Experts warn of 'inhumane' treatment of embryos, 'evil' circumstances surrounding IVF

Kate Qui?ones

A Catholic moral theologian this week warned that in vitro fertilization (IVF) "separates the things that God wanted to be together" while another expert spoke out against the "inhumane" treatment of the hundreds of thousands of human embryos produced by IVF.

The Alabama Supreme Court has sparked a national debate on the ethics surrounding IVF following the court's recent decision that ruled embryos are considered children under state law.

"EWTN Pro-Life Weekly" anchor Prudence Robertson spoke to Emma Waters, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation, about the ethical implications of IVF and its effects on marriage and society.

"In a normal in vitro fertilization process, clinicians will create anywhere between 15 to 20 embryos at a time," Waters explained.

Embryos are then tested for genetic issues, and parents have the opportunity to choose the sex of the baby, she explained. After this, wanted embryos are either implanted into the intended mother or frozen for a later time.

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