Science Confirms Human Life Begins at Conception Despite What the Media Thinks

Dave Andrusko.

The more pro-lifers are victorious--see the Dobbs decision overturning Roe--the more pro-abortionists are intent on revisiting topics that are already long since settled.

So we get stories from the reliable pro-abortion National Public Radio with the headline "When does life begin? As state laws define it, science, politics and religion clash."

Sarah Varney uses a familiar tactic. Argue that since the definition of death is now ("more or less") settled, then we ask "when exactly does human life begin? At conception, the hint of a heartbeat, a first breath, the ability to survive outside the womb with the help of the latest technology?"

Notice how Varney repackages the question. For the moment skip the last nine words:

Unlike the debate over death, which delved into exquisite medical and scientific detail, the legislative scramble to determine when life's building blocks reach a threshold that warrants government protection as human professionals.


Medical professionals and bioethicists caution that both the beginning and end of life are complicated biological processes that are not defined by a single identifiable moment -- and are ill suited to the political arena.

"Unfortunately, biological occurrences are not events, they are processes," said David Magnus.

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