To be like a child

Roland C. Warren


Have you ever heard a child say something that almost made you fall out of your chair from laughter? Children have no filter and a refreshingly simple way of looking at life. Good is good, bad is bad. Listen to a child pray and you realize that they believe people who are hurting need help and God is big enough to meet their needs.

Maybe this is why Jesus spent so much of His ministry seeking out children. At the time, few respected them. Ancient Rome had legal infanticide and children had few legal rights. In fact, when Christ's disciples saw children trying to come and speak with Jesus, they deemed them unimportant and tried to send them away.

Jesus would have none of that. The King of Kings wanted to spend His time with those society deemed unworthy of attention.

Unfortunately, our society also ignores the immeasurable value of a child. Every day, more than 2,000 unborn babies lose their lives as society says that financial security, career goals, educational milestones, or relational needs are more important than the lives God is knitting together in the womb.

And more babies are prevented from becoming who God created them to be.

Jerry, please pray with me today, Palm Sunday, that our society will recognize the value of every child. That the church of Jesus Christ would be strengthened in the conviction that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, and would go out and make disciples of Christ.

Also pray with me that this will be the year when the Supreme Court finally acts to change or eliminate Roe. v. Wade.

God Bless,


Roland C. Warren
President & CEO
Care Net

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