Don't Kill Babies in Abortions Just Because They Might be Disabled

Paul Stark

Sometimes, in the course of pregnancy, testing reveals a genetic or developmental problem with the unborn child--a "defect," "abnormality," "anomaly," "deformity," or condition "incompatible with life" (an odd way of saying "fatal").

These revelations can be gut-wrenching. Many people think abortion is justified. In fact, medical professionals have frequently presented abortion to parents as the only or default option.

In a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren once pointed to such "devastating stories" as a reason to oppose any legal limit on abortion late in pregnancy. Denying abortion would be "cruel," she said.

Is she right?

A disability, disease, or deformity doesn't justify killing

An unexpected prenatal diagnosis often isn't fatal. Non-terminal conditions range from cleft palate and Down syndrome to heart defects and sickle-cell disease.

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