Committing To Embryo Creation Instead Of Marriage Is A Recipe For Death And Disaster

Jordan Boyd

For years, women have bought the lie from pop culture, celebrities, and even ads on college campuses that freezing their eggs and using a third party to fertilize them later is "empowering" and that delaying or even eliminating marriage is best, despite the personal and generational repercussions it brings. The latest trend of embryo freezing between unmarried couples also buys the feminist lie that parenthood is oppression unless it's on your terms -- but it comes with serious consequences.

In a disturbing new article, The Cut examines the lives of several women in the later stages of their reproductive lifespan who became so desperate for motherhood and a sign of commitment from their boyfriends that they created embryos with men they weren't married to.

The article is primarily aimed at condemning the Alabama Supreme Court's embryo ruling by claiming it will interfere with women's ability to destroy embryos they've created with an ex. The Cut even quotes a Georgetown University professor who claimed without evidence that "the next step in this kind of logic" is forced implantation of these embryos.

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