Lejeune, Jerome
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Dr. Jerome Lejeune was a professor of Fundamental Genetics in the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, and was the first to discover the chromosomal mistake that causes Down Syndrome. He used that discovery, and the recognition that came with it, to promote the intrinsic beauty and individual sanctity of each person. Dr. Lejeune was internationally known as one of the most prominent and outspoken advocates of the dignity and worth of the child in the womb.


When Does Human Life Begin?

When does a person begin? I will try to give the most precise answer to that question actually available to science. Modern biology teaches us that ancestors are united to their progeny by a continuous material link, for it is from the fertilization of the female cell (the ovum) by the male cell (the spermatozoa) that a new member of the species will emerge. Life has a very, very long history but each individual has a very neat beginning: the moment of its conception.

Date posted: 2003-03-29

Untangling The Ribbons of Life

Even in an embryo a week old, with new techniques, we can say already, "It's a man," or "it's a woman." It passes our imagination that lawyers knowing suddenly that this embryo a week old is a guy, or a girl, would not recognize at the same time that it is a human person.

Date posted: 2003-01-27