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June 1, 2023

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Sexualizing Children in the Schools
June is Pride Month. Regrettably, there are some LGBT activists, and sympathizers, who are using the schools to promote a sick agenda. This needs to end.

Abortions Up 20% in Scotland as Abortion Pill Kills More Babies
Official Public Health Scotland statistics yesterday revealed that the abortion rate in Scotland rose by 19%, nearly a fifth, between 2021 and 2022. While the abortion rate in 2013 was 11.5 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 years, as of last year, that rate has risen to 16.1.

June is for the Sacred Heart
Pope Leo desired that the unified devotion of the Church to the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be a powerful reminder, to the faithful themselves and the world at large, of Christ's kingship over all creation - a kingship he holds both by right as the Son of God and by virtue of the terrible price he paid to redeem it.

Responding to "Pride" Month as a Catholic
What will you say to your kids if they ask why there are so many rainbows in June? As Catholics, how should we respond to the torrent of LGBTQ ideologies?

Dodgers Pitcher Denounces Team's Decision to Honor Anti-Catholic Group: 'God Cannot Be Mocked'
Latest Major League Baseball player publicly condemns Dodgers' decision to honor an anti-Catholic drag group.

A Return to Fidelity: Princeton Professor's Brilliant Move to Flip 'Pride Month' on Its Head
This rush to celebrate LGBTQ+ lifestyles is both exclusionary and offensive to conservative Jews and Christians who follow the Bible's teaching that God created humans male and female, that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that pride is a cardinal sin, not a virtue.

How Has Cannabis Legalization Affected Pregnant Mothers?
After Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, the rate of acute care for cannabis use during pregnancy in Ontario nearly doubled, data indicate.

Mother Refuses Pressure From Doctors to Have Abortion of Baby Born With No Arms
A mother who refused pressure from doctors to abort her son, Hendre, has lauded the "greatest gift we could have received... I wish they could hear me when I tell them it's okay to have a child who's different from society's idea of 'normal.'"

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: "Unborn Life Has the Right to Exist"
Pope Francis has affirmed "the wonder and joy" of being born in his preface to a new book by scientists exploring the "'miracle' that is life".

Don't Forget Men in the Abortion Debate
Support After Abortion ... found that 71 percent of men suffered issues after abortion ... and that 82 percent of men did not know where to find help. Men struggled regardless of their involvement in the abortion decision, and even men who fully supported their partner's decision found themselves with anger, grief, and other negative emotions when thinking about the child or children they never got to know.t

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War Against Children: 'Children-friendly' Gay Drag Shows - "unbelievable" (Part 11)

A recent scandal hit the news recently highlighting an unbelievable attack on our children by the gay community: "Child-friendly Drag Shows". This article shows two video recordings of scarcely dressed drag queens dancing in front of children and a bright pink neon sign in the background saying "It's Not Going to Lick Itself." Young children can be seen sitting at a bar and handing money to drag queens. Repugnant and Sickening! Why is there no ADULT outcry? The original intention of removing the stigma of homosexuality from the gay community seems to have changed in recent years. It has shifted from acceptance to abolishing the difference between males and females, and between adults and children. Yet, science states definitely (100%) that a man and a woman are biologically different. God created them different for a reason and one cannot become the other. Regardless of what the media says, this is an impossibility. PERIOD. Candice Jackson summaries it well: "'LGBTQ Pride' is a spiritual cult that's anti-reality, anti-civil liberties, targeting children for fantasy-based rites of body sacrifice to liberate 'gender souls' & 'queer' sexualization." Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Relationship after Abortion: Will Abortion Help or Hurt?

Shenan J. Boquet
Many women seeking abortions fear that a child might interfere with their relationships with their partners. Sometimes a woman's partner, parents, or friends encourage her to have an abortion or express disapproval if she wishes to keep the child. Because of this, women often fear that if they do not have abortions, their relationships may suffer.

