Bring Healing

Fr. Frank Pavone

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Those who sell abortion, and who are now frantically trying to convince the Supreme Court to keep it legal, try to paint pregnancy and childbirth as obstacles to educational or employment opportunities, or as more dangerous than abortion.

This position ignores, however, the immense burden and damage that abortion brings, and how it is often the obstacle to the fulfillment and success people are seeking.

The very existence of our healing ministries gives witness to this truth, as well as to the hope that those burdens, obstacles and wounds can indeed be overcome and healed.

We could literally be just months away from the reversal of Roe vs. Wade and the start of a new chapter in our nation of protection of unborn babies and their families from abortion. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Dobbs case on December 1st and issue its ruling sometime in the subsequent months.

We have made sure that the voices of those who have been wounded by abortion and have found healing in our ministries have been brought into this case and are being heard loud and clear at the Court. Let’s continue to bring that healing and to bring those voices to our entire nation!


Fr. Frank Pavone
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign
National Director, Priests for Life

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