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September 21, 2021

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Laura Chose Life After Fatal Fetal Diagnosis: ‘She Knew Nothing But Love’
Pearl was born alive and lived for an hour and a half before she died in Laura’s arms. “That little girl knew nothing but love,” said Laura. “The whole time that she was with us. We sang songs. I knew she knew our voice.”

Facebook Said That Instagram Wasn’t Bad For Teens. It Is And Here Are The Facts
The social media giant ignored finding by its own researchers. Facebook officials had internal research in March 2020 showing that Instagram – the social media platform most used by adolescents – is harmful to teen girls’ body image and well-being but swept those findings under the rug to continue conducting business as usual, according to a Sept. 14, 2021, Wall Street Journal report.

The Resistance: Only Parents Can Challenge The Digital Empire
The rising rates of social media-induced depression and anxiety in young people nowadays are alarming.

There’s A Four-letter Word For Pornography: Evil. Why Can’t The Media Pronounce It?
Justifications of pornography are ingenious and endless but seldom novel. However, when OnlyFans, one of the world’s largest websites for user-generated porn, threatened to ban sexually explicit videos and images, a new argument emerged.

Texas Heartbeat Law Is Saving Lives
In Texas, it is illegal to abort a baby after the point when the heartbeat is detected – i.e. around six weeks’ gestation. As many pro-abortion activists are noting, this amounts to a near-total abortion ban in the state, since in many cases the unborn baby has a heartbeat even before the baby’s mother knows she’s pregnant. In other words, many babies are being saved from abortion, right now, because this law has gone into effect.

Human Life Begins At Conception, When A Unique Human Being Comes Into Existence
When the cell was first discovered (and named) by Robert Hooke in 1665, it was hailed as a major discovery. However it was initially thought to be just a cell wall containing a mass of some sort of undifferentiated protoplasm.

Justice Clarence Thomas Blasts Media, Defends Supreme Court Upholding Texas Abortion Ban
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas defended the integrity of the Supreme Court in a lecture at the University of Notre Dame — responding in part to abortion activists who are upset the nation’s highest court didn’t put on hold a new Texas law that saves babies from abortion.

The Draw And Drawbacks Of Porn For Young Adults: Can Mindfulness Help?
Jason, a 10-year-old boy who was the eldest child in his family, had parents who held him to an exceptionally high standard academically, athletically, and morally. Jason would often shut down when his parents lectured him, sometimes viewing porn as a coping mechanism to soothe his feelings of anxiety.

Suffering When Our Children Lack Faith
On the Feast of Saint Monica, I was reminded of all those parents who truly suffer when their children lack faith and break from the Church. This is true suffering in the sense that suffering is our ability to sense when we lack required goods, whether they be physical, psychological, social or spiritual. If suffering is truly a message from God to be heeded, what is the message to the devout parents whose children have strayed from the path? That it is the parents who are suffering and not the children gives us a clue that it is the parents that need to change their behavior.

Doctor Claims Major Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccine Not Being Reported
While President Joe Biden continues to urge and plead with Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more reports are coming out about the vaccine’s side effects and overall success rate. Not to mention, Biden mandated the vaccine for all businesses but decided not to make it mandatory for members of Congress.

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War Against Children: Adoption Laundering – "stealing a child" (Part 6)

As you know, there is a very real war going on in the world right now. It’s a war against the life of a child. In this segment, I will talk about “Child Laundering” The Bible tells us that each and every human being is made in the image of God, and the enemy would like nothing better than to attack that image by destroying each and every person he can, beginning with the preborn. It’s up to us to fight on behalf of these innocent children. It’s not easy, but God is on our side. The legal definition of “Child Laundering” refers to an act of stealing and selling a child to adopting parents under false pretenses. Then, through false paperwork, the child is “laundered” into a legal “orphan” and then sold on a commercialized and corrupt market. “Child Laundering” is a dirty business, a dirty war against children. It is motivated by evil men solely for the purpose of making money by exploiting the poorest and the weakest. To counteract this, we need to be strong and provide a loving environment for our children. We need to be actively involved in society. Children are the most precious treasure that we have. They guarantee our future. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Searching for the Why: Introducing the Hippocratic Forum

Benjamin Frush
What is lacking in modern medical training is a community of fellow trainees collectively committed to a rich, morally robust view of medicine and the physician's place in it. This is what the Hippocratic Forum seeks to provide.

New! Abortion Is Domestic Violence

Judie Brown
After nearly 50 years of killing our flesh and blood through abortion and maiming their mothers in the home or on the surgical table, is it any wonder that doctors have become killers, many men have disrespected women, and too many mothers are paying someone to end the lives of their babies? Yes, abortion is domestic violence, and the antidote is love.

New! Losing Our Fertility

Elizabeth Regnerus
The great paradox of late-stage feminism is that it attempts to establish women on equal footing with men by robbing them of their life-giving nature. It's time to reject this damaging and dangerous lie. Fertility is not a limitation. It is a gift.

New! Forgotten freedoms fade fast

Kurt Mahlburg
From social media censorship to mandatory medical treatments, it seems that Westerners have lost sight of the unique freedoms that once made our nations the envy of the world.

