Women Tell Supreme Court Abortion Pills are Dangerous: "I Was Shocked to See I Was Covered in Blood"

Suzanne Bowdey

"I'm not the same person," a 19-year-old girl known only as #13 wanted the Supreme Court to know. "I regret my abortion so much. ... I think about it every day." Taking the abortion pill "was traumatizing," she says, thinking about the tiny little person she saw. "I just died a little bit. My boyfriend and I miss our baby.

A woman listed as A.C. thinks back with dismay to calling 911. She was waiting at the pharmacy for the painkillers and suddenly felt wet. "I ... look[ed] down at my jeans and was shocked to see [that] I was covered in blood, from the top of the inseam down to my knees. Tears began to flood my eyes," she remembers, filled with "horror and embarrassment. ... My shock," she says, "turn[ed] into sorrow when I ... found the sac with my tiny baby in it. ...I held her for a moment before folding up the toilet paper and setting it into the feminine products bin." She called the abortion center in pain and grief, and they told her to call 911. So she just lied there "in the fetal position. ... The bleeding continue[d] for days," she says of the gruesome experience. There was also a smell that "reminded me ... of what I had done."

"I hope," A.C. tells the justices, that no one knows the "horror of abortion," like she did. And yet, on Capitol Hill, these nightmares are what Democrats call "choice." And this week, they proved that they'll do anything to keep women in the dark about the gruesome, life-long realities of it.

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