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When Did You Begin?

In reality, respect for human life is called for from the time that the process of generation begins. From the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor of the mother, it is rather the life of a new human being with his own growth. It would never be made human if it were not human already.

Date posted: 2008-01-21

Bishop Burke on the Dignity of Human Life and Civic Responsibility

Bishop Raymond Burke of La Crosse, who has taken a stand against Catholic politicians who support abortion and euthanasia, has issued a pastoral letter on the duty of every one of the faithful to promote the culture of life in politics. He released a decree that local Catholic politicians who support abortion or euthanasia may not receive Communion in the diocese until they publicly denounce their positions.

Date posted: 2004-01-11

The Harms of Contraception

There are several reasons why we believe that the use of contraception harms everyone involved. The first reason is that the use of contraception leads to abortion. Several "contraceptives" are in fact abortifacients. That is, they cause early abortions. All oral contraceptives, Norplant, Depo-Provera, and IUDs cause abortions before a woman even knows she's pregnant.

Date posted: 2003-10-22

The Blessings of Children

Having a baby is a wonderful thing. Children are great. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter who the mother or the father is, no matter how they were conceived, a child is a gift from God, and an occasion for celebration.

Date posted: 2003-10-22

End-of-Life Health Care Decisions are Difficult

Decisions affecting treatment and care at the end of a person's life can present extraordinary difficulties for those involved. The public recognition of issues about treatment and care at the end of life has made almost everyone aware, if not fearful, of the possibility of becoming dependent upon other people and technological help to sustain one's life when a life-threatening condition befalls oneself or a loved one.

Date posted: 2003-10-12

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Commentary on article in The New York Times regard Abortion-Cancer Link, and Indifference to the Suffering of Women. (January 14, 2003). It examines the following evidence. Twenty-nine out of 38 studies report risk elevations. Fifteen studies conducted on American women have explored a relationship between the procedure and breast cancer and 13 have reported risk elevations. Seventeen studies achieved statistical significance, 16 of which report risk elevations.

Date posted: 2003-02-27

Stemming the Tide of Immoral Research

Human embryonic stem cell research is both unethical and unnecessary, and does not deserve the public's support. Adult stem cell research, on the other hand, holds out nearly as much promise without the ethical problems. We all want to find cures to disease. Some of us, however, would like to avoid sacrificing innocent lives in the process.

Date posted: 2003-02-22

Malthus and Becker

A key assumption of human capital growth models is the neutrality assumption on human capital. That is, the rate of return on investments in human capital rises rather than declines as the stock of human capital increases. Man is creative and therefore the education of children today implies greater production in the future. Consequently, resources are not necessarily fixed, but, rather, they may increase as population increases.

Date posted: 2003-02-19

Why Human Cloning Must Be Banned Now

Most scientific experts believe that attempts to clone humans will result in even higher failure rates. Scientists such as Ian Wilmut (who produced Dolly) and Rudolf Jaenisch (of MIT) have concluded that the most likely cause of abnormal development in cloned animals is faulty reprogramming of the genome.

Date posted: 2002-12-30

Talk, not shoot!

It must be added that the war has not only affected civilians living in combat zones but also those out of them. Because of the skirmishes, three major road arteries have been closed on and off - Cotabato City-Isulan, Aleosan-Kabacan and Parang-Malabang highways - thus preventing the free movement of people and goods.

Date posted: 2002-12-29

And the Word became Flesh (Jn 1:14)

We human persons are bodily beings. Only a philosophy, a theology, and a system of law that take the body seriously as an integral part of who and what we are can protect real human beings and defend real human rights.

Date posted: 2002-12-19

The Stem Cell Debate

The cloning of Dolly in 1997 opened up the "cloning debate". Since then we have moved on to the "stem cell debate". Most people are mystified by the claims and the confusing terminology. But you don't need a biology degree to understand all the terms, writes Dr Amin Abboud. The fundamental ethical issues are easy enough to understand.

Date posted: 2002-12-18

What really matters in life

There are many ways of helping others. It could be by giving material goods like food or clothing or even financial help. It could be lending a listening ear to one with a heavy problem. It could be just sitting beside the bed of someone sick and do little things for him. It could be giving someone a job or helping him get one. It could be bringing to the attention of management some recommendations which will improve the condition of fellow workers in the work place thereby increasing loyalty to the company and productivity. No matter, we should help the needy in our own unique way.

Date posted: 2002-12-17

On its way out?

Laws are not always just, witnesses are not always truthful, judges are not always right, trials are not always fair, but death is always final.

Date posted: 2002-09-07

Does Divorce Make People Happy?

Most people assume that a person stuck in a bad marriage has two choices: stay married and miserable or get a divorce and become happier. But now come the findings from the first scholarly study ever to test that assumption, and these findings challenge conventional wisdom. The study found no evidence that unhappily married adults who divorced were typically any happier than unhappily married people who stayed married.  Even more dramatically, the researchers also found that two-thirds of unhappily married spouses who stayed married reported that their marriages were happy five years later.

Date posted: 2002-08-30

Apostolate to the Homosexual

The homosexual ideology invites argument and refutation. Such arguments are easily won. The case for homosexuality is about as strong as the case for necrophilia. But winning arguments is not the answer. The homosexual, like the rest of us, has to be turned toward Christ and the sacraments.

Date posted: 2002-05-25

Suffer the children

Of the 25 million Filipinos children between the ages of 5 and 17, some 4 million have been forced to join the labor force. The United Nations Children's Fund office in the Philippines says as many as 2.2 million of these Filipino children work in hazardous conditions, and worse, anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000 minors are sexually exploited.

Date posted: 2002-05-17