The Bible Has Always Been Pro-Life and That's Never Changed

Sarah Holliday

I'm not going to take "theological advice" from a pro-abortion Christian, and neither should you.

Bradley Onishi, who describes himself as a former evangelical minister, wrote an opinion piece for Politico titled, "Why Christians -- and Republicans -- Should Reconsider the Premise that 'Life Begins at Conception.'" In the article, the writer argues that protecting the unborn is "not settled Christian theology, and it's outliving its political utility." He continued to say, "[I]t's easy to think that the premise that life begins at conception is a timeless theological component of Christian belief. But it's not."

It's an interesting read, to be sure. But it's also far from resembling even an ounce of biblical accuracy. Despite the writer exposing a string of churches that have failed to uphold the biblical value of the sanctity of life, it stands to reason that the Bible has always been pro-life. After all, Christians base their standards and values on the inerrant Word of God and the perfection of Jesus Christ. What I believe Onishi should consider is that Christians do not, nor should we, base our standards and values on fallen man (which happens to be the argument his article rests upon).

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