Letting trans players participate in girls' and women's sports is a ticking time bomb

Kirsten Fleming

Another day, another example of how our illiberal "inclusivity" mandates are taking a jackhammer to the integrity and fairness of female athletics.

We've seen it in golf, swimming, skateboarding, cycling, surfing and volleyball. The latest entry for the women's sports hall of shame happened on the hardwood.

During a girl's hoops game earlier this month in Massachusetts, Collegiate Charter School in Lowell forfeited a game against KIPP Academy at halftime because they had three players go down with injuries. The team, already battered and bruised, wanted to preserve themselves for the upcoming playoffs, according to the school's athletic director.

An official statement from the school read, "In an effort to maintain safety for his team, [the coach] decided to forfeit."

There was no mention that KIPP's squad, according to the Daily Item, has a biological male player standing "more than 6 feet tall with facial hair" who identifies as female, reports Fox News.

And the player in question was involved in at least one of the injuries -- a detail that, ahem, seems pretty pertinent.

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