The Primeval Revelation in Myths and in Genesis.

Anthony Zimmerman
University of America Press, 1999
Reproduced with Permission

Summary: Our faith teaches that God revealed Himself to our first parents in an intimate manner, and the revelation was not broken off with original sin (CCC 54-55). The hunter-gatherer peoples who from the time of Adam and Eve until about 10,000 years ago celebrated myths that probably echo this primeval revelation, about the Supreme Being, about the moral law, about heaven and hell. The book relates myths collected by anthropologists.


Chapt: 1 Echoes of the Primeval Revelation

Chapt: 2 Lifestyles of hunter-gatherers

Chapt: 3 Hunter-gatherers in Tierra Del Fuego

Chapt: 4 The Lenape worship the Supreme Being

Chapt: 5 The Happy Hunting Ground

Chapt: 6 Creation Myths around the Globe

Chapt: 7 Global recognition of the Supreme Being

Chapt: 8 Creation in Genesis

Chapt: 9 The Six Days

Chapt: 10 The Garden of Eden

Chapt: 11 The Original Sin

Chapt: 12 Genesis during the Babylonian Exile

Chapt: 13 The Bible and Science

Chapt: 14 A Salute to Adam and Eve

Chapt: 15 From Adam to Christ

Chapt: 16 References

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