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June 13, 2024

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Amid marginalisation of Christians in Gaza, 3 Christian countries endorse Palestinian statehood
Israel is home to about 150,000 Christians, 80 percent of them Arabs. They live and prosper in security and equality with their fellow Jewish and Muslim citizens. But they are an anomaly in the Middle East. And well beyond.

Research Confirms 95.9% of Abortions are Killing Babies as Birth Control, Just .4% for Rape
For this report, we compiled publicly available data from the eight states that collected and reported 2021 data on women's reasons for choosing abortion.

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Supported Harrison Butker's Pro-Life, Pro-Family Message
A firestorm of controversy was unleashed this month when Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker gave a graduation speech at a Catholic college, expressing traditional Christian views about family and a pro-life message. But new polling shows most Americans aren't offended, however.

New study: People who undergo transgender surgery are 12 times more likely to commit suicide
A comprehensive new study provides unequivocal evidence that those who undergo so-called "gender reassignment" surgery put themselves at a vastly increased risk of suicide - an astounding 12 times that of the general population.

NFL's Harrison Butker doubles down on pro-family speech: 'What I value most is my Catholic faith'
Harrison Butker has doubled down on his promotion of Catholic family values, telling a crowd last night, 'Our love for Jesus, and thus our desire to speak out, should never be outweighed by the longing of our fallen nature to be loved by the world.'

Pro-Life Activist Biden Put in Prison is Mistreated, Denied Medical Care
Idoni was first placed in solitary confinement for sharing food with another inmate. She remained there, in isolation, for two weeks. She was out of confinement for less than a day when she was sent back, this time for taking off her wrist ID bracelet. Idoni has severe carpal tunnel syndrome and may have removed her bracelet because of pain.

New Research Confirms Having Married Parents Helps Kids Get Ahead
The impact of family structure, particularly marriage, on children's well-being has always been a somewhat controversial topic, but that doesn't make it any less salient.

Tibet: Mass Relocations of Tibetans Not Voluntary
Villagers Coerced by Extreme Pressure, Misleading Information

Ethnic cleansing of Armenians continues in the Caucasus. Is anyone paying attention?
Azerbaijan's ethnic cleansing of Nagorno-Karabakh has left over 100,000 people displaced, struggling as refugees in Armenia and facing upheaval, homelessness, and unemployment.

We Are Clueless in Combating Suicide
The latest data show that a record number of Americans are committing suicide. Almost 50,000 killed themselves in 2022, up by 2.6 percent from the year before. We have a mental health crisis on our hands, but we are failing to address it properly.

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Human Dignity and Shady Characters

It appears today that the truth is not important anymore. What is important is to do what is "politically correct", not what is right. Our involvement in politics should be driven by the uncompromising belief that no one is worthless and that truth is paramount. For this reason, we, as Christians, defend the Right of the unborn to live. It is also the reason why we stand against suicide and euthanasia. We do not have a right to kill people because they are near death and need our help. Our witness to the dignity of human life also requires that we speak up against unjust wars, (eg. Ukraine, Gaza), for migrants who are fleeing violence (eg. Somalia, Kenya) and other hardships (eg. North Korea, Afghanistan). These people have dignity no matter what language they speak and no matter what religion they practice. The same is true for prisoners. No matter what crimes they have committed, their lives still matter and they still deserve to be treated with respect. As Christians, we must give voice to all those people whom the world says are worthless. When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make any compromises. Period! The world needs our witness more than ever. So let us not be afraid to speak up for those who are so often forgotten and overlooked. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Is the Fight against Assisted Dying a Lost Cause?

Mehmet Ciftci
We all fall prey to doom-scrolling. But being captivated by the seemingly unstopped spread of assisted suicide and euthanasia from country to country can make us forget something important about these campaigns: their successes are outnumbered by their failures.

New! Valuing the Craft of Beautiful Homemaking

Ivana Greco
Understanding homemaking as a craft that produces beautiful (if intangible) results should hopefully encourage young men and women who are thinking about caring for a home and/or children. For the young mother or father overwhelmed by all there is to do and feeling incompetent in the face of the multiple - often conflicting - demands of house and children, it may help to know that homemaking is a skill to be developed over time.

New! Abortion Pill Reversal: Yes, It Works!

