They're not telling you the whole story

Katie Barrett

Hi Jerry,

I've been seeing a lot of recent reports celebrating the declining abortion rate in the state of Texas since the passing of the Heartbeat Act.

You may have seen some of these reports as well.

While it's absolutely true that every life saved is worth celebrating, I read a blog post that shed some light on the fact that these reports are missing the FULL story.

For example, did you know that while Texas' abortion rate has decreased by 60%, Planned Parenthood clinics in neighboring states are experiecing a 1000% INCREASE in abortion clients?

Texas-based pro-life pregnancy center staff members are also experiencing their own unique challenges with increasingly desperate clients.

I thought you'd like to know all the details of what we're really up against, and how we can better pray for the future of the pro-life movement.

Get all the information here:

Was this information a surprise to you?

Reply back and let me know if you learned anything new!

Happy weekend,

Katie Barrett

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