Texas is Right to Protect Disabled Babies From Being Killed in Abortions

Kim Schwartz

The Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling protecting a 20-week-old baby from abortion.

The Center for Reproductive Rights brought a lawsuit last week on behalf of Dr. Damla Karsan and Kate Cox, a Dallas woman who is 20 weeks pregnant. Baby Cox has Trisomy 18, a chromosomal disorder that could shorten her life.

One doctor anticipates that Baby Cox's illness could require a cesarean section or induction, which could put Ms. Cox's future fertility at risk, but other medical experts believe that this pregnancy does not jeopardize Ms. Cox's ability to have more children.

Dr. Karsan and Ms. Cox sought approval from the court to abort Baby Cox, and a liberal judge ruled Thursday in their favor.

Texas Right to Life is thankful that the Supreme Court of Texas protected Baby Cox.

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