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February 27, 2024

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'The white coat and the cross' - the witness of Dr. Lejeune
On January 21, 2021, Pope Francis declared Dr. Jerome Lejeune as "Venerable," a step in the process of being declared a saint. Lejeune is known for his research into the chromosomal abnormality, Trisomy 21, which is the cause of Down syndrome. He was a renowned scientist, and he was also a Catholic who dedicated his career to the defense of life.

Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are children under state law
The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen human embryos constitute children under state statute, a decision that could have wide-reaching effects on in vitro fertilization and other medical concerns there.

Orwellian: Transgender Efforts to Silence Biological Truth Reach the State Department
Someone needs to tell the Biden administration that George Orwell's novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' isn't an instruction manual. The administration, and the Left more broadly, has adopted a form of totalitarian 'newspeak' that aims to make criticism of transgender orthodoxy unthinkable by eliminating gendered words from the English language. This echoes the totalitarian government of 'Nineteen-Eighty-Four,' which systematically seeks to destroy words in order to render criticism of the government unthinkable.

Recent Study on Abortion Drug Panned for 'Poor Quality Research' by Expert
Planned Parenthood, the leading proponent of abortion in America, has written on their website, 'Medication abortion is really safe and effective. It's a super common way to have an abortion, and millions of people have used it safely.' Planned Parenthood broadcasts that abortion is a 'right,' that any method of terminating a baby in the womb is safe, and that complications are 'extremely rare.' However, several experts have pointed out that Planned Parenthood -- along with other businesses that carry out abortions -- are especially prone to dressing up poor or false data, research, and arguments to serve their agenda.

Letting trans players participate in girls' and women's sports is a ticking time bomb
Another day, another example of how our illiberal 'inclusivity' mandates are taking a jackhammer to the integrity and fairness of female athletics. We've seen it in golf, swimming, skateboarding, cycling, surfing and volleyball. The latest entry for the women's sports hall of shame happened on the hardwood. During a girls' hoops game earlier this month in Massachusetts, Collegiate Charter School in Lowell forfeited a game against KIPP Academy at halftime because they had three players go down with injuries. ...An official statement from the school read, 'In an effort to maintain safety for his team, [the coach] decided to forfeit.' There was no mention that KIPP's squad ... has a biological male player standing 'more than 6 feet tall with facial hair' who identifies as female.

EWTN Miniseries: What Does the Church Say?
Theresa Farnan (PhD), co-founder of PIP, joins Mary Hasson to discuss what the Church says about the person, the human body, and "transgender" identification.

The Philosophical Contradictions of the Transgender Worldview
EPPC's President Ryan Anderson states "But transgender activists claim that a person's self-professed "gender identity" is that person's "sex." The challenge for activists is to explain why the mere feeling of being male or female... makes someone male or female...."

Transgender Surgery: "What Have I Done?"
Released by Family Watch International and the American College of Pediatrics, this video includes testimonies from doctors and detransitioners recounting the horrors of "gender-affirming care."

A quick guide to slavespeak: 11 terms 'progressives' have turned on their head
As we wave goodbye to 2023 and ring in the new year, many of us will be doing a "de-tox" to rid our bodies of those trifles, Christmas cakes, biscuits, chocolates and sundry culinary delights that filled our bellies and brought us good cheer over the Christmas holidays. I propose that we accompany this physical de-tox with a verbal de-tox: we need to purge our bloated vocabulary of several concepts that are poisoning our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Unwitting incest is inevitable as demand for sperm donation grows
A CNN investigation into "fertility fraud" - doctors impregnating their patients with their own sperm - features a woman who unwittingly slept with her half-brother. A Connecticut woman, 39-year-old Victoria Hill, investigated her ancestry with a DNA test kit. To her dismay, she discovered that her father was not her biological father and that her real father was her mother's doctor, Burton Caldwell.

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Is it really possible to love our enemies?

A Christian wants to listen closely to Jesus' words. It makes sense that if we only love those who love us back and only do good to those who do good to us then there is nothing noble or heroic in that. The truth of Jesus' words resounds in our hearts. It makes us want to be the type of people who can love even our enemies and do good even to those who wish us harm. In the core of our being, we want to be people who forgive, who bless others, and who love unconditionally. However, as we try to live Jesus' words, we come face-to-face with our human weakness. As much as we may want to forgive, we find ourselves holding on to petty grudges or carrying out prejudices to an extreme. As much as we may want to do good to others, we fear that we will be taken advantage of. So few people take up the challenges of Jesus' words because of pride and fear. And when we see others holding back, we are tempted to do the same. Is it really possible to love our enemies? Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Why Our World Needs the Good News of Marriage

Shenan J. Boquet
For many around the world, the family is not only the first but also the only form of social protection, a community of reciprocity and care. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Families are often the strongest advocates for their members who might otherwise be ignored or considered a burden by society. Each member of a family gives and receives irreplaceable love, care, and support. For this reason, social policies must support the family in its essential role in achieving social justice and social development.

