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Fr. Matthew Habiger OSB is stationed at St. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison, Kansas. Being the former publisher of HLI Reports, he has a keen interest in advancing the culture of life and the values of Humanae Vitae. He is presently a part of an organization called God's Plan for Life whose specific mission is to promote the preaching of the values of the encyclical Humanae Vitae from the pulpit. Visit their website at www.Godsplanforlife.org. Here you will find good homilies, addresses on related topics, and much useful information on the values of Humanae Vitae.



Report & Reflections on NFP Promotional Trip to Hong Kong

If you make yourself available to promote God's plan for Marriage, Spousal Love and Family, you never know where you might be called to go next. Recently I returned from Hong Kong where I spent 11 days (9-20 Jan) promoting Natural Family Planning to a wide variety of audiences. Why Hong Kong?

Date posted: 2014-04-13

Love Your God With All You Have

Choosing our leaders is a major event. A democracy means that the people govern themselves by electing good leaders, who share their values. The survival of a democracy is never guaranteed. It is always a work in progress. A democracy can be strengthened, and it can be weakened.

Date posted: 2012-11-03

Sterilization Homily

This is a homily that is long overdue. It deals with a problem that is all too prevalent among Catholic couples today, and that is the problem of sterilization. It is estimated that 85% of couples of childbearing age are using some form of contraception today. Among these couples, 40% are now sterilized. And among this group, 70% are women. These percentages apply now both to the general American public and to Catholics. You have not heard about this from the pulpit, and that is part of the problem. Why, you may wonder, have the clergy been so quiet on this topic?

Date posted: 2010-06-05

Blueprint for an NFP-Focused Parish (Part II)

This is why every parish, or cluster of small parishes, needs a set of NFP teachers. If we are to begin to cut into the 50% divorce rate among our people, then we must address the 85% contraceptive rate, and now 40% sterilization rate, among Catholic couples of childbearing age. This will be a massive effort, and will require the cooperation of many parties. Fortunately, this is a team effort, and there are many players available.

Date posted: 2010-01-28

Blueprint for an NFP-Focused Parish (Part I)

Why should there be a focused concentration upon building strong marriages in all parishes today? Because half of marriages among Catholics today end up in a divorce. Catholics today reflect the mores of the surrounding secular culture more than the teachings of their Church. We live in a fault free divorce culture, where either of the spouses can initiate a divorce and carry it to completion despite the objections of the other spouse.

Date posted: 2010-01-19

Getting Beyond "I Can't"

Everywhere we go we find married couples asking, "Why won't our priests address the issue of contraception and sterilization from the pulpit?" Having heard these frustrated questions many times, we think it is time to list the top eight excuses given by priests and our answers to them.

Date posted: 2005-05-03

God's wonderful plan for human life

When we reflect upon the nature of conjugal love, we soon realize that it is both unitive (love-giving) and procreative (life-giving). True love is always life-giving in one way or another.

Date posted: 2002-12-03

God's Plan for Human Life

Humanae Vitae has a clear formula for happiness and well being for everyone. Easter means that we are called to be a people of hope and expectation. We have every right to be optimistic about the future. Indeed, we can be victorious in the struggle between good and evil. We can live a life pleasing to God and beneficial to ourselves.

Date posted: 2002-10-26

The Healing Power of Babies

Babies are easy to satisfy. Just be present to them, love them, care for them and appreciate them for the irreplaceable gifts they are. Babies give more of themselves than they receive from us.

Date posted: 2001-12-31

License for Parenting?

Parental Licensing, or requiring a couple to receive a license for having a baby, is an example of population control.

Date posted: 2001-12-27

Teaching Chastity to Our Teens

Teens today have been victimized by their culture, the media and now by their schools. They live in a sex gone wild culture, where chastity is belittled and promiscuity is encouraged. Our best help in gaining selfmastery over sex has always been reliance upon God, grace, prayer and self-discipline.

Date posted: 2001-12-25

A Humanae Vitae Week In Los Angeles

The objective in L.A. was to promote God's plan for human love and life. Many Catholics are open to the values of Humanae Vitae and are either dubious about or disgusted with contraception.

Date posted: 2001-12-20

Whom do parents love most?

Our task is to love God more than our parents, or our children, or even ourselves. If we truly love God, then we will keep His commandments. We will want to follow His wonderful plan for human life and human love. We will want to receive His word into our hearts, and receive the messengers He sends to us. Let us pray for the grace and strength we need to repent of our sins, and return to God's wonderful design for love, life, marriage and family.

Date posted: 2000-10-11