Unwitting incest is inevitable as demand for sperm donation grows

Michael Cook

A CNN investigation into "fertility fraud" - doctors impregnating their patients with their own sperm - features a woman who unwittingly slept with her half-brother. A Connecticut woman, 39-year-old Victoria Hill, investigated her ancestry with a DNA test kit. To her dismay, she discovered that her father was not her biological father and that her real father was her mother's doctor, Burton Caldwell.

Later on, in a conversation with friends, she learned that her high school boyfriend was also Dr Caldwell's offspring. She was devastated. "I was traumatized by this,"x202FHill told CNN. "Now I'm looking at pictures of people thinking, well, if he could be my sibling, anybody could be my sibling."

"This was the first time where we've had a confirmed case of someone actually dating, someone being intimate with someone who was their half-sibling," Jody Madeira, a law professor at Indiana University who specialises in fertility fraud, told CNN.

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