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September 21, 2023

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Feminists and Contraception
Those who draw attention to the negative effects of birth control are typically dismissed as at best over-zealous religious conservatives or at worst crusaders to ban birth control. But within the past decade, the conversation has begun to shift, and it seems as if a new generation might be waking up to the harms of both the sexual revolution and the pill that enabled it.

Cleveland Diocese Issues Model LGBT Policy
The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, under the leadership of Bishop Edward C. Malesic, has issued a policy for Catholic parishes and schools on sexuality and gender identity that is a model for all Catholic entities, nationwide. Predictably, LGBT activists and their supporters in the media and politics are unhappy, and some are seriously misrepresenting the policy.

Late-Term Abortions Kill 12,000 Babies Every Year, Almost 33 Viable Babies Killed Every Day
When you're trying to defend abortions in the second and third trimesters, your calling card is often that such abortions are rare, rare, and rare. So when the reality of a political party--the Democrats--has proven by word and deed that they will accept no limitations--NONE--the typical defense shifts to how few there are them. And too boot (so the rationale goes) it's most often when the child is said to be fatally ill.

Over 330 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty
The findings show that 333 million children worldwide are living in extreme poverty - a decrease of almost 50 million over the course of the past decade.

Here's why biological men don't belong in women's sports: Oberlin coach
A male -- no matter how they self-identify -- should not be allowed to compete in a women's sporting event. This is my opinion, based on biological truth that I'm well aware of as a former D1 two-sport athlete turned college lacrosse coach with over 27 years of coaching experience. I have been inducted into three halls of fame for coaching and contributing to the growth of lacrosse. But I was 'burned at the stake' by Oberlin College for expressing that belief. I have always considered myself pro-woman. Over the course of my coaching career, I have been a mentor to many women and girls, sharing advice both on and off the field. My office has always been a gathering place. My athletes, including several who have identified as transgender, have always known that they can come to me--to laugh, to cry, or anything in between.

Former Abortionist Confirms "Vast Majority" of Late-Term Abortions Done on Healthy Moms and Babies
To hear it from abortion activists, late-term abortions are almost never done and are only necessary because of dire medical conditions for mother or baby.

Christians wary after spate of arrests in northern India
Over 25 Christians including pastors detained or arrested in Uttar Pradesh state last week

Abortion is Wrong Because Killing Babies is Barbaric
I was thinking the other day about the many adjectives that describe abortion -- about what all of American society will recognize when it comes to see abortion with the moral clarity that too often only history provides.

The truth about social justice and the moral life
The point of Catholic morality is to tell us how best to live.

Truth, sex and gender
What the church proposes in the public square is not uniquely or exclusively Catholic. It is the truth of the human person accessible to all people. In this regard, the church simply bears witness to what is true.

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The Truth: Catholic Church and LGBTQ+

Bishop Tobin states that "homosexual activity is unnatural and gravely immoral. It's offensive to Almighty God. It can never be condoned, under any circumstances." The movement for same-sex "marriage," he added, "seeks to radically redefine the most fundamental institution of the human race, the building block of every society and culture. From the beginning, marriage has been defined as the stable union of man and woman, designed by God to continue the human race through the procreation of children. Homosexual relationships are not marriage - never have been, never will be." It is important to clarify that the Church "DOES ACCEPT" the LGBTQ+ Community. This presents NO problem for the Church. But the sexual behaviour, the sexual acts of the LGBTQ+ Community does present a problem. It does NOT correspond with Catholic teaching which applies to everyone who is Catholic, married or unmarried. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! From gender-blind casting to recreational abortion

Steven Tucker
How far will the current Hollywood fad-concept of "blind" casting now go? Bear with me here, but in my opinion, it could well ultimately end in the future medical murder of infants in a process of what might best be termed "recreational abortion".