Steven Mosher
Understanding homemaking as a craft that produces beautiful (if intangible) results should hopefully encourage young men and women who are thinking about caring for a home and/or children. For the young mother or father overwhelmed by all there is to do and feeling incompetent in the face of the multiple - often conflicting - demands of house and children, it may help to know that homemaking is a skill to be developed over time.

New! Kansas City Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker takes on the warriors of woke

Kurt Mahlburg
There is nothing about being an NFL player, however, that prevents players from having other passions in life. And Butker has made it quite clear over the years that his faith and his family rank as higher priorities for him than football. It was the themes of faith and family that landed Butker in hot water for the commencement address he gave at Benedictine College, a private Catholic liberal arts college an hour out of Kansas City.

New! Commercial surrogacy is a human rights disaster

Michael Cook
The American state of Michigan recently legalised commercial surrogacy. "This is the most pro-family thing that the Legislature has done," said Governor Gretchen Whitmer as she signed the legislation into law. Every American state has its own laws on surrogacy; until this year, a strict ban was in place in Michigan. Now it has joined the majority of states that permit some form of commercial surrogacy. The only states currently banning it are Nebraska and Louisiana.

Transplants From Murder Victims: Diverging Definitions of "Brain Death"

E. Christian Brugger
Recall the pope says that death consists in the "disintegration of that unity and integrated whole that is the personal self" (no. 4), and that we can identify biological signs that follow upon the disintegration. It seems to follow that an apparent absence of certain biological signs of somatic (bodily) disintegration can raise reasonable doubts as to whether death has occurred. ... Does this judgment of the reliability of the neurological ("whole brain death") standard for ascertaining human death and so for securing moral certitude constitute, properly speaking, an authoritative teaching of the Magisterium?

Belgian doctors are using organs from euthanased patients

Michael Cook
Using organs from euthanased patients seem to have become a well established procedure in Belgium, only nine years after it was legalized. A press release from a team at a hospital in Leuven announced last week that it had successfully transplanted lungs from four euthanased patients between 2007 and 2009.

Not Delivering the Goods

Mark Oshinskie
Regarding responsibility, the alliterative title does not reflect the text. The book does not explain what responsibility is owed to whom or why. Overall, this is a very disappointing work. Although it is touted as a starting point, the Council's laissez-faire orientation and its low regard for unborn life seem to ensure that any subsequent analysis would be similarly tepid and, by then, even more untimely.

Dumb and Dumber

Judie Brown
A wave of inane media comments crossed through my e-mail this week. It is enough to make one wonder if the pandemic has created massive brain malfunctions among certain of the citizenry.

The New York Times Reveals Painful Truths about Transgender Lives

Ryan T. Anderson
Why should a doctor perform surgery when it won't make the patient happy, it won't accomplish its intended goal, it won't improve the underlying condition, it might make the underlying condition worse, and it might increase the likelihood of suicide? Sound medicine isn't about desire, it's about healing.

Commitment, anyone?

Carolyn Moynihan
Further to an earlier post on delayed adulthood, USA Today recently ran a report headed "Dating for a decade?" on how young adults put off the commitment of marriage for years, even though they have "paired off" and typically live together. Nobody seems very upset about it.

Pakistan: The last nail in the coffin of democracy

Asia Human Rights
The nuclear state surrenders before a religious mob- virtually handing over absolute power and blanket immunity to fundamentalism and militancy.

Marital status and suicide

Nicole M. King
The supportive environment of marriage can help prevent individuals from extreme emotional distress.

Brief Reflections: How Human Embryology has been Co-opted by Developmental Biology

C. Ward Kischer
It used to be that only the experts in a particular field would be called upon when the specific objective empirical facts involving their field were at issue. Otherwise what you get are simply speculations, half-truths or even lies. As a human embryologist I have been mystified by the distortions of human embryology, especially by non-scientists, pols and pundits. Especially, I have been astonished by the comments in the major media by lawyers, clerics and those with virtually no knowdege of human embryology.

A peek into euthanasia's slippery slope boiler room

Michael Cook
Don't imagine that euthanasia's slippery slope is like a long water slide at a theme park in which you hurdle ever downward, ever faster, until you are thrown into a pool. It's more like moving from Duluth to Montreal through the St Lawrence Seaway - you slowly glide along, enter a lock, descend, glide, enter a lock, descend, glide and so on through 15 locks to the Atlantic.