]his is not good public relations." Id. at 311. [Back]

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48 Id. at 16. As a side bar, it is striking that violence to boy children by trusted adult males is also a common theme in homosexual and "heterosexual" pornography. In the latter, young girls are seduced and graphically raped but rarely illustrated as stabbed, killed or cannibalized (unless in a scene with a boy). For example, one Playboy cartoon has Santa, having just eaten a little lad, tell his elf, "Bring in another!" PLAYBOY, Jan. 1977, at 221. A Penthouse cartoon depicts Santa having blown apart a small boy's brain with the caption, "That'll teach you to be a good boy." PENTHOUSE, Dec. 1977, at 208. In another Penthouse cartoon a Victorian family at the dinner table prepares to eat a headless, naked, cooked boy as father says, "And God bless Tiny Tim" (Tim's crutch has been laid aside forever). PENTHOUSE, Dec. 1988, at 210. [Back]

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54 REISMAN, supra note 27. On the one hand, "hate crimes" against homosexuals, such as a physical assault are statistically meager. On the other hand, the most statistically significant "hate crimes" against homosexuals, as Island and Letellier document in Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them, are inflicted on male homosexual victims by male homosexual predators. ISLAND & LETTELIER, supra note 42.
The United States Department of Justice, Criminal Victimization 2000 finds 14,700 male victims of "Rape or sexual assault." DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, NATIONAL CRIME VICTIMIZATION SURVEY: CHANGES 1999-2000 WITH TRENDS 1993-2000, at 8 (2001). The data citing 14,700 male "rape" victims identify no males reporting their forcible sodomization-rape as a "hate crime." Id. Roughly 14,700 males (commonly young boys) were sodomized (while sodomy is perhaps an equally vile crime, I confine "rape" to its traditional definition of penetration of the female) during 1999-2000. Therefore, these 14,700 males were largely victims of bi/homosexual assault.
Assuming the accuracy of the now discredited Kinseyan 10% homosexual figure, Island and Letellier estimate "500,000 gay male victims [of "domestic" violence] each year." ISLAND & LETTELIER, supra note 42, at 13. The figures proposed by Island and Letellier and the Lloyd and West data documenting the sexual violence common to 300,000 to 600,000 boy prostitutes (addressed further herein) suggest that the 14,700 "rape" figure from the Department of Justice is a modest estimate of the current problem of bi/homosexual sexual violence. [Back]

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Prevent Child Abuse America reports that while assessments vary, "[e]stimates suggest that males account for 25-35% of child sexual abuse victims," and "[s]exual abusers of boys tend to be males...known by the victim, but unrelated to the victim." Nancy Peddle & Ching-Tung Wang, Current Trends in Child Abuse Prevention, Reporting and Fatalities: The 1999 Fifty State Survey (National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research, Chicago, IL 2001), available at (last visited Apr. 4, 2002).

A study of 93 sexually abused boys revealed that "6 years after contact with their abuser three times as many [of the boys] . . . had psychological or unexplained health problems that lasted more than one year. Problems included . . . depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. . . and suicide." Alison McCook, Childhood Sex Abuse Can Have Long- lasting Effects, 86 ARCH. DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD 164 (2002). [Back]


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Even the President of the Untied States, Ronald Reagan, was unable to influence public health policies in this nation during his tenure in office. . . . Directives which were sent from the White House to public health agencies were ignored . . . . C. Everett Koop, and others, [countered to] local authorities that they should not carry out the President's recommendation. Id. at 15. [Back]

150 Those engaged in highly promiscuous sexual conduct are found to have a high propensity for drug and alcohol use, as well as early sexual abuse. As noted in our cites on THE ADVOCATE self-reports, 21% of their respondents admitted to sex abuse by age 15. See supra note 85 and accompanying text. Moreover, Island & Letellier report their findings, that: "[O]nly substance abuse and AIDS adversely affect more gay men, making domestic violence the third largest health problem facing gay men today." ISLAND & LETELLIER, supra note 42, at 1. These behaviors are regularly identified in the professional literature, see, e.g., JEFFREY SATINOVER, HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE POLITICS OF TRUTH 44, 97, 105, 106-108 (1996), as reflecting early childhood trauma. Satinover notes the homosexual effort to deny such etimology, seen in the 126 detailed questions asked of lesbians and "gay" men, including self image and types of and location of sex practices and the like by Jay and Young, in The Gay Report, supra note 92. Jay and Young, (like Gagnon directed) ten years later, the authors avoided any questions that might reveal early sexual or other kinds of trauma as causative in the homosexual respondent's conduct. Id. Holmes and Slap provide further data on the comparatively high rates of dysfunction among homosexualized boys including suicidal ideation, drugs, crimes, sexual and other disorders. W.C. Holmes & G.B. Slap, Sexual Abuse of Boys: Definition, Prevalence, Correlates, Sequlae, and Management, 280 J. AM. MED. ASS'N 1855, 1858-59 (1998). [Back]

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