New! Scapegoating of the Elderly

Shenan J. Boquet
Without a concerted effort to face the demographic tsunami that was self-imposed by short-sighted, inhumane policies and propaganda, we may well simply meet evil with additional evil, compounding our guilt, and once again scapegoating the most vulnerable

New! Canada's mass graves scandal is looking more like a modern-day blood libel

Kurt Mahlburg
The barely-whispered fine print in each of these announcements - and in most corporate press reporting on the subject - was that no graves had been physically located or unearthed at all. Rather, radar had detected anomalies and disturbances in the soil, which were assumed to be the graves of children. Such an assumption was not entirely unfounded: research conducted in 2015 suggested historically high rates of child deaths at residential schools due to disease.

New! How kids can stop fat-shaming in its tracks

Israel "Izzy" Kalman
Do you have an overweight child who's being bullied? Have you followed the universally offered advice to inform the school, only to find that the problem has continued and even escalated? If so, you are not alone. You may have come to believe the problem is intractable, but the solution may be simpler than you've imagined.

New! Artificial Mediocrity: The Hazard of AI in Education

Michael R. Gonzalez
Many students may not appreciate the importance of applying themselves rather than using AI, but we must encourage those who do. We should fortify promising students with the assurance that excellence in education is worth pursuing but requires taking a hard road.

"Open yourself to the ineffable"

Margaret Somerville
A professor offers important advice to students starting out in life.

Bioethics Watch: Adventures in Pill Land

Nancy Valko
The Pill has gotten a lot of press lately. With the shameful Connecticut law forcing even Catholic hospitals to provide Plan B (an overdose of the birth control pill) to all rape victims to the shocking disclosure that a Maine school board approved school nurses distributing the Pill to junior high students without parental consent or notification, the Pill is promoted as a panacea for all sorts of societal problems.

Examining the hidden stories of infertility

Michael Cook
With more than 5 million IVF babies born since 1978, most people think that infertility is easily fixed.

ALERT: POLST Of Oregon (doctors Orders To Limit Treatment) Moves To NC And Other States

Elizabeth Wickham
The POST/POLST form is a "glide path" to euthanasia. The POST/POLST form extends the Do Not Resuscitate order into orders about medical treatment, antibiotics, and IV fluids/artificial Nutrition and Hydration (ANH).

Commercial surrogacy still thriving in India

Michael Cook
Efforts to ban commercial surrogacy in India are hitting one speed bump after another. At the moment, despite lobbying from IVF clinics, the government has banned the practice for overseas clients. However, there is still a thriving business in local surrogacy.

"Human Life," Thirty-Three Years Old
By Bishop Thomas Olmsted, D.D.

Natural Family Planning
The '8Os and '9Os also saw great advances in research on holistic methods of birth regulation which are verifiably more effective than contraception and fully respectful of the natural meaning of conjugal love. The knowledge we have today about a built-in set of fertility signals placed in the female body by our Creator liberates couples from old-fashioned methods.

Pakistan: Media management hides casualties to protect powerful tycoon

Asia Human Rights
A criminal nexus between the police, tycoon and media was exposed one week after the collapse of an artificial stadium killing three persons and injuring some 150 persons.

USAID Family Planning Undercuts Efforts to Curb Promiscuity

Steven Mosher
USAID is calling for an end to sexual promiscuity overseas, in order to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. At the same time, however, USAID is promoting sexual promiscuity in the form of over-the-counter distribution of injectable contraceptives overseas, despite FDA standards. There should be a law against this.

Part Four of Ten

Ron Panzer
Honesty, or truthfulness, is among the basic principles of the natural moral law, and people everywhere recognize that honesty in dealings with others is a prerequisite for societal order and well-being. Mothers and fathers will insist that their children tell them the truth and not lie to anyone. Honesty in our speech, actions, and interactions with others, is one of the basic principles governing all human activity and relationships, whether in science, technology, industry, commerce and healthcare, or within our own families and communities.

NIH and human embryo research: a critical analysis

Dianne N. Irving
These NIH recommendations are in fact the product of a small but clever and powerful group of academic and political elites - particularly in the fields of bioethics, the hard sciences and the social sciences - who, after years of unchallenged educational efforts and publications, have crafted and fabricated a working set of "ethical principles" and bogus theories of human nature, and who have really exploited the unfortunate current epidemic of infertility and childlessness, as well as the difficult problems associated with genetic imperfections and diseases, in order to advance their own research agendas.