New! Professional Hockey's Inquisitorial "Pride Nights

Tal Fortgang
Of course the law gives Americans wide latitude to be nasty, unkind, and intolerant of one another. But that doesn't mean we should strive to live in an uncivil and fragmented society. It certainly doesn't mean that the NHL must continue hosting events that breed animosity and intolerance, the opposite of what they claim to aim for.

New! No, cohabitation is still not a good preparation for marriage

Carolyn Moynihan
Where are the limits to self-definition? If premarital cohabitation with one partner increases the risk of divorce or separation, what is the effect of having lived with one or more prior partners?

New! The Stubborn Facts About Saving Sex: Doing Things God's Way Works

John Stonestreet
Multiple studies confirm the "try before you buy" plan fails marriages.

New! Stand Up For Those Who Cannot Stand For Themselves
"The Precious Unborn"

Michael D. Pfeifer
As pro-lifers, all of us must continue to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves, the precious unborn, tiny persons, children of God in their mothers' wombs. As we stand up for the most vulnerable and weakest among us, we also need to be the voice of these voiceless little ones. And as we stand up for them, we shout out with a clear moral voice that life is the most precious gift that has been given to us by our Creator. No person is disposable, and every life is precious according to Him and is our most fundamental right. Abortion is the greatest moral evil of our time - an abomination that must be ended.

The Vatican Cannot Ignore China's Religious Persecution and Human Rights Abuses

Gerard T. Mundy
Millions of Chinese sacrifice daily for the freedom to worship the Trinity as their God in communion with Rome. Rather than appeasing the Chinese government and capitulating to its demands, the Vatican would do well to admonish its leaders instead.

Latest Danish Study's Reported Findings on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Are Hyperinflated
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges Danish Researchers to Study the Whole Group, Use Record-Linkage Database

Karen Malec
The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer commented on a Danish study entitled, "Induced abortion and breast cancer among parous women: A Danish cohort study."

"Opting Out": States Take Charge on Taxpayer Funding for Abortion

Margaret Datiles Watts
In January, the Senate voted against H.R. 2 (repealing Obama's health care law) and then in April voted down two resolutions that would have prohibited taxpayer funding for abortion - one blocking taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood and another prohibiting funds for abortion under the health care law. In the wake of these Senate votes, state legislatures are taking control over abortion funding in their own states by enacting "opt-out" legislation and other similar laws.

The transgender suicide myth exposed

Michael Cook
What should really terrify parents is the mutilation of their child's healthy body.

Bangladesh: Torturous law-enforcement system with impunity and rewards to perpetrators impede protection of rights

Asia Human Rights
The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) draws attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council and its Special Procedures about the institutionalised practice of torture in Bangladesh, which is an incumbent member of the Human Rights Council.

Five convictions for Kosovo organ trafficking

Michael Cook
Five people have been convicted of organ trafficking in Kosovo by the European Union court which runs the legal system in the quasi-independent territory. The controversial case ended with a jail term of 8 years for a prominent urologist in Pristina, Lutfi Dervishi, for "organised crime and human trafficking".

HPV vaccination: A threat to the family

John B. Shea
HPV is believed to cause most cases of cancer of the cervix of the uterus. Infection is caused by promiscuous sexual intercourse. Many people have applauded the four provincial Premiers. Recently, however, researchers at McGill University in Montreal have stated that there are many unanswered questions about this vaccination.

Another euthanasia scandal in Belgium

Michael Cook
Another euthanasia scandal in Belgium. Two sisters have complained on a television program, Terzake, about the euthanasia of their sister in April 2010.

Controlling Women's Desires in Kenya
Population Controllers have a new strategy - those who manipulate women's desires, control their fertility

Steven Mosher
The Kenyan government recently outlined a new brand of coercive population control. Unlike China's policy which uses coercion to control the number of births, Kenya is trying to control population earlier in the reproductive process by changing women's desires to have children.

The British virgins who have IVF babies

Michael Cook
A steady trickle of women seeking IVF in Britain are single women who have never had sexual intercourse.