New! In Vitro Fertilization: Unnatural Selection

Brian Clowes
The child is not an object to which one has a right, nor can he be considered as an object of ownership: rather, a child is a gift, "the supreme gift" and the most gratuitous gift of marriage and is a living testimony of the mutual giving of his parents. For this reason, the child has the right to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents; and he also has the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.

Forgiveness is Willing the Good
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
If we wait for feelings of love in the sense of liking our enemies, we will be waiting a long time. We will not be able to love them at all. Loving the enemy is not a matter of feeling, It is a matter of willing. We do not will any harm to happen to another person.

Worse Than Fiction
Euthanasia on the Rise

John Stonestreet
Or, as Wesley J. Smith summed it up, "One set of doctors killed the patient, stepped out of the room, and another set of doctors entered for the harvest." The Belgian doctors' hope is that "More euthanasia donors are to be expected with more public awareness."

When is "not-self" really "self"? International Research Ethics Standards Require Hwang's Team to Retest Its Stem Cells

Dianne N. Irving
Perhaps Hwang and his team are a bit reluctant because they already know beforehand that it is physically and scientifically impossible that these "stem cells" from cloned human embryos really match the patients into whom they were injected? What about addressing the other ethical requirements of the Declaration of Helsinki and the Nuremberg Code - e.g., the fact that patients should understand that the research being performed is not "standard medical care", that the good of the patient involved outweighs that of "society" or "science", that patients must give ethically and legally valid informed consent to participate, as well as various other ethical obligations of others directly complicit in this research. One wonders why the international press doesn't include some of these international research ethics requirements in their investigative reporting.

War on Children: Abortion - "Nuremberg Revisited" (Part 2)

*Offsite Article
The killing of unborn children is "A Crime Against Humanity". Their number far surpasses the total of all war deaths in man's history. Each and every day, hospitals and licensed clinics are responsible for the murder of countless babies before they even have a chance to breathe air. Let me emphasize that abortion involves carrying out or arranging to carry out the deliberate killing of an innocent human being by adults. In addition, each and every day, these same adults proclaim these killings to be a "right." Since it is "human beings" who claim that abortion is a "right", it is presumed they are speaking of "human rights". What are human rights? Human rights are those basic rights and freedoms that "belong to every person in the world", from birth until death. These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. If this brief explanation is correct, then in no way can we claim that "abortion is a right". Why? Because a majority of people worldwide deny that abortion is a "right". This "right" does not belong to every person in the world; consequently, it cannot fall into the category of "human rights". Simple logic. To think otherwise is absurd.

Rising to Battle

Douglas P. McManaman
Synopsis: The Lord calls us to battle, waits for our response, then joins us in the fight. That is why we have to enter the fray, not recklessly and without forethought, but steadily, faithfully and tactfully carrying out our duties - which will at times be very difficult and possibly even terrifying -, but trusting all the while that we cannot lose, since God fights on our side.

Catholicism in Crisis

Judie Brown
San Martin appears to suggest that even sexually explicit pictures used in the program at various points are not really offensive if one takes the program as a whole and understands that "the units have a common thread, a metaphor of the human person as a 'tent.'" But our analysis of the program sheds a different light - tent or no tent.

The Need to Reclaim Catholic Social Teaching

Douglas P. McManaman
Synopsis: A large percentage of social justice advocates were at one time in their lives devotees of Karl Marx, and although some of them have left strict Marxism behind, they continue to approach both social problems and Catholic social teaching from a Marxist habitus. The result is often a very dilapidated doctrine that is politically inspired, misleading, and lacks the fullness exhibited in the social encyclicals.

War Against Babies with Down’s Syndrome

*Offsite Article
The war against babies with Down’s syndrome by abortion has increased as a newer and more accurate prenatal test for Down’s syndrome was developed in Britain. Pro-life campaigners fear this is eugenics by the back door. They have warned that because most people terminate pregnancies where Down’s syndrome is identified, this accurate form of testing will result in the disappearance of people with this condition. It is important to remember that a baby is a baby first and foremost and that the syndrome is very much secondary. This little baby is a real baby. It is precious. It is beautiful as all new babies are and has the exact same needs. Some parents cope better than others in caring for any new baby. In this case it is a question whether the baby has a disability or not. A baby with Down syndrome is not the fault of the mother or father.

Hard questions: 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died

Michael Cook
There are many questions about the invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq, but surely the most important is: was it a just war? This was the question when the war began and it is still the question now. How can we move on without confronting it squarely and honestly? ... The website Iraqi Body Count estimates that between 97,700 and 106,600 Iraqi civilians have died violent deaths since 2003. ... These numbers are almost impossible for us to grasp in comfortable countries like the US and Australia.

From Misery To Joy: The Story of David DeJiacomo

Arthur Goldberg
David DeJiacomo was deeply entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle for nearly 30 years and had more than a thousand partners. After a powerful conversion experience before a statue of St. Joseph in a Catholic church, DeJiacomo turned from a life of misery back to the Catholic faith.