New! What's the Lifespan of a Gay Friend?

Brian Clowes
Despite the scientific evidence to the contrary, pro-homosexual group tend to insist that living the active homosexual "lifestyle" is just as healthy as heterosexuality. Some of the claims made by pro-homosexual groups are ridiculous on their face. Anyone who has done research in this area of public health knows that active homosexual behavior is not a healthy lifestyle, bringing tremendous deleterious physical and mental consequences.

New! Abortion by Mail

Steven Mosher
Will the Supreme Court Allow Death to be Delivered to Your Door?

New! English for the Dazed and Confused

Mark Bauerlein
Give young Americans the story of literature from the Puritans to the Modernists. Make it a tradition and hand it down as an ingredient in their formation as citizens and tell them that they stand in the shadow of American greatness. This is not only a matter of knowledge and skill. It's for their health.

New! The Religion That Remade the World

John F. Doherty
Tom Holland raises many important questions about the connection between Christianity and contemporary Western civilization. All Westerners, be they Christian or not, would do well to consider his insights.

The Eleven-Year-Old 'Woman'

Judie Brown
Though the government decided that Plan B should not be available as an over-the-counter drug, there are still concerns about what the future may hold.

Contraception and the Decline of the Family

Donald DeMarco
The ideology of choice dominates our current society. People are misled into thinking that choice itself is a virtue, forgetting that virtuous behaviour requires not any choice whatsoever, but the choice of a moral good. God's plan as well as Church teaching demands that the sex act, that is to say the "marital act", not be severed from its natural ordination to the possibility of new life. History has shown, and rather incontrovertibly that once sex is divorced from life, it soon becomes divorced from marriage, love, family, and even a relationship with a heterosexual partner.

Nepal: Torture seen as 'necessary evil'

Asia Human Rights
Due to the lack of strong anti-torture legislation, torture is rampant in Nepal.

Is the Vatican Slouching toward Wickedness?

Judie Brown
The situation in Vatican City continues to deteriorate, as news abounds of alliances not quite in harmony with Church teaching.

Swords and hearts united

Tom Bartolomeo
Men, what divorced or single mother's boy in your extended family needs the companionship of a man? And ladies, what girl? What boy or girl in the Big Brother Big Sister's program needs an adult mentor to spend afternoons with? You will find a Big Brothers Big Sister office in Rockford on Y Boulevard. My young boy at Big Brothers would stare at the door waiting for me, his mother told me, until I arrived. In three weeks we were fast friends. Without healthy Catholic normalcy in their lives besides their mothers your niece, nephew, or neighbor's child will, statistically speaking, fail at marriage themselves or avoid marriage and cohabitation without first encountering a positive adult man or woman' leadership. Would you want a New Year's Resolution which may save a child's life? I have just given you a great one.

The Red Wine of the Gospel
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas McManaman
When the Lord calls, He calls us for one purpose, which is to labor in his vineyard. And what is the purpose of working in a vineyard? It is to make wine. The Lord calls us to devote ourselves to producing the red wine of the gospel. He calls us to become inebriated, to get drunk on the red wine of His word.

The Uniquely Destructive Psychological Experience of Elective Abortion:
Comparisons with Other Forms of Perinatal Loss and Delivery of an Unintended Pregnancy

When the studies using comparison groups are conveyed to the public, it will be difficult to deny the challenges introduced by abortion to women's mental health and quality of life. As the published research validates the suffering of countless women like Amanda, who profoundly grieve the loss of a child, more effort should be directed toward pre-abortion counseling. Had someone shared the experiences of other women with Amanda as she contemplated her abortion several years ago, her choice may have been different. The prevention of post-abortion emotional pain and mental health problems is ultimately far better for individual women and for society than reliance on subsequent intervention.

The expanding gender agenda

Dale O’Leary
The term "gender" has become ubiquitous. The forms we routinely fill out, which previously asked for our sex, now asked for our gender. Most people assumed that gender was simply a polite synonym for sex - preferable since sex has a secondary meaning, namely as a shortened form for sexual intercourse. But those pushing the use of "gender" did not do so out of an over-scrupulous sense of propriety, for them gender and sex are not synonyms.

Technology and the Soul: The Spiritual Lessons of Digital Distraction

Joshua Hochschild
The age of digital media has unleashed a profoundly threatening human experiment. By drawing us to waste not only our time, but our attention, social media seduces us to waste our souls. Our brightest engineers have trained our most powerful technology to act with the psychological craftiness of demons. Neuroscience helps us understand how digital media is changing us, but we need a more classical language about the soul to understand, and protect ourselves from, the most ominous of these changes.

Ukraine's other battle: demography

Louis T. March
What is not dominating the news. Tired of hearing about Ukraine? Thought so. But if you follow demography, Ukraine is an interesting case, though a real basket case. Yours truly just has to weigh in.