Satanists and Trans Activists Defile Christman

Bill Donohue

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin is hosting a Festival of Trees representing 66 organizations. Only six of the trees are sponsored by Christian groups; the others are sponsored by various businesses. Two of the trees have ignited a backlash: one by a Satanic group, and the other by an LGBT group.

The Satanic Temple of Wisconsin is featuring a tree with an ornament that says, "Hail Satan" (meant as a riposte to "Hail Santa"). There is also a depiction of Satan, as well as upside-down crosses. It says it does not believe in a "theistic" Satan, but much of what it says and does prove that it is Satan-friendly, to say the least.

The parent group of the Green Bay affiliate, The Satanic Temple (TST), is proud to be known as a champion of abortion-on-demand: it justifies abortion at any time of pregnancy and for any reason, seeing it as a source of liberation. It also raises money to further the cause.

When the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, returning the issue to the states, TST said "the abortion ban is inspired by a religious dogma that asserts that life begins at conception, which contravenes TST's belief that non-viable fetal tissue is part of the pregnant person and is free to be voluntarily removed."

What it calls "non-viable fetal tissue" is actually nascent human life. As such, the baby is independent of the life of the mother (TST chooses the term "pregnant person" to imply men can get pregnant, which shows its animus against science).

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